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Sunday, January 4th, 2004
12:38 pm - this may turn out to be mad long..
why do people feel the need to involve themselves in places where they don't belong..? i'm serious. no one should be involved in the relationship between paul and i and the relationship between jaymie and i.

paul and i have been together almost 6 months now. at first everything was great. paul liked tia and tia liked paul. my world rocked. paul took tia, lacey, and i to hersheypark, the next day he took tia and i to see the deftones in state college.. paul was tia's favorite person in the world!! august came and paul got tia and i GREAT seats at ozzfest, for free! he gave up his chance to go to ozzfest so she could go, but in the end he was able to go anyways. a bit after that things started to go downhill.. tia started hating paul for no reason. i was so confused! he started to dislike her cuz of the way she acted towards him.. at one point, i couldn't mention the name "tia" in his presence, nor could i say "paul" in tia's presence. a few days before thanksgiving break, tia told me that paul was cheating on me with erica. at first i believed it. i cried throughout school that entire day while fighting with him through text messages. i was supposed to go to see three days grace with him a few days later, i didn't know what was gonna happen with that. i talked to him that night and he said he thought we needed a break. it was the most difficult thing i ever had to agree to. i still went to the concert with him, much to the dislike of my friends. that night was the most difficult night i can remember. i stood not more than 2 feet away from him the entire night and missed him more than ever had. we didn't hold hands, kiss, or even touch at all for that matter. the first band had a lot of songs about relationships and it took so much for me to not cry that night.. even worse was that the second band we had seen when we saw eve6. it brought back memories of that night and made me want to cry even more. the drive home that night was a lot better than anything else that happened that night. we talked a lot and made some plans that made me really happy. from this point on i decided not to tell tia anything about my relationship with him anymore cuz all she did was pick things apart. on thanksgiving i let her have it.. i was sick of the bullshit. i told her off and it felt so good. after thanksgiving vacation though, she and i were okay around each other again. around this time though, she started hanging out with our other friends and they never invited me anywhere. after a while i got used to it.. jaymie helped me through a lot [she will be discussed next..] things went back and forth with tia. it seemed like the cheating rumors had finally died down, until over this break. i started a new unedited, explicit journal just cuz i wanted to write about certain things that i didn't want in my spit_can journal. tia teased me a bit in a joking friendly kind of way. i didn't mind cuz it was amusing. then i started getting ignored again. tia began posting unnamed rants in her journal, most of which were directed towards me. she took me off her friends list and pulled many other stupid pranks. then she brings up the cheating issue again. this time i didn't even give it a thought. i trust my boyfriend more than anyone in this world. i told him what she said to me and he laughed.. now *someone* has took the time to actually make a journal just to harrass me. they even made me an icon!! hahahahaha someone doesn't have a life. it's really amazing how someone you called your best friend can turn around and do shit like this to you..

jaymie has been there for me since everyone realized fallon's stories were full of shit. she's been the closest thing i've had to a best friend in a while. yes, she's 18. yes, she lives in rochester, new york. none of that matters to me. she has been there for me from everything from what to wear when i'm going out to the whole situation with tia. she's the greatest friend i could ask for. and yet i get shit for being so lovey-dovey with her. sorry that while you were off talking shit on me and my boyfriend and hanging out with other people that i found a new friend. give me a fucking break.

people need to grow the fuck up. we're in 11th grade [who knows maybe some older people are evn involved in this..] this isn't nursery school anymore. get fucking lives and leave mine the hell alone. if you don't like me, then why must you harrass me? it's fucking stupid..

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Friday, December 12th, 2003
10:57 pm
just thought that i'd announce that i love ajay lescher. hadda do it here so as to avoid drama with a jealous boyriend..

yeah he's fucking hot. as i said today, he's my new nick d.

last night if he'd have asked, we'd have made babies.

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Monday, October 13th, 2003
8:34 pm - i just have to get this out..
i love my boyfriend! sure, we have our fights every once in a while.. everyone does. but we always get through em. i was just sitting here thinking about him and it makes me feel so happy to know he's mine and i'm his. everytime i talk to him i feel so happy. he just makes me feel so great.

he and i haven't hung out together in like a week! :o( sure there was the AAL show, but that's different. everytime i have to go home after hanging out with him, i wanna cry. the way i feel when i'm around him is phenomenal. i feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have him.

i love my paul!!

current mood: in love
current music: [hands down] dashboard confessional (it's our song..)

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Sunday, September 14th, 2003
12:00 pm
1. i _____ ashley.
2. ashley is ____.
3. ashley needs _____.
4. i want to ____ ashley.
5. ashley can ____ my ____.
6. someday ashley will _____.
7. ashley reminds me of _____.
8. without ashley _____.
9. ashley can be _____.
10. meeting ashley is _____.
11. worst thing about ashley is _____.
12. best thing about ashley is ______.
13. i am _____ ashley.
14. i think ashley should _______.

fill it out i wanna know what ya think of me!

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Monday, September 8th, 2003
4:50 pm - *sigh*
sometimes i am so happy i still have this.. cuz i can let it all out here and not too many people still read this so it's good.. i dont like posting private livejournal entries..

ok well the past few days have been really bad for me..

saturday night kristin and justin gober decided to prank paul. i was ready to kill them and kristin was like dragging me down the street so i couldn't get my phone off of justin. a few minutes later paul called me back.. he was livid.. "who the fuck was that?" "who the fuck is john?" [justin had asked for john] after a few minutes, he hung up on me. i spent the next 15 or so minutes trying to call him and/or text his to which i got no response. i called tia cuz she's always there for me.. and i was using the house phone to try to call him thinking if he didnt recognize the number he'd answer. well, that made my dad question me.. at this point i'm in tears. my dad is flipping out on me because i don't respect him? what the fuck? by the time he was done bitching/looking for sympathy, i was practically hysterical. i was so ready to scream at him and be like "LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! YOU NEVER FUCKING CARE ABOUT ME UNTIL I'M HERE!" i just sat there instead thinking 'you are such a fucking asshole" and worrying about paul. my mom called and i told her what was going on.. she didn't help me too much.. all she basically said was "there's a lot of other guys out there.." and that made it worse, cuz i don't want another guy.. i have the guy i want.. tia called back and she made me feel better.. she is my bestest friend and i wouldn't trade her for anything. he texted me that night but i was asleep.. "goodnight ttyt"

so i come home the next morning and he Ims me and everything's fine.. he was supposed to come to the show at metro but he got home later than he had anticipated so he wasn't going to. he wanted me and tia to go to his apartment to hang out with him and josh, but tia didn't want to. that made him kinda angry i guess. in the end we decided he and josh would stop by tia's and hang out for a bit. as soon as they got there he did his usual "my tia!!!" thing and proceeded to hug her.. then we were all sitting there just chilling. he and tia started bickering like usual anymore.. i thought it was all in fun like it has been, but i was wrong. she said something that made him so upset that he just stood up and was like 'we're leaving" without even saying goodbye to me.. at first i thought they were joking until i saw them drive away.. it took a few minutes for it to sink in that they weren't coming back. it really pissed me off that they had done that and even more so that as they were walking away josh had said, quite loudly if you ask me, "good.. can we hang out with some chicks our own age now?" yeah i'm sorry i'm not 20 you fucking asshole. it was the first time i had met josh and now those words will forever be in my mind when i see him, hear about him, or speak to him. i tried to call paul to ask him what the hell that was all about and like the previous night, he wouldn't answer. i texted him with "what the hell?!?" and i got back a "what?" ugh.. i was so upset at this time, but i couldn't even cry.. i really felt like it.. i think i may have actually been shaking as i sat on the curb. i called my mom to pick me up.. she came and wasn't too pleased either.

i came home and talked to him online for a bit. he said some stuff, but i just don't know right now. i like him more than i have ever liked anyone before and it's crushing me having him and my best friend in the entire world at each other's throats all the time. he was supposed to call me later last night, but he fell asleep and texted me around 2 am with "sorry i fell asleep ttyt sorry about tonight"

today i woke up and he texted me as i was leaving for school with "have a good day at school hun".. i guess he felt bad about making me feel so horrible last night. he then asked me if i was sure i wanted him and i told him the absolute truth that i did.. i also asked him if he was sure he wanted to be with me and his response was 'with all my heart". he can be so sweet to me.. i tried to talk to tia about it, but everytime i say anything she gets all pissed off and goes on a tangent about how much she doesn't like him anymore.. all she'll even refer to him as is "asshole". it really is killing me being stuck in the middle between my best friend and my boyfriend. i mean i thought it was bad enough when i was stuck between paul and fallon.. but now it's my best friend and my boyfriend instead of a close friend and a crush.

*sigh* i just don't know what to do.. if anyone who even still reads this has any input, please help me..

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Thursday, September 4th, 2003
10:58 pm
i never update this anymore.. i always forget lol. check out my livejournal if ya wanna see what's up in *MY* world lol

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Thursday, August 28th, 2003
7:53 pm
school's not that bad.. my family sucks.. i don't want to be sitting at home right now.. i miss paul.. :*(

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Friday, August 22nd, 2003
10:36 am - they played mother fucking "simple design"!!!
around 9, my mom, ron, n i leave. they drop me off on hazle street where i meet tia. we walked to her house n chilled for a bit then john picked us up.. we went n picked up lacey then went to the hospital to meet her mom. guess who we see as soon as we get outta the van.. metal al!! lol. we chit chatted with him for a bit about how much of a dick sausage from 97.9X is. ugh lol. so tia's mom gets there like 20 minutes later with tia's money. haha then we left (lacey n tia know why i say haha) and we went to mcdonald's. we all got out food n were off to the staircase. we ate n after a while it got really hot n boring. paul stopped by.. he hung out with us while sitting in his nice air conditioned car for a bit haha. a little bit after he left sausage and the 97.9X van arrived. tia told him to play more an american liar and he was a dick about it.. no surprise there. then we just chilled. joe, dayne, n their friends got there went to subway n brought us back ice. thank you!!! haha. fallon, jamie, janet, britt, her sister, n friend arrived at different times, but i dont remember when lol. but anyways, we colored for a bit then we made some breaking benjamin signs with joe, dayna, n their friends. a while later is when the line started getting long. tickets sold out at like 6. doors opened around 6:30 and i was the first one in. front n center bay-be!! haha. here's the review of the bands:

*GOOD GRIEF - amazing! i love them.. it's been a while since i've seen them too so it made it even better. tony was making some pretty funny faces.. and jay just stared at him the whole time haha (i'll so get u doubles jay!!) i wish they woulda played "listen" n "here right now" though.

*AN AMERICAN LIAR - awesome like always. mat kept hopping around like a rabbit lol. tia and i were screaming "fuck sausage" when they introduced "the right mistake" and jason explained that the radio won't fucking play it. i wasn't all about jason playing without a shirt though lol.

*MYDOWNFALL - holy shit! the crowd was pushing and shoving before they even started. they opened with "broken".. i love that song. "pedestal" was just crazy.. but oh so fun lol. it was awesome to see the crowd going crazy for them.. maybe some of these people will stick around and go to more mDf shows.. i sure as hell hope so! they all had so much energy.. nick sang from the barricade a lot too which is awesome. ian got all his hair chopped off lol.

*BREAKING BENJAMIN - wow.. i just saw them last month, but it felt like i hadn't seen them in forever. it was such a great fuckin show. they played "no games" too!!! ahhh!!! at one point ben was like "every band needs at least one punk song, and this is ours.." i was surprised they did "ladybug"!! it was awesome though. then later on he said they were gonna play "simple design" n tia n i went crazy! that is such a good song n they usually only tease it but they finally played it! :0) nick coyle came out n sang "medicate" n "sugarcoat".. i was a little dissappointed something didn't happen that i heard, but it was still a really good show.

afterwards paul dropped me off and i took a shower since i was dripping with sweat (yuck!!) n then tia calls me telling me i had janet's keys.. i was like "FUCK!" i didn't know what to do.. luckily melissa brought them to get the keys.. i'm so sorry guys!!!

ahh what a night.. my back still hurts. i gotta go to my dad's today.. maybe i'll call kristin to see what time she's going down cuz i'm not going there early if she's not gonna be there til later on. i gotta pack all my shit up to take down there.. i don't wanna lol. i'm so tired but i can't sleep anymore cuz it's too damn hot. i can't wait to get my pictures developed.. i had the stalker camera last night lol.

well i'm gonna go read message boards.. bye!

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
1:14 pm - like it?
do ya like my new journal layout thanks to the ever so cool tia? i love it.. it took a while, but it all came out nicely. yesterday, we finished the backs of our cyphilis shirts.. tia brought over almost all of her pictures and they were alllll over my floor lol. we made LJ icons too.. check for them in the near future haha.

thursday is gonna rock hardcore.. oh yeah it is!

we chit-chatted with brian and amanda for quite some time.. i love the both of them. they're so cool. we're gonna color them pictures on thursday while we're sitting at the staircase lol.. fun stuff haha

oh man we were up wayy too late for our own good haha. we sat up all night talking to jaymie on the phone and sending her pictures of old-school SWC lol. she liked them i think. she didn't like the fact that we sent her collages instead of individual pictures. tia and i signed off at like 4:30.. we were up for about another half hour just laughing at EVERYTHING!! that's how we get when we're really tired.

so this morning at like 9:45, there's some crazy person outside trying to mow their lawn with a broken lawnmower!!! i was ready to kill them.. the lawnmower wouldn't come on and they kepot trying to get it to work... crazy people! so after a little tia and i got up and ate some apple cinnamon cheerios and then we proceeded to begin on brian's birthday present. his birthday is in exactly 2 weeks [as is mine!!! *

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Monday, August 18th, 2003
2:37 pm - some people like their dogs wayyyy too much!
i was really horribly sick this morning. it sucked hardcore. but i'm feeling much better right now.. i think tonight's plans will be carried out haha. i need to have fun tonight.. i feel fun-deprived right now lol. i'm not babysitting today, so that means instead of $50 for the breaking ben show, $30. that's not too bad tho considering all i need to buy is a shirt. tia's gettin me my ticket as my b-day present.. what a sweetie! i need to clean my room.. and get dressed etc. cuz i look like shit lol. i wonder if tia got poster board at wal-mart.. if not i guess my mom will take us up later. so much to do tonight lol. i'm watching "true life: i'm obessed with my do" and these people are just sad, really. the one guy actually made his girlfriend sit in the back of his car so his dog could sit up front. that's just wrong lol. ahhh well i think i'm gonna go clean my room and get dressed and stuff.. bye!!

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2:32 pm - last few LJ posts lol
* friday * )

* saturday * )

* sunday * )

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current music: tue life "i'm obsessed with my dog" (these people.. WOW!)

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Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
8:20 am - quick post before vacation..
heyy.. just thought i'd post quick to say goodbye to everyone.. we're leavin in like an hour. it's gonna be partly cloudy in cape may, NJ while i'm there so that won't be bad. i still gotta pack stuff to take with me in the car lol. paul texted me a little while ago to say he was about to board his plane..

if anyone gets bored, ya can call me after 9 pm or text me.. my number is 570-239-8494 cuz i know right now that i'm gonna get bored.. especially on the 3 1/2 hour long drive there and back!!

bye everyone.. don't miss me too much!! i think our hotel has a computer (not sure) so i may be on from time to time

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8:15 am - monday
Monday, August 11th, 2003

11:10 pm - looky looky!!

hey.. well i just thought i would post a picture of tia and her lover.. wait til eddy-boy finds out! :0O lol

i sat online all day and did nothing lol. paul stopped by a little bit ago to say bye.. i'm gonna miss him so much no matter what he thinks lol. i might get up early tomorro to post.. most likely since i have my alarm set for 7:17 (the 17 is courtesy of tia.. haha)

lol best quote of the night goes to tia..
"she is the definition of the c word!"
haha priceless

3:43 pm - lalala

ok.. i'm really REALLY bored so i'm filling this out..

surrrrrrrrvey!! )

that was long lol. i still gotta get my stuff to keep me occupied in the 3 1/2 hour car ride to cape may packed.. ugh. lol. i think our hotel has the internet so i may be on every once in a while.. look for me haha. call me if it's after 9 pm or ya can text message me at any time.. i'll have my phone with me all the time. we're leaving at 9 am tomorro morning.. ugh lol. i'll probly be on early and post or sumthin..

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8:13 am - sunday
Sunday, August 10th, 2003

11:23 pm - *news flash*
hey just wanted to let everyone know that i made another s/n.. it's sPiTcAn777 Im me on that if ya wanna chat.. i got kinda sick of alabasterashley, but who knows, it may make a comeback.

i also made a new email address.. to make it easy on everyone including myself i went thru the trouble of making my new email addy.. if ya need to send me something, please send it there.

alrighty that's all lol

10:10 pm - peanut butter m&ms make you thirsty!!
heyy! well i got dropped off at tia's at like 12:30 and she hadda do some stuff then we were on our way to her gram's. we stopped at the unimart and got a 2 liter of sprite, cup of noodles (chicken flavor), 2 packs of peanut butter m&ms, and a pint of half-baked ben & jerry's ice cream (ohh thaats still in my freezer!! lol) and it was only $7.11.. i love unimart lol. so we got to tia's gram's and made our soup then we ate and jammed. then we had ice cream and this scary guy was staring at us for like a half hour at the least haha. tia called eddy-boy.. she thinks she sounded stupid but i dont think she did. my mom picked us up after a while cuz it was effin hot out. we came back to my house and decided we wanted to make cyphilis shirts, so we stole the little design nick d drew on my one set-list.. it's like a pentagram with 3 sevens around some of the points. its pretty effin cool. we're gonna sport them at the 9*25 show. i hooked up my playstation and tia played the spice girls and spyro until she got dizzy haha. we took her home a little bit ago..

gues what!!! i now have free text messaging haha. 300 text messages/month.. not bad haha. jaymie you gotta love that.. haha.

well i really should clean my room, but i'm not gonna haha.. i dont feel like writing anymore.. bye

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Sunday, August 10th, 2003
11:27 pm - hearing the same 12 songs is better than hearing nothing!
hey just wanted to let everyone know that i made another s/n.. it's sPiTcAn777 Im me on that if ya wanna chat.. i got kinda sick of alabasterashley, but who knows, it may make a comeback. i also made a new email address.. to make it easy on everyone including myself i went thru the trouble of making my new email addy.. if ya need to send me something, please send it there.

don't ya just love it when people say shit about you and your friends for absolutely nothing at all? yeah you're pathetic and need a life.. get the hell over yourself and realize that the world doesn't revolve around you. you call yourslef a fan and then you blame stuff on a band that has nothing to do with what you are complaining about.. that's just retarded. go ahead and listen to what someone tells you.. see if i or any of my friends care.. have a nice day!

haha sorry about that i just hadda..

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Friday, August 8th, 2003
11:14 am - i haven't written here in forever
it's hard to remember to post everything from my LJ into here lol.

lets see what's happened since the last time i posted..

friday night i hadda babysit so i stayed in my pajamas all day til like 9 pm when i took a shower and put on different pajamas lol.

saturday the one guy from LOH emailed me asking why i didn't like them and he called himself uncle jesse cuz i posted on the mDf board saying he looked like uncle jesse from full house. then i went school clothes shopping. i got some jeans and a ton of shirts. saturday night, paul,tia,and i went to the mall for a bit then we dropped tia off at her gram's and he and i went to rita's and then to wal-mart to look for stuff for his apartment that he's getting in like 2 weeks..

sunday i went down tia's gram's and we "jammed" haha. tia wrote 2 rockin songs. and i talked to brian from cyphilis and he gave us ed's number so we could call and ask if he'd take us to soundwaves. then we went inside and made scrambled eggs with ham and bacon bits lol. then tia called and and he said he'd take us to soundwaves. a little after that she called small paul and they chatted.. aww!! lol. then paul came down and hung out with us.. i love every minute i get to spend with him. me and tia had a mcdonald's picnic on the floor and then it started storming hardcore lol. the power went out for a while.. it came back later on and then paul left.

monday, i sat online all day cuz i didn't have to babysit and then my mom came hom, got ready, we picked up tia then we went to k-mart and wal-mart. we got stuff to make our BB/mDf shirts for the show on the 21st, but we didn't make them. we got mcdonald's and had a picnic on my porch while we waited for paul to come down. he brought us our ozzfest tickets.. he's awesome! :0) and he hung out here for a while lol. me and tia planned on going to bed by 11:30.. it was 12:30 and i was still online. at 2:30 tia asked me if i had any gum haha.. we were asleep at 3.

tuesday, we were up at 6.. we had 3 hours of sleep lol. tuesday morning we find out ed's leaving cyphilis as soon as they find a new bass player.. that dampened our spirits for the morning. we got up to montage at like 9:30 and we missed killswitch engage.. most of the second stage bands were really good. we met 7 of them. i got the guys from hotwire's autographs for paul cuz he likes them. we hung out with bill for the majority of the day. i hadn't seen him since school so it's been awhile. greg was there so we talked to him for a bit and we met julia from uranium on fuse (formerly muchmusic) it rained then it poured. paul texted me at like 4:30 telling me he had seats right by ours! :0) that made me happy. he got there half-way thru marilyn manson's set.. wow that set was something else haha. after the show we hung out in the parking lot with the rock 107 folks. they're funny haha. i think i met paul's one boss 5 times that night lol.

wednesday, i babysat from 2-4 then i went to tia's gram's cuz ed was picking us up there at 4:30 to go to soundwaves. he got there and he went and talked to nick while brian talked to us. then we went to his apartment for a little bit. then we were on our way. he's such a nice guy haha. the show was good.. it's gonna be so sad when he leaves the band. we were about to leave and his car died. so we went back inside to watch the dead leaves. he came in after a bit and we were about to leave when the car died again. this time we sat outside and waited haha. fun times. so the car finally works and we're on our way home. tia and i are starving and ed asks if we want to stop somewhere but we said no cuz we didn't want the car to die again haha. paul texted me.. he's such a sweetie! a while later we stopped at a quick-e-mart but he left the car running.. tia and i got pop tarts and sprite like always. i got home around 11:40. i talked to paul for a bit then i went to bed.

thursday, i did nothing all day. paul came down and picked me up around 6:30-7 and we went back to his house. i met his sister then we went in his room and watched slc punk. i love that movie.. it was a good time.. :0) haha. then we hit traffic on the way home.. then i got home and talked to him online for a bit. he's the best.. tia called me and we chatted too. i went to bed after tia and i got off the phone.

today me and tia are going to the movies i think. sometimes i feel like i dont hang out with her as much as i used to.. i dunno. i hope she doesn't think i'm drifting away cuz i hang out with paul a lot anymore.. i'm going to cape may on tuesday and i'm coming home friday.. ugh. lol. paul's going away this week too so it works out. next friday tia and i are heading down to good ol cafe metropolis to check out the norma jean show. it's been so long since i've been to metro. it should be a fun time!!

well i think i've covered everything.... bye!!

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Friday, August 1st, 2003
1:09 pm - ashley = REBEL! haha
hey! i didn't get offline til like 12 last night.. haha i'm such a rebel. i fell asleep watching the craft.. i haven't watched that movie in ages! i wanted to watch final destination, but i couldn't find it. i can watch all my movies now that i stole my rother's VCR haha.

i woke up this morning at like 9:30.. i had a very weird and kinda scary dream. i think i had it cuz school's gonna be starting soon and i don't wanna go back. i hope it wasn't a sign that something bad's gonna happen at school.. i hate school.

i'm lucky enough to get to spend the whole night watching my brother while my mom goes out. good thing though is that means i can be online all night haha. maybe i'll finally get all the old school breaking benjamin bootlegs downloaded. i finally got the august 14, 2001 show downloaded. that took forever lol.

i'm listening to system of a down's "toxicity" cd.. i haven't listened to this cd in such a long time. i made a list of a ton of songs that i want to download.. i don't know when i'll get around to downloading all of them when i wanna get all these BB mp3s done.. hopefully soon though haha. by the time i get to start downloading them, i'll have like 5 more pages of songs.

well i think i should end this now cuz my mom should be home soon and she's bringing me pizza!!!!!!

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Thursday, July 31st, 2003
8:15 pm
hey.. well today i find out that sceva and lowlyfe are playing on august 12th at the staircase and i'm all psyched about it cuz i didn't see lowlyfe last time they played and cuz sceva is good. i look at my calendar and realize the show is the day i leave for new jersey, so it looks like i'm not going to the show.. damn vacations.

i'm bored.. there's like no one online. i read some harry potter, but i can't read anymore. i don't know why, i used to be able to read for hours on end and now i just get soooo bored.

i have to watch my brother tomorro night from 9pm til 2 am.. no fun! so if ya wanna hang out before then, let me know.. i live a boring life, i never do anything.

i'm in a survey mood.. someone send me a survey or something!! haha. i like long surveys.. they just rock. especially when you're bored like me!! i've been downloading old school breaking benjamin mp3s and the only thing that sucks is when i d/l anything, i can't do anything else cuz everything runs so slow.. ugh. so as you can tell i'm taking an mp3-break haha. i'm drinking the really sour kool aid again.. i wish we had some soda.

i'll probably be posting more later on cuz i'm boooooooored!! haha.. if ya see this give me a call or something..

current mood: bored
current music: "greed" - breaking benjamin

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1:52 pm - stole this from melissa's LJ cuz i'm bored
What is love? - love is.. putting someone else's feelings before your own
Name 3 things you feel very passionate about - music, friends, and i dunno
Does fire fascinate you? - yesh lol
Do you have a short temper? - sometimes
Are you a friend to dragons? - not that i know of lol
Are you very warm hearted? - i guess
Do you feel intense emotions? - not that much, but when i get emotional.. oh boy haha. i usually hide it when i'm feeling that way though

Are you bright? - in what sense? haha
What are the three most wholesome things you've done lately? - um.. helped the cyphilis boys put up a wall lol
Is vibrance a good characteristic to have? - yeah
Are you rich in self confidence? - not really
Are you rich in vitamin c? - i dont know haha

Are you a very happy person? - usually
Do you like the sun? - as long as it's not 90 degrees out sure
Do you ever feel utter and complete joy? - yeah
Do you feel like the volume in your life is all the way up? - yeah
Do you feel warm inside when you hug people? - yes
If you were a care bear would you be cheer bear? - maybe.. haha
Are you lemon scented? - no

Are you incredibly lucky? - not really lol
Are you easy going? - yeah
Are you very mischievious? - haha if i'm with tia.. she's a bad influence j/k
Are you very lusty/sexy? - haha
Ever find a four leafed clover? - once, but it died lol
Are you fresh like mint? - why not? haha
Does nature speak to you? - no

Do you love to look at water? - sure lol
Are you calm/relaxed? - sometimes..
Is it very difficult to upset you? - ehh.. not really
Are you at peace? - depends
Are you comforting? - if someone needs to be comforted, i'm there
Are you well balanced? - not really
Are you content? - yes

Are you royalty? - no
Are you very free spirited? - umm.. no? lol
Are you conceited? - i don't think so
Do you have a passion for indulgence? - i dunno
Are you a grape? - no.. these questions are rather amusing
Are you a purple horseshoe? - yes LOL

Are you less than intense? - sure
Are you incredibly feminine? - not really

Do you absorb everything possible? - depends
Are you incredibly energetic? - sometimes

Are you expensive? - no
Are you worth it? - i think so


*5 things you are wearing*
1. red plaid old navy pajama pants
2. a t-shirt
3. hanover area volleyball hoodie
4. bracelets
5. socks

*5 things you can see*
1. 2 cups
2. my scanner
3. "merlie for sheriff" sign
4. cell phone
5. computer

*5 things you are doing right now*
1. answering these questions
2. talking to tia and matt
3. chewing gum
4. thinking of ways for tia to get my film
5. hoping it rains

*5 things you ate in the last 24 hours*
1. pop tarts
2. toaster struedels
3. ravioli
4. moose tracks ice cream
5. a lollipop

*5 things you did so far today*
1. woke up at 10
2. went online
3. talked on the phone
4. ate
5. talked to fallon for the first time in ages

*5 things you can hear right now*
1. my brother's video game
2. traffic
3. my bubbles popping
4. IMs
5. the cyphilis cd

*5 colors you can see*
1. orange
2. pink
3. blue
4. purple
5. white

*5 thoughts in your head*
1. i have to babysit
2. how tia's gonna get my film
3. this gum lost it's flavor
4. my new background picture for my LJ rocks
5. how tia and i are gonna get to soundwaves on the 6th

current mood: bored
current music: "style tee" - cyphilis

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1:00 pm - howdy
well i think i'm going school shopping this weekend.. mostly for clothes. i love getting new clothes. i need new sneakers too.. i was thinking of getting these

black superstars )

i like them a lot.. they're rather cool. i dunno though. if i get them i probably have to order them cuz none of the sneaker stores around here have them anymore. we'll see..

i think i'm gettin a new purse as well. i need one haha.

maybe i'll buy a new tank top to wear to ozzfest.. wow. ozzfest is in 5 days.. that's CRAZY! i think it'll be fun.. i just wish paul didn't have to work.

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