The Greatest Day (of all)   
09:35pm 31/10/2004
Yesterday was probably one of the best days in my life!
I went to the mall with Alicia and Sam from work. I met them at work and I went in the back to check my schedule, and Briana came in the back. I'm not exactly sure how it started but somehow she said that Joel was all excited about going to the movie, and he called and asked Rodney for people's phone number's to "take one of his shifts" because he was trying to get my number to call me and find out the details since I didnt give it to him. Rodney gave him everyone's # except mine I guess and he was upset. Isn't that so cute??? I think it is. So, anyway, Briana says I'm goign to have my brother and I said really? cool! So, then we I came back Sam told me that she gave Bri her cell # and Joel is supposed to call her before 6:30 and he'll probably come to the movie with us.
So, we had a pretty good tiem at the mall and while we were in Charlotte Russ, Sam saw that someone had called so she called and I asked for Joel, and I think it was Briana and she goes Oh hes here but hes kinda busy and then all of a sudden Joel is on the line. "Hello?" and I said "Hi, this is Marjorie" and he couldnt understand me so I went out of the store and I told him to meet us at the theater at 7:15.
Alicia's mom picks us up from the mall, we having narrowly escaped from these horny Mexicans working at Steak Escape. So, we get there, and we are late, by let's see...15 minutes. I feel so bad!
And then I see him at the register or whatever and his back is to me so I snake up on him, and sorta put my arms around him and I think I scared him! But he recovered pretty quickly and he paid for my movie! What a gentleman! Hehe, he is so adorable.
We ended up talking the whole movie. People behind us must have gone "Shhhhhhhh!" a million times. It was really great! We made jokes about cooties, and different people dieing, and about Japanese people, and all sorts of stuff. I had alot of fun, and I really wasnt too nervous. Just a little. We also joked that the little dot things were the highlight of the movie. What a blast!
I also bet him if I remembered to pick up the straw that I would get to give him a hug after the movie and of course I remembered, because well, it was already half way or more into the movie before I made the bet.
Unfortunately it was time to leave and my mom was coming to pick us up, but Joel had a ride. So, we had to go because my mom got to the theater really quick. So I gave him a hug, but it wasnt a great hug, but hey, I'll take what I can get, and then for some reason i thought the next day was monday and I said I guess ill see you tomorrow and then he said yeah, you work right? and I said, oh no, i dont, and then we kinda lost eye contact andsam said You work tomorrow? to Joel and she says so do I. And we left and Joel I think started tal;king to some guy that was standing there in the theater. So yep, it was pretty great!
Ieven got to put my head on his shoulder a couple of times during the scary parts. I hope he wants to go out and do something again sometime.
Because I sure as hell do.
My Very First Entry!!!   
05:22pm 22/10/2004
mood: anxious
music: Commercial on Radio

This is such a neat site! I found it through some gay guy's journal! Ha! Well, this is nice.

Today was a pretty good day. It is Friday and I always try to have a good time on Fridays. This guy Shane asked Patrick for my number, so I gave it to him. I do like him, so I'm pretty excited. I hope he calls me. I do like Joel from work though...but that probably would have never worked anyway. Man, I want to get out and go somewhere so bad! Like, the movies, or starbucks, or out to dinner. Ergh.

How bothersome. I wonder if anyone will post comments on my journal. That would be totally awesome! So, if you are reading this, and you have something worthwhile to say...go ahead and say it!! Hmmm....damn phone, ring!! Gosh, I sound pathetic. Oh well.

Have a happy, happy day-or evening!