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Sunday, September 7th, 2003

Subject:New Journal, RAWR!
Time:4:17 am.
Mood: bored.
Music:Hillary Duff - "Why Not" (Shut up, I know x_x).
Heyas fans!!! *insane cheering* It is I, AUDIE! WOOHOO!!!!!!! *chirping* ... ok so maybe not. Anywaaay, x.o... I made this spiffy new journal.. cause like.. livejournal was just boring. Besides, I have to do what all the cool kids are doing!!! Yea.. so...

Moving on.. I haven't got much to write about. All I did today was sleep and work on my neopets guild. Isn't that exciting? I know! Maybe tomorrow I'll even rob a bank!! *FBI shows up* Damn it not again... *cough* Anywaise, isn't my icon so pretty?? I found in on some site.. I can't remember which one. I'm not very original. =x Oh well, kudos to Chelli also for the fab layout. I love you, sucka!!!!!! ....*tick tock*.... Erm, I'm going to go moo at the neighbors now.. bye..


Ok, this quiz seemed to think I was all three of these.. so here they are..

You represent... insanity.
You represent... insanity.
You're quite a quirky little creature. You're
emotions are varying. You may appear childish
and innocent, but you have a tendency to freak
out. You're incredibly random, but it's good
to be unique. People know you're an odd one,
but you certainly don't mind.

You represent... playfulness.
You represent... playfulness.
Playfulness can often be mistaken for sluttiness or
flirtiness... Flirting is something you enjoy
doing, but you're mostly just about having fun.
You're into partying, and it's seems that
people enjoy your company as much as you enjoy

You represent... happiness.
You represent... happiness.
Boy, are you full of cheer or what...? You have a
sunny disposition and enjoy trying to spread
your happiness. You have a tendency to be a
little hyper, but you have the ability to make
your own fun no matter what.

What feeling do you represent?
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Blurty for Poison Pixie (audie).

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