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    Saturday, February 18th, 2012
    4:03 pm
    Into a cotton high-speed four -car -MENS HANNEN ugg
    yesterday, 10:25, octagonal well in Deyang-Mianyang Expressway exit (Shiting River section 1742) 4-car collision occurred in a car accident. Chengdu to Mianyang, the direction of a licensed heavy container tractor Henan pulled out suddenly to the left center of buffer zone, have been heading to Chengdu with the direction of oncoming license for the River F E5919 van, Sichuan A 03G16 Jetta car and a license for the River U 18382 long-distance bus collision. van accident in 5 men and 1 woman died on the spot, Super Proton passenger cars and a total of 16 people were slightly scraped the injury. As of 18:00,uggs hannen, part of the injured were discharged from the Deyang City People’s Hospital, part of the hospital under observation. At present, the cause of the accident further investigation. get off in front of all let Fan Huiguo this middle-aged man cross in the reverse lane; large truck hit a van head-on in the middle parts of the body has been seriously distorted; in large trucks at the front is a front has deformed Jetta sedan; and Fan Huiguo where their bus has crashed into a large truck on the inside. He became even more surprising is van people, room, Fan Huiguo and could not continue, he shed tears, looked over his left to go, Fortunately hit the front of the speed of large trucks Liu Proton car owners, carrying a 5 ready to return from Chengdu, Kids Ugg Boots, Deyang, work, car accident, 5 people were slightly injured. A direction to the Wenchuan big truck hit the bus head-on car, 23 car passengers, 11 suffered minor injuries. (van people) is like being left out, lying in disorder on the ground, there is a bus all went to the bottom. Mr. Liu, the owner prepare a five returned from Chengdu, Deyang. his wife sitting in the co-pilot on the back are the father, mother, and 1 year old and 2-month-old daughter. Car accident, hit by a car Sagitar large trucks on the head. Fortunately, in addition to Mr. Cho’s father and Bigfoot toe ankle fracture with displaced symptoms, ugg boots sale, and four others suffered only minor injuries scraped. Afternoon, When Tianfuzaobao reporters at the hospital to see them, a person’s mental condition has been recovered. Mr. Liu’s mother, said: driver Ren Xiaofeng, who recalls that highway heavy rain, the road more slippery, when the accident happened, he was overtaking the innermost lane. Eventually, the bus hit a large truck on the inside. Mr. Jiang Youqiao literature and history during his lifetime as a researcher in Chongqing, MENS HANNEN ugg, China Calligraphers Association, Chongqing Calligraphy Association, also known as claiming River Friends of the firewood, In 1966 his mother was pregnant, but the friends firewood because of the river suffered the Subsequently, the mother of a railway workers from other provinces with a hasty marriage. Recognize the pro did not come back so many years, one reason is because father and mother and father have a child; second, because the River Friends of the reasons for firewood, he came to in 1994 over Chongqing, but the River Friends of the firewood has been another marriage.
    Friday, February 17th, 2012
    3:45 pm
    Elevator installation fee property-purple Ugg Boot
    WASHINGTON (intern reporter more clear) the evening of 10, who lives in Changchun City, Mr. Wang An beautiful county area found that the property in the security of the card reader inside the elevator, take the elevator to do card ,purple Ugg Boots, wanted to get the first card fee paid in property. yuan / square meter, which is the level of property prices of services, can be admitted more than a year, the cell door video intercom system is not opened, the security community also see the figure, the elevator also often trapped people, property and services Jilin Province property service charges Management Regulations square meters, two multi-layer 0.7 yuan / square meter, two high-rise is 1.2 yuan / square meter, the same property service charges are different, so most of the owners refused to pay property charges. a month ago, the company informed the property owners, ugg boots sale, for security management, the property company to install the IC card in the elevator, implementation of credit card ladder, the premise is to run the card fee paid in property, or not do cards, most property owners were against the move, both parties several times, has not been agreed. 10 evening, Mr. Wang can not be found on the home floor, the original elevator IC card has been activated. pay can not take the elevator, the owner of the property this very dissatisfied, 10 pm, Block A, the elevator was a reader will be removed to protest against the facility, the property will then simply lift lock. yesterday morning, two high-rise elevator locked one of the owners can take an elevator, up! manager, said the move is not bundled fee 14 o’clock, the reporter came to the beautiful county residential property security company, for the area residents that the property costs are three criteria, the property manager Liuguo Yi said: Changchun Municipal Development and Reform Commission fee is approved, the specific charge I do not know why. security, we take the elevator to implement the IC card. card, only tenants in their own floor by the elevator button on it. spend 5 yuan fee IC card can handle, this behavior can not be considered binding property charges. 11 afternoon, the reporter consulted the Changchun Municipal Housing Authority, to protect property and real estate office, and the Bureau of Changchun City, the price supervision and inspection reports received at the price, staff said two authorities, the implementation of a district is usually a property charges, and 1.2 yuan / square meter property is a property service charges, services have clearly defined property company if you want to install the IC card, to obtain the consent of the majority of the owners, or can not install the IC card. WANG Shu Ji Lin Zhongji attorney law firm that provides services to residential property owners, when the service against the interests of the owners when the owners by owners Committee in consultation with the property, the property requires separate fee and lift fee to pay, the property company tied up the property ladder credit card fee is unreasonable.

    WANG Shu, property and contract services relationship between residents, property management issues involved should be determined in consultation with community residents.

    residents in arrears if the property costs, property, can be recovered in other ways, but not the elevator card exchange, the property would have been suspected of infringement, the owners proposed the establishment of the industry committee, even without the industry, the Commission, Owners can also be personal property infringement as to the court.

    Correspondent in the online search to 2 minutes and 35 seconds of this video, I saw a kiosk on the roadside next to two sanitation workers are sweeping the floor. One wearing a red floral dress, the hair of the head plate middle-aged women, genuine cheap ugg boots uk, pointing to a male sanitation workers shouted abuse. Middle-aged woman beside him, is a black and white colors of the dog. After the video segment, sanitation workers left, middle-aged women are still foul-mouthed street gesticulating, the whole process seem arrogant. According to the video photographer, said the incident for Wuli Village Pokka food in front of Hanyang, the process for 10 minutes. Yesterday morning, Tang Liangzhi Mayor of Wuhan in Wuhan City Administration discussed the matter at the scene, criticized this woman, even the basic respect for people are not. Afternoon, Tang Liangzhi listed to participate in Hanyang Sanitation Group Corporation, offered to meet the sanitation workers Zhouchang by years of abuse. On the roadside, Tang Liangzhi hand holding Zhouchang years, said: worker said Zhou Chang, told reporters that day he was cleaning station near the village five miles to see middle-aged woman holding pet dog in the tree side of the stool, it told women to pull the dog to the right place, but, the woman yells: Zhouchang years that such a trivial matter to the mayor personally sympathy, let him feel warm. He said that, UGG BOOTS Hannen, in fact, sanitation workers do not understand and often subject to abuse, every time he heard such things are very tough, but most people still respect the sanitation workers.
    Thursday, February 16th, 2012
    3:15 pm
    Boys swimming mishap occurred three sus-uggs hanne
    Morning News May 28 at the joint Yuexi County Tippy Shan Lam Reservoir near drowning accident occurred in children, UGG Men Capulin Shoe, four children died, of which the oldest was 13 years old. And only the day before the incident 27, the local county government office has just issued a time of the incident, Mr. Wang is the street of local residents to do business. up, Women Ugg Tall Boots, but it has to die. child victims of the largest 13-year-old, small, uggs hannen, 6-year-old, three girls, including a pair of sisters. It is understood that time of the incident scene has five children, only 3 years old because the child is too small and no water. Mr. Wang said, is this 3-year-old child went home and told his family, brother and sister fell into the water, the big thing that people know this. Yuexi County Fire Squadron received the alarm time is 18:40 or so, captain Yao Yafei involved in the rescue. corresponding semi-professional salvage team, pre-salvage work is completed by the nets they use.
    Wednesday, February 15th, 2012
    2:46 pm
    Owl flew into the pigeon-genuine cheap ugg boots
    home Yang Gezi , attracted a large bird , got into the pigeon killed five pigeons . Although Mr. pigeon who lost loved road dove , but he also likes only bird like the owl , decided to possessor . Baqiao District Road, who lives the way home , Mr. Wan raised more than a hundred pigeons . May 25 evening , he found the door shut with pigeon holes , lying inside a large bird , next to a few dead pigeons ,Sheepskin ugg boots, apparently had just been killed for . Dove over the magpie’s nest , it can be hard to support the way Mr. pigeon , all night the roof fell on the house of Mr. Road temporary habitat . 5 26, Mr. road into a special custom-made for bird cages . June 1 ,genuine cheap ugg boots uk, the reporter saw at the house of Mr. Road this taking a closer look , but also from time to time Mr. Road ,cheap ugg boots, until yesterday , in addition to the five pigeons killed before ,uggs hannen, this bird has eaten two chickens four pigeons . Shaanxi Province, the Wildlife Conservation Society ‘s expert , said: nest on it during the day and sleep at night out of prey , like to eat fresh meat , mainly in rodents , rats are now less , so it will prey pigeons , but it will not hurt. national protected animals . Our reporter Zhao Ruili
    Wednesday, February 1st, 2012
    3:51 pm
    Reporter Sun Siya-ugg boo baby pink
    (Reporter Sun Siya) only son due to drug-induced hepatitis after the death of Zhang Li to Beijing Anding Hospital, Capital Medical University Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University, and a lawsuit, claims more than 330 million. Yesterday, reporter learned that, in the Court decision settled the city hospital to bear half of the liability of 40 million yuan, Xuanwu Hospital is not responsible. Zhang Li couple are 45 years old this year, ugg butte worchester, Zhang Yue is their only child. 2004 years, Zhang go to Beijing to study music from the field, sooner or later, school can not concentrate, the students pushed him suspicious, angry for no reason other abnormalities. In 2006, Zhang Yue drop out of school at home, ugg boo baby pink, sometimes talking to himself, and the lazy life can not take care of themselves. May 2008 to July, Zhang started music does not speak, and the exclusion of his family in his care.

    Couple said Zhang Li, 16 September 2008, the hospital two days later to inform them of music do Zhang discharge procedures. However, during this period, the hospital called, ugg boots, Zhang Yue of recurrent disease, vomiting, impulsive, and even nurses want to make the case. The morning of September 19 the same year, Zhang Yue was transferred unconscious Xuanwu Hospital. couple said Zhang Li, Zhang Yue Xuanwu Hospital suspected poisoning, his blood, urine samples sent to other hospitals for analysis of drug inspection room, and found that Zhang Yue drug concentration poisoning. September 21, 2008, Zhang happy because she died. October 2008, Zhang Li couple sued the two hospitals, claims 130 million yuan of economic losses, mental anguish $ 2 million.

    Anding Hospital, cheap men ugg butte boots uk, expressed the hospital use of drugs for Zhang Yue is commonly used psychiatric drugs, the dosage is determined according to clinical effect. And after treatment, hospital Zhang Yue monitor liver function and no obvious abnormalities appear. And therefore can not be said Zhang Yue of hepatitis infection in the hospital, the hospital is not caused by medication. Xuanwu Hospital, said Zhang Yue’s death is a result of development of the disease itself, has nothing to do with the hospital. Hospital, said Zhang Yue after admission, the rapid progression of the disease, but also the frequent attacks of epilepsy. As the family of Zhang Yue provided clues to the history of limited, although the hospital immediately to Zhang Yue detailed examination, and adopted a comprehensive treatment, but the end result of illness Zhang heavy music, died. Courts to a forensic identification of bodies, the result is, stability and improper medical practices and hospitals Zhang Yue’s death the result of a causal relationship, Xuanwu Hospital, but no responsibility. accreditation bodies that the stability of the hospital due to standard drug treatment programs, and Zhang Yue of drug-induced liver injury awareness and lack of attention, leading to Zhang Yue severe drug-induced liver injury and hypoxic-ischemic brain damage , and eventually death. Accreditation bodies also suggested that the situation is more rare serious side effects, plus music itself Zhang lung infection, rapid progression of the disease, which recommended that the Court of 40% to 70% of the compensation range for reference. Court of First Instance that the stability of the hospital in the process of using the drug at fault, shall bear corresponding civil liability, and awarded 50% of Anding Hospital, the ratio of compensation to the families of the deceased 30 million yuan of economic losses, mental anguish $ 100,000; Xuanwu Hospital is not responsible.
    Monday, January 30th, 2012
    3:39 pm
    300,000 men will be fully read-Women Ugg Tall Boot
    Zhongcheng Kang accused the prosecutor has no objection to the charges against him, but he argued that his murder for Zhou Guangliang main is he going through a brick factory, the village needed for approval. Been agreed to weeks, is to cheat week issued procedures.

    prosecutor immediately retorted: the public security organs at the time the defendant Zhongcheng Kang confessed, is to murder 300,000. At first, Zhouguang Liang’s is 20 million, Zhong Chengkang considered three days, asking for 300,000 yuan to take over

    trial, defense counsel Dinghan Gang Zhou Guangliang that the defendant Zhou Guangliang after the incident, the public security organs have not yet limited in its freedom, during the Mo Pai in general, take the initiative to the public security organs Murder confession fact, voluntarily surrendered themselves. another case, mainly because of marriage, family and civil conflicts caused by murder, was arrested, the defendant made the victim had a positive understanding of compensation and, genuine cheap ugg boots uk, in accordance with relevant provisions of the judicial interpretation, in line with extenuating circumstances and conditions.

    for Zhou Guangliang defense lawyer, prosecutor does not agree, said Zhou Guangliang in the public security organs after repeated questioning, confessed his crime before the fact, does not meet voluntarily surrendered themselves. Zhouguang Liang’s lawyer also said there are 33 enterprises and 316 individuals for Zhou Guangliang petition, hope the results in view of Zhou Guangliang in the village, ask the court to be given a lighter punishment. Meanwhile, Zhongcheng Kang’s lawyer also produced more than 200 villagers signed a letter of petition, ugg hannen, the court hopes to give a lighter punishment. yesterday, the children of the deceased and the deceased’s father, as a civil plaintiff compensation, and criminal civil compensation totaling $ 5 million. but in the trial, the defendant Zhou Guangliang of two children said they did not want to lose his father in court, he was willing to forgive sins, I hope the court sentences. Meanwhile, the court revoked the civil claim for compensation for Zhongcheng Kang. And Zhou Guangliang also kneel to his father, UGG BOOTS Hannen, in deep regret at the same time, I hope anew. am on December 8 last year, the island fishing village more than 40 years of age in female boss Yang own business on the second floor of the bathroom farmhouse killed when her hair.

    scene investigation revealed that the man’s head was blunt hit, the murderer was afraid of her death, but also brutally grabbed its neck until dead. island fishing village area, coupled with the yard, be considered on a grade scale of the farmhouse. For Yang’s murder, many people first guess is murder, it was also doubts man astute, shrewd Yang, the fishing business is good, attracting peer envy, murder making this up, in short, different opinions. could people did not think that this case turned out to be the mastermind of the husband Zhouguang Liang Yang. The perpetrators but also with the dead know, is the same village Zhongcheng Kang.

    night, Zhou Guangliang the wedding has been staying in a village house, Women Ugg Tall Boots, deliberately did not come home, to prove that he did not committed crimes. Zhongcheng Kang after the incident, came home and told his ex-wife Huang Yuan Lu As the clock after the divorce with his ex-wife still live under one roof, Huang Yuan recorded to keep the kids without a father, and younger brother to help Zhongcheng Kang destroy clots of blood and other evidence, and 5,000 yuan in cash hiding.
    Saturday, January 14th, 2012
    3:44 pm
    seen the video after every netizens -ugg boots sale
    Seen the video after every netizens feel very sad to see one as young as two-year-old boy was the top vehicles down run over, Sheepskin ugg boots, users are difficult to accept this reality. and sorry, friends said, although the current situation of the boy is not clear, but the video view, the situation is not optimistic about the boy, the child lying down ah, how can hold to hold to. Well, I hope the child lacks something. child is too small, there such a thing as a guardian of the parents is definitely not shirk its responsibility, which in addition to all the users who sigh a child careless parents, there are a lot of people blame the parents do not care children, there is no sense of responsibility. have friends of the couple’s behavior puzzled, in the car and walked up and down, sooner or later an accident, it is the parents lack of common sense too! and it was for parents to see their children rolled the car, pick up the child after taking a closer look, ugg butte worchester, actually have not seen a Han nervous feeling. accused the father, this part of the analysis to drive users, children too short to sit in the car can not see. Many users see frightened: If you encounter this situation is likely to be dangerous. terrible. , an angry becomes careless, a carelessness may lead to disaster, bitter ah. as a warning, can not let tragedy, remind friends. Castle a driving school instructor Mr. Lee said, UGG BOOTS Hannen, before driving in the study, participants will be asked to learn to see the road, have to see the road, look around there are no children. As the perpetrator, whether the child’s biological father, ugg boots sale, the burden of the corresponding legal responsibility? Legal responsibility for the identification, Shandong Qilu Hu Yi Chinese law firm lawyers that ; If the traffic police found not to constitute a traffic crime, it alleged negligence causing injury or death to sin, it is appropriate to bear criminal responsibility if the father finds enough to do to care obligations, the accident belongs to the accident, it not liable. Therefore, pay attention to the children before the car is a must.
    Thursday, January 12th, 2012
    2:33 pm
    Russia after the murder, with its sy-ugg boots sale
    According to local police, genuine cheap ugg boots uk, the age of 21 contemporary Ogre Ivan-L (a pseudonym) family was well off, Murmansk is a restaurant chef. His gay dating site with 32-year-old victim, now made contact and invite them to the house to eat. No one would have thought that the high spirits from the number of knife pierced the victim was Ivan, killed on the spot, and later, Ivan took advantage of the body made a sausage and meatballs, and a video uploaded to the Internet. Currently, this video has been removed by the police. Ivan confessed that he did so only because there is a strong desire to cannibalism. Local police officer Fyodor? Bulu De Nove 29, said in an interview, the murderer chose gay people, not because he particularly hatred of people of different sexual orientation, but because he was convinced that such people will not tell other people with whom they want to date, the police to seize the murderer has become even more difficult. Not find his son in a long time and feel bad, the victim 52-year-old mother finally reported the matter to the police that the home provides a gay dating site for details. Subsequently, the police brought to justice immediately instructed to Ivan. Bulu De Ivanov said, after the killer had planned to eat at least 10 people. Today, Ivan could face up to 15 years imprisonment, but police said it would be the first psychiatric examination.

    According to reports, this is more than 30 million people 20 years of Murmansk first such cases, cheap uggs hannen, but other parts of Russia, ugg hannen uk, who had many incidents of a similar In May, an unemployed man killed in Moscow and at home, drinking buddy, drawn and quartered; in 2009,ugg boots sale, St. Petersburg, the two man-eating wild is only the brutal killing of a 16-year-old girl.
    Monday, January 9th, 2012
    3:12 pm
    Removed another man in the ATM ca-UGG Carnero black
    ATM machine two months ago, working in Hangzhou, Zhang Qing to the bank to the money home, he found himself not the card, ATM machines when the button is automatically taken out of 10,500 yuan has become a Two hours later, he surrendered to police. But, because too much panic, he again lost money. Although Zhang Qing later returned to the owner to use their own money, but he was arrested for credit card fraud, Hangzhou Riverside District Prosecutor’s Office for prosecution. only junior high school in Jiangxi Shangrao from Zhang Qing, born in August 1983, in Hangzhou has been working for several years, is a painter, he is very filial, will regularly send money home. This year at 11:00 on May 10 and more, Zhang Qing, received a salary after passing the Agricultural Bank of Qiutao Road, he thought through the ATM machine to transfer the business to send money home. approaching lunch time, before the bank lobby ATM machines for small business people. Zhang Qing went to ATM cash machine, just ready to take the card out, and suddenly the page is not found in ATM machines often see the prompt card before the page, but display a other pages.

    Zhang Qing did not think to hand to press down Amazingly, ATM teller machines Dispense mouth actually such as Zhang Qing Hui Guoshen, he looked around and found next to a bank in addition to staff, customers and no other withdrawals, Zhang Qing grabbed Bank staff asked: how the machine will pay? Zhang Qing explained the operating procedures under the ATM machines, finished after the left.

    Bank staff looked away, curious Zhang Qing and withdrawal by the next key, UGG Carnero black, this time, he chose the amount of $ 500 immediately, note mouth and spit spit five hundred dollar bills. Zhang Qing received good money, the next check balances, accounts show that there are more than 60,000 yuan. At this time, he suddenly realized, in front of customers may be forgotten in the bank card in an ATM machine. 6 million figure to stimulate the senses with Zhang Qing, Zhang Qing painters say that they do is very hard, Womens Tularosa Route Detachable, working so hard the monthly income also 34 thousand dollars, think of the money has already been removed before , simply lamb, his wound and four times each 2000 yuan withdrawals. After taking his bank card to withdraw. Send money to his family thought long gone, Zhang Qing took the card and money to walk out.

    after the incident, the bank who spoke to Zhang Qing Zhao staff confirmed that at 11:20 on May 10, 2011 about a client (ie, Zhang Qing) called him, he went to the customer side, and asked each other what to do business, then the other could not say he so self-ATM cash machine in front to customers about how to access the section of the business, and walked away after the finish.

    say Zhang Qing, after he get money back dingqiao residence of the road, my heart burst of tension, he heard someone forget to take the money card in the ATM machine is breaking the law, but think just from the ATM cash machines out of 10,500 yuan a year to his accumulated to about the money, and my heart is very contradictory, this heaven

    when approaching dingqiao, Zhang Qing figured out, he decided to take the money back to the owner, then withdraw money from his less than two hours. One to the police station, Zhang explained what he wanted and put yourself before and after the withdrawal process in detail to tell the police, but when he was a pocket, ready to remove the ATM machine with 10,500 yuan in cash with the bank card to the police, he suddenly and ignorant, Bank cards also, but 10,500 dollars was gone. Hwang said he drove withdraw money left after about 15 minutes later, Kids Ugg Boots, the phone receive a text message on the card that was taken of 10,500 yuan. Hwang back to the other bank card was not found. Zhang Qing’s case people could not help think of Guangzhou Xu Ting: 2006 April 21, at 10 pm, ATM machine failure, take 1000 yuan was deducted one yuan card! Ecstasy under the matter told the companions Xu Ting Guo Ansan. Guo and Xu were extracted from a small 1.8 million yuan and 175,000 yuan after their escape. After the incident, Guo was sentenced to imprisonment for one year to turn themselves in, and fled were captured small Xu a year in Guangzhou City Court sentenced to life imprisonment for theft after he commuted to five years in prison. and Zhang Qing Xu Ting of the same age, also was moved by money, but he was less than two hours in the incident to the police, but also with their own money returned to its owner, in a timely manner,

    do prosecutors said the case, our criminal law explicitly included in the fraudulent use of credit card fraud credit card withdrawals, May 7, 2008 the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, machine) on how to use the qualitative behavior of the approval a statutory mitigating circumstances, UGG BOOTS Hannen, the Court will give full consideration in sentencing. surrendered a short time and pay back the money, why should we be held criminally liable prosecutor also reminded: people forget the withdrawals in the ATM machines found someone else’s bank card, do not rush in machine operation, if it is to be first bank banking hours staff report, staff at the Bank under the witness contact the owner, or through the police find the owner; if no bank staff on duty at night, you can choose a direct alarm.
    Friday, January 6th, 2012
    2:32 pm
    Officials accused of bribery , said tor-uggs hanne
    Southern News reporter Sun Xuyang July 18, Henan Province, Wang Xiangyang Dancheng officials charged with corruption and bribery case, in Dancheng People’s Court hearing. Five years ago, when he was mayor of the town party secretary Wang Xiangyang, sued because of the higher levels of government Zhoukou and Dancheng, and known throughout the country. claiming to be torture 2006, when he was party secretary and mayor of the county towns Dancheng of Wang Xiangyang, because the right piece of land is indeed, the city and Zhoukou Dancheng government to court, as the first After its offices were transferred to Work Committee, Director of Agriculture and Bureau of Civil Affairs run party secretary and other staff. Earlier this year, the Civil Administration in the performance of their duties has not been formally party secretary was said, according to observers, at 9:30 on July 18 or so, Xiang-Yang Wang was brought into court, the presiding judge asked the principal witnesses, the judge refused. Wang argued his innocence, was arrested the reason is because in 2006, the county towns to Dancheng town people’s interests, sued the city and Dancheng Zhoukou levels of government, but angered some people. Official has sent more than 200 staff, composed of 13 working groups to investigate the politician since all accounts, apparently in the

    Wang Xiangyang said in court that he had been detained after the police six times beaten, forced to confession. $ 100,000 was charged with corruption of their meal card, is the lead in organizing the poor counties run Indicators to Beijing to buy, not private. Avoided, and the case heard by the off-site. He as a defense lawyer, also believes that the involvement of county departments, plus 5 years ago that The court announced its acceptance of the application, saying discussions will respond. indictment, Wang Xiangyang case handled first by Dancheng Commission for Discipline Inspection, ugg butte worchester, January 31, 2011, Wang Xiangyang suspected of corruption, was Dancheng Procuratorate investigation, February 1 XingJu February 15, was arrested. The indictment also cited the alleged corruption and many other facts. Trial because the case has not yet officially, Li Fei said the defense lawyers to disclose the relevant facts and pleadings.

    Wang Xiangyang family said that the official accused of evidence, uggs hannen, is the official multi-party working group inspired to cook from, book at Wang Xiangyang was arrested, his family running for their innocence. Morning of July 5, the king’s third brother, Zhongyuan Institute of Technology Wang Xiangdong, a deputy party secretary of the Department, Womens Tularosa Route Detachable, the Public Security Bureau of Zhengzhou City, is Dancheng personnel away. So far, the family has not received any written notice of the police. Wang’s brother Wang Xiangming, and later find out through word of mouth, before we know it has XingJu. Qing Li confirmed that Wang Xiangdong was July 6 on suspicion of the crime of obstruction of evidence XingJu. As for the specific case The telephone notification of time and other issues, NIU Qing Li said, Wang Xiangdong’s wife, said Wang Gang, were taken by police, you really go home played a phone, but did not say XingJu, but said with the investigation. She also never received a police call. as of last night, ugg boots, Wang Xiangdong was charged with more than 15 days, he has not been released, his family has not received notice of the arrest.
    Wednesday, January 4th, 2012
    3:21 pm
    Suspects were arrested-MENS HANNEN ugg
    Suspects were arrested. Our reporter Wu six red camera newspaper July 28 (Reporter Yang Jing) in order to avoid the traffic police check, on behalf of the County Li Jinfeng man driving a blue fake military license suspension, three car fled, leading to loss of 12 vehicles hit, four traffic police and a passerby was injured. Today, MENS HANNEN ugg, Taiyuan Public Security Bureau held a press conference to inform the detection of cases of community. Li Jinfeng arrested for the crime of endangering public safety in a dangerous manner, has been Jingfangxingju the accident, 12 25, a suspended license plate for the WJ-93018 of the blue, . To avoid traffic police checks, even hit more cars and police, the car drivers to escape, the crowd immediately to the police. Yingze Taiyuan Public Security Bureau police rushed to the scene, carry out a detailed survey, and the first time in the field of victims and witnesses were interviewed in-depth investigation. Traffic police also sent a police incidents, a careful survey of the site. time of the incident, was noon time work, military vehicles off the streets of the provincial capital Duolu bolted, continuous crash, assaulting a police officer driving cases in the community had a very bad influence. Yingze police set up a task force, rapidly detected. Through on-site visits, the police initially identified the basic situation of the suspect: a 30-year-old man, body fat, round face, inch head, neck hung a thick gold necklace.

    Through investigation, police determined WJ04-93018 license plate numbers are not yet in use segment, confirming the car’s suspension is fake armed license. The car several times before the incident and from the highway between Taiyuan Tai export business, the police analysis, the suspect is likely to be the original level, on behalf of the County area, or have close contact with the locals. Not only that, the car left many illegal logging in Taiyuan, the traffic police brigade Pursuit Squadron began handling the accident investigation. period in case detection, this car blue When checking the traffic police approached the car again to escape, have multiple cars crashing, and injuring police and passers-by, this newspaper carried a report.

    7 18, news came from Xinzhou, ugg boots, the suspect and driving a black car without a license fled to Taiyuan. In the morning, a suspicious man appeared in open Temple Backstreet apartment, the transfer of district police surveillance video showed all the characteristics of the suspect’s appearance consistent. From the day 22:00 to 14:00 the next day, up to 16 hours stand by, the police in the apartment and arrested the suspect Li Jinfeng. Li Jinfeng, 30, on behalf of the County, to do the iron ore business. Last October, he bought this car in Taiyuan, the blue used Late last year, Men Ugg boots, he was a shop in Xinzhou, will this WJ-93018 fake military license stolen, installed in his car. Later, it purchased the lights, strobe device disguised military vehicles.

    Lu Yu in the provincial capital three times to correct illegal traffic police, traffic police check to escape, UGG Men Capulin Shoe, he fled frantically reckless driving, 12 vehicles crash, injured four policemen and a passerby.
    Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012
    3:26 pm
    13 -year-old girl ran away after t-purple Ugg Boot
    Xiaofang is Liling, parents are disabled, the family very difficult conditions. mid-April this year, Li Yun Liling’s Procuratorate prosecutor was informed of an accident, only 13 years old Xiaofang missing half the parents report the public security organs have also been on television tracing, but it has been not heard from her daughter. 5 27, Li Yun was assigned by the procuratorate, go to Guangzhou to assist the police in Liling tracing. For message in error, without success. July 3, they go to Guangzhou, the local police’s help, found Xiao Wei and Xiao Fang. after money, Xiaofang in October 2010 through Internet chat understanding of Xiao Wei, when 15-year-old Xiao Wei, Xiao-fang 13 years old. In Xiaofang view, their home can not call home. In addition to poverty, the Xiao Wei was then contemplating to Jiangmen Two persons to live together as male and female friends, many had had sexual relations. But more than a week, the two spent all his money with less, and Xiao Wei was not any to find work, they found acquaintances Hwang. knew Xiao Wei Huang, In May, Xiaofang, a sexually transmitted disease, Xiao Wei’s mother also treated with a secret Liling Xiao Fang to return two weeks, then returned to the Jiangmen, continue to Hwang at prostitution, until they were rescued.

    Zhongguang Wang Chongqing, August 6 news (reporter Liu Li Chang intern reporter Lizi) these days, microblogging on a with a score by university-based medical admission, get the admission notice, Yang Yue mixed blessing, because he faced the dilemma can not afford the tuition. Some people questioned why the online education system is not related aid policies, some have questioned the economic strength to help North entirely Yang Yue survive, why not lend a helping hand, the more I Yang was also questioned, asking how he can not think of applying for student loans? Things progress? Yang Yue how to complete the next academic preparation?

    Champion, Peking University, purple Ugg Boots, an inability to pay, so a few words to Chongqing refinement into the high school high school graduates Yang Yue the focus of media attention. August 15 is the new university admission deadline for payment, the family conspire only a patchwork of more than 3,000 yuan, ugg australia, Yang Yue said that with the acceptance letter sent to his hand, as well as student loan application form , to put enough tuition, he chose to loans. Yang Yue: There is a student loan application form, as well as family poverty identification table, this table is to return to 15 days before, I had the time to apply for community review is sealed, that white elephant because we have not had Peking University community of students, he thought of my home to look, see if I can help, is there any other applications for grants to apply what I can to help, ugg boots sale, saw that the living conditions at home really is not very Well, they contacted our county Rongchang television reporter.

    high school for three years, Yang Yue attended school Chongqing refinement to give him a free tuition and fees, gave him 200 dollars a month living allowance, refinement and high school 5 nights has indicated that funding Yang more $ 10,000. Although the university admission have to pay 1200 dollars to 6000 dollars tuition and accommodation, cheap men ugg butte boots uk, Yang Yue do not have to worry about, he claimed to be very rational to rely on themselves the cost of eight Accelerated Degree. Yang Yue said that his summer home to some of the students have begun to substitute.

    Yang Yue: I went to school should be able to do after the country was down student loans, loans to run down, there will be a year of landing fees, living expenses when I leave, when the summer working to earn Some, at home and then supplement some of the almost, and then there is my own work-study program, as well as government’s incentives, or my living expenses of the grant is enough.
    Friday, December 30th, 2011
    3:26 pm
    Man, woman, do false employment-Sheepskin ugg boot
    hired a water of a virtuous and capable, although with disabilities, but insisted that work in the factory, the monthly income sufficient life, her daughter also admitted to the university. hooked on gambling can be a particular, and out of control, for which a particular amount owed large gambling debts. Money, and can not afford to repay certain, so he put his mind to hit their own unique set of house. For this idea, a natural water would not agree, she will own identity, real estate license and marriage certificate and other important documents are in hiding. Particular quarrel with his wife over and over again, they did not do anything. Particular rack their brains to think of ways, and soon he thought. Last year, a particular first came to the room control center, lied to real estate license is lost, a successful re-submit a new report the loss of real estate license. Then, certain to find a strange woman, the price of $ 300 posing as his wife of their employment, of course, do not forget to use certain as Money, ugg hannen, were also a certain gambling debts.

    house broken, all because of her husband’s absurd bank loan to date very quickly, and certain can not pay back the money, the bank sued him to Beilun court.

    When the court summons sent to the home, the water was aware of a cheating husband, some crying, she filed for divorce. Water burst into tears in front of a judge, she said he is disabled, the income is not high, their daughters to school and need money, if the auction house, of no fixed abode of life is clearly unacceptable. Beilun court investigation found that the housing for a particular mortgage, although there is no water, a signature, but has been registered for a mortgage, the mortgage bank to enjoy their property. Water loss can only be a husband to the absurd claims. Taking into account the nature of the case and a case of water, a water supply and to keep his daughter a place to live, the judge has done a lot of parties, on the one hand to communicate with the bank for the parties to strive for a certain grace period for repayment ; the other hand, the water of a particular marital relationship and mediation, and urge them to find ways to repay as soon as possible. Yesterday, and the water of a particular divorce — a house owned by the water, the water of a charge to repay the loan. After the divorce, ugg australia, the water of a loan from relatives, one principal and interest will pay off bank loans.
    Wednesday, December 28th, 2011
    3:51 pm
    Villagers line up to fight the-purple sparkley ugg
    Villagers line up to fight the public umbrella. Recently, Changping District, Tuen Mun Town Machi village, to the satisfaction of today choose to move back to the room, the day before yesterday afternoon the rain line. The reporter intern Yang Jie Qian Tan Day photo (Reporter Zhu Kaiyun) that begin at 8 am today, the election room, the day before 5 pm, Changping District, more than 400 villagers Tuncun Machi Town, In order to some residents questioned, party secretary Wang Shula said, villagers an alternate line up 6 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Tuen Mun Town Machi northeast corner to move back room area, more than 400 villagers lined up a team of more than 150 meters long. They take the bench, umbrella, table, and some family and I, in turn replace the battle. To avoid queuing disputes, the village in line with the scaffolding put up a site only 1 meter channel. 60-year-old Ms. Wang introduced the day before 5 pm, the village suddenly notice the radio this morning, 8 begin Arranging the election room, line up according to the order of the scene, first-served basis. To be able to choose a good location to house the day before 6 pm, they rushed over to line up, but only routed to the 100 away.

    Chan, another villager, ugg boots, said yesterday, purple sparkley uggs, 22:00, line up the scene began to rain, no rain gear with the villagers had to hide in the shelter building corridor, but we still insist on queuing. It is understood that the Telephone Number of room to move back a total of 1184 units. Yesterday, a number of residents at the back complained that they know too late, cheap uggs hannen, did not line up in time to come.

    some residents questioned the way scientific random selection of this line, some families had to go to work every day, no staff to line up. And come to line up are some seventy-eight-year-old old man old lady, this two-day Beijing hot, Women Ugg Tall Boots, the night also rain event of a problem, the consequences could be disastrous.

    a resident, said several neighbors had suggested that they take ballot notarized village way, so reasonable, and convenient, but did not receive the consent of the village.

    yesterday, Tuen party secretary Wang Shura, said a meeting with representatives of the village after village, first-served basis in accordance with the election room Arranging way. Each family can choose two suites. Also not entirely free to choose. Have a certain mix, such as a 1 layer selected, it must be with a 4 layer. Such an approach is that most of the villagers will be more transparent than the ballot to eliminate the possibility of a black-box operation, you can open and transparent process to ensure random selection.
    Thursday, December 22nd, 2011
    2:59 pm
    Villagers line up to fight the-purple sparkley ugg
    Villagers line up to fight the public umbrella. Recently, Changping District, Tuen Mun Town Machi village, to the satisfaction of today choose to move back to the room, the day before yesterday afternoon the rain line. The reporter intern Yang Jie Qian Tan Day photo 6 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Tuen Mun Town Machi northeast corner to move back room area, more than 400 villagers lined up a team of more than 150 meters long. They take the bench, umbrella, table, and some family and I, in turn replace the battle. 60-year-old Ms. Wang introduced the day before 5 pm, the village suddenly notice the radio this morning, 8 begin Arranging the election room, line up according to the order of the scene, first-served basis. To be able to choose a good location to house the day before 6 pm, they rushed over to line up, but only routed to the 100 away.

    Chan, another villager, ugg boots, said yesterday, purple sparkley uggs, 22:00, line up the scene began to rain, no rain gear with the villagers had to hide in the shelter building corridor, but we still insist on queuing. began to rain last night after a group of village emergency transfer to line up the sun umbrella for the rain village. It is understood that the Telephone Number of room to move back a total of 1184 units. yesterday, a number of residents at the back complained that they know too late, cheap uggs hannen, did not line up in time to come.

    some residents questioned the way scientific random selection of this line, some families had to go to work every day, no staff to line up. And come to line up are some seventy-eight-year-old old man old lady, this two-day Beijing hot, Women Ugg Tall Boots, the night also rain event of a problem, the consequences could be disastrous.

    a resident, said several neighbors had suggested that they take ballot notarized village way, so reasonable, and convenient, but did not receive the consent of the village.

    yesterday, Tuen party secretary Wang Shura, said a meeting with representatives of the village after village, first-served basis in accordance with the election room Arranging way. Each family can choose two suites. Also not entirely free to choose. Have a certain mix, such as a 1 layer selected, it must be with a 4 layer. Such an approach is that most of the villagers will be more transparent than the ballot to eliminate the possibility of a black-box operation, you can open and transparent process to ensure random selection.

    Shura, said Wang, the village as the villagers queued overnight to prepare a sun umbrella, and sent the water and breakfast.
    Tuesday, December 20th, 2011
    4:01 pm
    Monitoring results show that h-Women Ugg Tall Boot
    Monitoring results show that heavy metals in the soil is not hazardous waste, two hundred meters around the discharge point there is no farmland will not cause environmental pollution. However, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter found at the scene were two discharge points, two points are within 100 meters of farmland. this regard, experts said, after monitoring only if the soil is for the efflux of hazardous waste, whether as a basis for punishment, as will pollution of farmland, and even a threat to human health, the by the Guangzhou Land and Housing Authority and the relevant departments careful treatment of the contaminated soil and dump sites around the environment, need to be devoted to monitoring, research and analysis.

    Maoshan Jianggao town is a very remote and secluded sediment discharge point. There are dozens of mountain heap of waste land, up to tens of meters. Dump truck dumping soil is about to invade the remainder of the west side of the foot hills of housing and farmland. Foot of farmland, farmers grow a variety of local vegetables and food crops.

    in Guanghua Rd roadside dump sites of contaminated soil, not a small area of ​​farmland planted. The piling up points close to Huadu, genuine cheap ugg boots uk, near a car repair shop, residential areas, cement. Dump sites contaminated soil next to a highway drains Guanghua. The event of heavy rain, it is difficult to ensure that the heavy metal contaminated soils along the drainage ditches will not enter the nearby irrigation ditches, and even into the nearby river, continue to pollute the river. an environmental protection system from the experts told reporters after the Guangzhou Environmental Monitoring Center of the Southern Steel Sinotrans was leaching of soil toxicity analysis, ugg australia, Sinotrans soil leaching solution of copper, lead , zinc, cadmium, chromium and nickel content were lower than hazardous waste leaching toxic identification standard limit, not a hazardous waste. p>

    Guangdong Institute of Eco-environment and soil field researcher Chen told reporters that if the former industrial land to residential land,ugg boots sale uk, there is no effective environmental risk assessment and management, may endanger not only this generation, as well as under a generation. In the population, children and women is particularly vulnerable to harm the group.

    another unnamed experts in the field of soil admitted to reporters, rainfall, wind-driven, making the heavy metals to agricultural ecosystems, the invasion, there is a potential hazard. or wind-driven dust. Particulates into the soil, Women Ugg Tall Boots, in addition to their crops adsorption of heavy metals may be, there are some potential physical and chemical reactions, it may not be the original experts said, for safety reasons, we recommend that the relevant departments of the surrounding soil would not conduct a special study of vegetable pollution.
    Saturday, December 17th, 2011
    4:04 pm
    right to education-Womens Tularosa Route Detachable
    Meme’s attorney, said the sword, Chaoyang District Board of Education and the school signed a security in Northeast Asia Check the agreement, ugg hannen uk, the Taiwan Department of Health regional office is also culture and education in Northeast Asia schools annual safety inspections and other oversight activities, meme, mother and thus believe that the school is legally recognized by the government’s private schools, which generate trust, will now be Taiwan to ban the school’s regional offices act suddenly, causing a meme to school difficulties, substance abuse of her right to compulsory education. Peng Jian, lawyers also pointed out that migrant workers like cattle Ms. rational allocation of educational resources to support the Government to ensure compulsory education for school-age children; if the Government ensure that their children can live in and around educational institutions accept the obligation education under the premise that they support the government banned private schools not qualified. But like this, the Government did not consider their children’s education of migrant workers the actual situation in Northeast Asia improperly banned private schools such as schools, resulting in many children can not achieve the bottom line of the right to education, which is one of many families and children of migrant workers not acceptable.

    Yesterday afternoon, the reporter called the Taiwan Department of Health regional office culture and education. A staff member said, the end of June, according to the unified arrangement of Chaoyang District Board of Education, indeed banned the three migrant children schools, including schools in Northeast Asia. Three schools have no school permit, uggs hannen, is no school qualifications. Coordination arrangements, Chaoyang District Board of Education of the diversion measures have been diverted to the students near the school. In addition, the Chaoyang District Board of Education also selected address near the school in Northeast Asia, ready to set up a formal school for students enrolled in the vicinity.

    Day before yesterday, the city Board of Education official said that this year, Womens Tularosa Route Detachable, Daxing, Chaoyang, Haidian District, a total of 24 three run by the school facing demolition floating population, involving more than 14,000 students. City Board of Education requires each county to shunt placement. Reporters noted that the city Board of Education and Board of Education, Chaoyang District, when in comes to the question of diversion, were not mentioned.
    Friday, December 16th, 2011
    3:39 pm
    fortune for the sake of local gov-ugg boots sale
    Fortune for the sake of local government officials to lead Sansui County in local interview process, several respondents said that Yang Changming dismissed from the pull-out of the question reflects the local style of official corruption and depravity, and even government officials to the leading cadres for the sake of fortune Gong’s wife. According to insider, ugg hannen uk, the scope of the original Sansui official would not, uk ugg lynnea charcoal, and Yang Changming checked disease, many women also face the illness of someone in fear, purple sparkley uggs, and family or to fall apart. There are rumors that Yang Changming after the incident, many of my colleagues encountered in the county have women cadres hiding away, Qiandongnan Committee Propaganda Department of the network office, a staff member admitted, Yang Changming before being arrested, the erosion of the life style is less known to the outside world, now has a secret. Yang Changming after the incident, Sansui local people have questioned his A mass to reporters, Yang Changming director during his tenure has many industrial projects in connection with the erotic transactions, while individual female officers do not rule out the right color with the transaction,

    Recent days, the Morning News reporters Xiang Yangchang and Ming Zhuguan of Sansui County Power Authority, Trade Bureau and other departments to issue requests for interviews, but are . A local official familiar with the sources said, Yang Changming the incident, many business leaders were also asked authorities cooperate with the investigation, p> Qiandongnan Committee Propaganda Department, Zhang Xiaohua, deputy director of propaganda office in the southeast of Guizhou’s Procuratorate,ugg boots sale uk, the Organization Department and the Sansui County tripartite understanding, on the Morning News reporter Biao Shi, local authorities according to reports on Yang Changming the their economic or style issue is inconclusive.

    Yesterday afternoon, the Morning News reporters Cong Qiandong and Nan Zhou’s Procuratorate side was informed that Yang Changming the corruption case will be heard in public this week.
    Monday, December 12th, 2011
    3:12 pm
    ■ Express reporter intern Ru-Women Ugg Short Boot
    Express reporter intern Ruan Jianhua Wang Huitao family has six children, but to pick up garbage for a living; annual rental income of tens of thousands of rental properties, but often to the neighbors to borrow money; should enjoying their later years, but went to the toilet in suicide ingesting pesticide. 6 o’clock yesterday morning, Women Ugg Short Boots, Huangpu District, with the tragedy occurred Hengsha village, so residents are abuzz. 7 suspected late grandmother drank pesticide and eventually died due. Sons and daughters who heard the reporters refused, the event left a number of mysteries to be answered.

    Incident occurred in the Huangpu District Experimental Kindergarten Hengsha village opposite the public toilets, the first to discover this is a cleaner. 6 o’clock yesterday morning, she came to clean the toilet as usual, when ready to use water for flushing, rise suddenly found a man lying inside. Forward came closer, a seventy-eight-year-old elderly, froth at the mouth, lying stiff on the cardboard does not move, placed beside a pesticide. Terrified cleaners aunt immediately ran out the door shouting, in the vicinity. At the time they are ready to go to the police, ran into a lady one son Zhu,ugg australia, so everyone quickly call the 120 emergency call. 7:00 pm, the ambulance sped to. However, after medical rescue, found that lady has no vital signs. 10 o’clock yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the site of the incident. Cordon in front of public toilets has not been lifted, surrounded by many residents. Lady’s body has not yet been removed, the residents said, according to the tradition of the village need to do a ritual. Quickly, more than 10 family members put up in the toilet before the simple hall. Pimadaixiao who is elderly family members in children. According to neighbors introduced, the old man a total of four sons and two daughters. 11 am, wearing a life of elderly people was carried out of the public toilets service, Master murmuring beat with musical instruments. Family members are around the side, kept burning paper money, crowds rushed fleeing. Introduced, according to neighbors, the old man’s name is unknown, only know that her husband surnamed Zhu, died a few years ago, a total of six children at home. Chu has many properties in the village, some rental, rent charged by the elderly, each year tens of thousands. With elderly villagers, pay dividends from the village every year and living conditions should be considered good.

    Ms. Lee recalled, however, cheap men ugg butte boots uk, according to neighbors, the elderly usually have to scavengers, went outside to pick up litter every day, often more than two in the morning to still pick it up. According to Mr Liu was introduced near the tenants, the elderly neighbors had to borrow money. They borrow money to move the elderly was very puzzled.

    According to informed sources, the elderly more than 70 years old and still pick up garbage in the streets, but also to borrow money, there is a reason. He, the elderly and children are not and have never heard her before his death has also been an independent support to the 3-year-old grandson. Her son’s death may be related to the conduct of the, ugg boots sale.
    Friday, December 9th, 2011
    2:36 pm
    survey the batterer was secretly in-MENS HANNEN ugg
    Yesterday morning, District People’s Hospital in the south, Chongqing Morning News reporters Jian Daole and Shou Shangdi Liu, his right hand wrapped in a thick gauze, head of the wound Shenzhe blood, but the young man in good spirits, waiting for a doctor to do surgery fractures. a middle-aged couples and Liu talked with, from time to time he handed back some fruit. Reporters thought that this middle-aged couples are the parents of Liu, ugg butte worchester, Liu told reporters that they are the parents of the driver Zhao. And Liu is Luzhou, is Olympic Sports Center

    He immediately came to the hospital on the south bank of District People’s Hospital, sent 2,000 yuan treatment fee, to see what we can do to make up for the mistakes of his son. Zhao mother said, in fact, MENS HANNEN ugg, Zhao Mouping usually a shy person, although the dress looks stylish, but usually did not talk, do not stir up trouble. his driver’s license exam in 2007, to get the operating certificate, purple sparkley uggs, the taxi driver has more than a year, ,Women Ugg Tall Boots specializing in top class people, never have worked out.
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