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blahh [19 Apr 2003|10:07pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | RHCP/Interpol/Burning Brides ]

Hey kiddies. let's see what's going on...

Spring break sucks. all i did was hang out with andrew and ben and shit. boooriiinnggg! blahh i hate shit like this. At least there was no school. it's going to be a bitch to go back though. i'm too used to being out. and i'm mad tired.. eck. soo, eww tommorrow is easter. i hate easter. wow i get candy! but i have to go to gay ass church for like 2 fucking hours! AHH! where the hell is liz i wanna talk to her. i miss her.. i didn't just say that ;D heh. okay. AHH! Kelly just said The Coincidentals broke up. that sucks balls. they were awsome. oh well... =\ so uhm.. hahahaha oh yeah ben was trying to see if "kelly liked me" so he could see if she really likes him. first he trys Melanie now Kelly.. AGAIN! haha he sucks. he thinks Kahla likes me more than him. which is cool and stuff cuz she is awsoem cool and mad hto and.. uhh woo ya know? but he thinks she shows more interest and shit to me than him. hmm. =D haha. i wish though. i didn't just say that either! ;D okayy well i don't feel like typing! bye bye kiddies!!

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