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[29 Mar 2004|01:27pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | britney spears ]

nOt toO muCh is nEw--*

saturday was my boyfriends birthday-i woke up (i felt kinda sick but i went anyways) sOo i went to the mall + met him there then we went to subway-then we took the bus to sawgrass mall<3 then we went to his house around 3. then i started getting really sick so i took some medicine and we hung out-then his mom took us to sawgrass again. we hung out around the oasis + walked around and shit. then i felt really sick so his mom picked us up and we went back to his house where we had cake + stuff. it was gOod and he really liked his gift. i got him a fender shirt. it was alot of $$mula$$ tOo-haha. then his mom took me home at around 11. then i came home + fell asleep.

sunday* i spent the whole day home sick. basically consisting of blowing my nose and drinking soup all day..it sucked.. also it was the night of the 'bRitNeY sPeArS' concert which i wanted to go too really bad..haha

-today i didn't go to school. i hardly slept last night and my throat is killing me really bad so my moms all like "just stay home" so i did. but i have to go tommrow b/c i have an appointment with the guidance counsler about my classes. well anyways im Out <3 <3

p.S- story of the year is coming down + guess whos going ? ? ? ? ME -N- KAT !!!


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