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[26 May 2003|12:05pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | jimmy eat world ]

So yeah I haven't posted in this for a while. I find myself quite irritating reading over this.
For a while things got better. Now there's more drama. Why is there so much drama i hate it so much.

Apparently i ditched geo and some other people at the fair and was bitchy to them but I don't recall that. We left to go smoke a bowl and couldn't take them with us because it wasn't out bowl and it wasn't our reefer. And it would've been really sketchy to have 10 kids walking through the woods looking for a good spot.
Well anyways that day was fun up until the point of people being douche bags.

Kath drove and actually picked me up at my house and we drove to the fair where we saw geo and shana and jordan for a bit then we bounced to go find cass n sean because i needed to get some shiat to them then we went back and went on a few rides and bounced again once we found alana. we walked around for a while trying to find a good place to puff but we didn't have enough time because ari was coming so we went and got ari and then went back to find a place. so we ended up in the same place that they puffed last year in the baseball dugouts. and alana called todd and we smoked a little bowl then todd came and we smoked some of alanas reefer in todds chillum which was so cool. todd rolled a joint and alana, todd n i passed it around for a few hits and then todd left and we went back to the fair and wyler came. alana and wyler went off for a bit and ari, kath and i wandered around for a while. everyone in my grade was looking at me maybe it was just me being paranoid though. too bad softball isn't over.
so we made plans to go to chris's house and then i called geo to see what he was doing and he said i needed to apologize but I didn't because i didnt have anything to apologize for. and he was being a douche bag.

so that brought down my high a lot which was sad because i was so happy. and i was starting to really like geo again.

so i've still refused to apologize but i tried to work things out. whatever. at least i tried it's up to him now.

yeah so. yesterday was kinda lame i just sat at home. smoked a bowl and the phone rings- who is it but my softball coach. ahh wierd. she was just calling to remind me of the game on tuesday.

i'm trying to find something to do today. i was outside in the pouring rain for two hours or something it was nice but now im bored. and upset.

so im out.

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[16 May 2003|05:08pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Janis Joplin- - "Take Another Little Piece of My Heart" ]

Just got home from softball. It was boring we did the same drill we've done everyday since the beginning of the season. Arg.

I can't figure out if my belly button is infected or just really red. It's bothing me I may call up the place and figure it out I hope it's not infected- I'm also really pale so it may just be that; maybe if it clears up later I'll go out and tan. Hahaha. Yea okay.

I got more trees today! nice nice nice! And i wasn't ripped off, I think I even got more than a gram. Excellent! It's from another person so I'm hoping its as good as the excellent stuff I usually get.

I rolled an amazing joint yesterday, bit of tobacco lots of ganj, it was wonderful but I probably already told you about that.
Tomorrows prom- I bet I already updated you on my status of that too but no one reads this so it doesnt really amtter. I'm a froshy so I'm not going but I was supposed to crash a party on saturday but I don't know if my mom will let me because it's at a hotel unsupervised. Haha i wonder whats gonna go on there. I wanna get drink badly. But getting drunk by yourself is NO fun at all.

Geo doesn't know what he's talking about:
ansxetookmystash: do you want trees?
geo: er, whaddya mean?
ansxetookmystash: marijuana!

haha and he calls himself a pothead.
My ass, man.

I want a boyfriend. I need some action. I want a really nice hot guy.

Sooo on a better note the entry that i thought shana wrote about me- wasn't about me. So thank god im in such a better mood now I'm so fucking releived.

I may go see The Matrix the second one or somethin I don't really wanna go, i think it'll ruin it. I just wanna get a nice smoke session in. Mmm my joint was so good. I hope someone brings a cigg im really in the mood for one. Kinda. yeah i don't smoke I just get in moods for them everyone once in a while.

Well I'm gonna take a shower and crucify my hair.


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[15 May 2003|10:46pm]
Okay...I'm too lazy to make this journal pretty like my deadjournal was it's kinda sad so plain and boring and all of that shit. I like deadjournal a lot more than this but whatever.

I've decided to take a haitus from deadjournal for a few days. So that means I'll probably be writing in this a lot more if I can remember that I'm not using DJ, haha.

Yeah. This weekend will be uneventful or so it seems right now. The prom is this weekend but I was invited because im a dirty froshy. -.-' i was invited to crash an after party though. I was gonna bring alcohol and get really wasted and smoke a bowl or two and all that good shit but my mom's changing her mind or some shit. It's wierd.

Anyways i'm pretty boring as you'll soon find out- I hate drama. Which also makes me life even more boring. But rama irritates me so I guess for me it's okay.
I dont even know what I'm talking about no one reads this piece of shit anyways.

The week went by really quickly. Today was an alright day until about half an hour ago. Did all my homework, had an extremely unproductive softball practice and rolled a fabulous joint and smoked it outside in the amazing weather. Mm it was so smooth. oh man. i <3 marijuana.

i want a serious boyfriend who's hot and all that good stuff. And uh...my age. Marc just turned 18 I still haven't ripped up the courage to break up with him. I'm upset by myself.

Well the past few minutes have been incredibly shitty. I keep fucking up peoples lives and...yeah I'm not even going to get into that. As I said before- I hate drama.

So I'm out to watch futurama and family guy.
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[+Wuddup+] [07 May 2003|09:12am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Phish- - "Heavy Things" ]

I just wrote an entry and then clicked for more options without copying this. Smart. So here goes. One more time. I haven't posted in this journal yet so I figured while I've got a bit of time on my hands I could do that. haha to all of you who are in school early taking CAPT tests or AP tests. That blows.
Yea I feel like I should make an introduction to blurty or something but I'm not that interesting. My name's Laura. There you go.

I have softball after school. I don't want to go, what's new?
I do think the weekend will be good. Wee. I'm excited but there's still too much school left until the weekend. Uh yeah...at the moment I have nothing interesting to say so I'm gonna jet.

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