03:09pm 01/12/2003
mood: lonely
music: .behemoth - modern iconoclasts.
nothing happened this weekend worth a shit. on friday, i didnt go to the game because of two reasons. the main one being, my girlfriend abby couldnt go, because she was grounded. her mom found out she stayed home one day because of her back and i got to talk to her all day, because i also stayed home. well anyway, she lied to her mom about it, and somehow got caught. im thinking maybe the principal called her house, but i think if that was the case, she would have found out earlier. the other reason i didnt go to the game was because i had my first band practice with my 2nd band, a beautiful failure. it went extremely well. we hope to get together at least once a week now. oh yeah, i got a new screen name (autoXrepeat) for aim, and a new email address at yahoo, (autoXrepeat@yahoo.com), thats one of the reasons ive been so bored lately. nobody to talk to. and ive been to lazy to im all my "peoples" and let them know about the new screen name. ok im running out of shit to type. ill put more shit up in this piece later. fucking email me. im bored. i love abby. bling.