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    Tuesday, September 30th, 2003
    4:01 pm
    yeah, so, this jurnal thing , Reiko does it, so i figured, If reiko does it, it must mean its cool. Though i'm not sure using reiko as a roll model is such a good idea. hahaha.
    i'm just kidding...kinda
    either way, i guess if i were to bable about my inner thoughts and tribulations publicly, this would be the way to go. So, what is interesting? Everyone's intrested in matters of relationships and love, so lets take a wack at that. Yeah, so, ever been in a situation, where you realy like this guy, and he really likes you, and ya both obviously like eachother, to the point where your freinds yell at you just to go out already. But the two of you are just too damn dumb about it, that neither of you ask eachother out? For like, 3 weeks?
    yeah, never been there either...
    uhh, yeah , soo that happend.
    i mean it didn't....
    oh man, i'm confusing myself, and i'm tierd, and...uh....
    i'm gonna go study...or something....

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: Pink Floyd