28th April 2003

10:52pm: Yay!! I'm actually posting!!
I've neglected this journal alot. I feel bad about that. I'm going to try and blog in this more.

Anyway, I got a job at Burger King as of Thursday. It's been alright.. I'm getting used to it. The people are fairly nice, but I can't relate to any of them because I'm so young.

I'm super mad at Maddie because she doesn't respect my religious beliefs, and she's so adamant about hers that she's not open to any others. I've experienced Christianity, Catholicism (a denomination, but still..), Atheism, Wiccan, etc. I've changed religions so much because I could never find one that felt right. Like all these religions and stuff just didn't fit me.

Social Darwinism occurs yet again..
Current Mood: sleepy
Current Music: Joey McIntyre - Rain
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