11th March 2003

10:11pm: Life is so unfair..
I hate everybody. I think there's this conspiracy against me. Everyone's just being so unfair. Like everybody in my family gets hot water but I don't. Some consideration for me, geez! I mean, I let them all in the bathroom first because they're tired, and I end up losing an hour of sleep and freezing in a bathtub. NOT FAIR.

Another thing that's not fair. How is it that Shawn can just tell Heather and Lindsey who he's crushing on, but I have to GUESS it? I swear, it's just not right. I thought he might've liked me, but he told me the girl has brown hair and.. I definitely do not.

Poor Maddie. She is so in the pits. :-(

DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:11 PM]: So how's it going?
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:11 PM]: i just want to know....thanks
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:12 PM]: oh it's good....TRYING to actually do something for our project.....
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:12 PM]: Make it longer!
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:12 PM]: i was disappointed, but i should have done more....
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:13 PM]: she said she would have it all taken care of, so since she didn't, i am...
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:13 PM]: Yeah.
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:13 PM]: I've learned to never trust Hayley when it comes to projects.
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:14 PM]: She says that she's good at doing projects and presenting in front of the class, but she isn't.
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:15 PM]: my opinion, i think i am prollly a little better than she is...and that's saying a lot
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:15 PM]: You are.
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:16 PM]: why didn't you say anything when she told josh and me that she would do it?
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:16 PM]: She was like "I can present" and crap.. but when we were up there, she was all quiet and nobody could hear her.. not to mention, she couldn't read it right.
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:17 PM]: I gave you a look, but I guess you couldn't see it. I don't like hurting people's feelings.
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:17 PM]: LOL u got that right.....and the letter that she typed to the "president" have a lot of grammatical errors...
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:17 PM]: I know.
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:17 PM]: i understand.....oh well, i guess it's my fault then
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:17 PM]: i thought she was in honors english?
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:17 PM]: See.. I never trust other people with my work.
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:17 PM]: She is.
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:18 PM]: It doesn't matter.. she's a terrible student.
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:18 PM]: well, she didn't show like she was really, in my opinion..
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:18 PM]: Yeah..
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:19 PM]: See, whenever I'm in a group with people that I can't really trust, I always do the work anyway just in case they don't come through.
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:19 PM]: They may end up hating me, but I don't care. I'm a perfectionist and a control freak.
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:19 PM]: well, i guess i forgot to tell you.....
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:20 PM]: it's about my family
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:20 PM]: What?
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:20 PM]: my parents got a separation...
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:20 PM]: Ohmigosh.. *hugz*
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:20 PM]: i have been really low lately, so that's why i haven't been doing my best in history...
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:20 PM]: It's okay.
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:20 PM]: I'm sorry I left your group then.
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:20 PM]: yea.......and it's like everything is going wrong...
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:21 PM]: like my history project is in the pit...
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:21 PM]: Don't worry.... you'll be fine.
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:21 PM]: Next time we do a group project.. limit it to me, you, and Josh.. no Hayley.
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:21 PM]: well, even if we are, my mom and dad each have their own lawyer, and well, guess who's dad is my dad's lawyer?
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:21 PM]: Joel's?
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:21 PM]: Grant's?
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:22 PM]: i agree...
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:22 PM]: okay,...guess
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:22 PM]: yea
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:22 PM]: lol joel's
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:22 PM]: Ooh..
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:22 PM]: He's a pretty cool guy.
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:22 PM]: I hope things work out.
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:22 PM]: If you ever need anything, I'm here.
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:22 PM]: yea...his dad is a great lawyer, but he is supporting i guess u could say representingmy dad, and my dad is the "bad guy"
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:23 PM]: Ooh..
DaZy Dm ChIcK [10:23 PM]: That suxors.
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:23 PM]: yea.....i do too....we have like no food or money....i need stuff.....
MiSsMaRiNeMaMmAL [10:23 PM]: luckily i am on the track team and have some thing to keep me busy

This'll be the journal I'll be keeping for Dani while she's in Europe. So yeah.. I'll be updating a lot for the next week.
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