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[09 Aug 2003|09:12pm]
[ mood | loved ]

-She sits at the desk in the hotel room and opens her laptop, logging onto the internet and looking back at Trace, who is relaxing the bed. She logs onto Blurty and goes right to Update.-

I am so... in love. I don't care if Trace and I just got together. That doesn't matter. I love him and he loves me. That's all that matters. We're together and we couldn't be happier, any happier and you'd all be shooting us. But I don't care! Haha! Woo! I almost forgot. Trace knows that if I never get mad at him, I'm calling him that name that he doesn't like. He knows which one I'm talking about and I seriously will do it, but only if he makes me mad. Even a little mad... or I'll say it just to make him mad, 'cause I'm evil like that.

I don't know if you guys know this... but Mandy is my second favorite. First is Trace, of course. Second is now Mandy. She's so sweet and so funny, I love talking to her. She said I'm the cutest thing since sliced bread. I mean... I know I'm cute... but I didn't know I'm that cute. I love her more than Justin does. Yup. I do. I love her enough to say that she is my favorite and put her in my profile. Beat that! Be jealous.

I'm going to be an aunt and a sister-in-law. That means I have to be even more of a bitch than I already am. No seriously. I'm not that much a of a bitch and Joey is really nice. He's going to get me a puppy. I get a puppy! I'd do a dance, but no.

Anyway, I'm done with my wonderful update. I'm going to go lay down with my boyfriend and watch TV... and do other things... Hehe! His crotch icon is mine.

-She clicks Update Journal, then reads over her entry. Logs off and shuts off her laptop. Jumps onto the bed with Trace.-

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