*I thank God for answered prayers*   
03:29pm 27/10/2004
mood: ecstatic
Well, it's certainly been a long time since I've wrote in here. Since I've got a day off and am home (something that is very rare anymore, even on days off), I decided to put in here what's happened lately. I've great news, WONDERFUL news!! I simply can't think of the right words to describe it. About 3 or 4 weeks ago, my former ex, Tim, and I met for the first time since we'd broken up. I came home from work one day after workin' morning shift, to a *SURPRISE*. When I pulled in the driveway, I totally wasn't expectin' to see Tim's truck in the place where I usually park. But, sure enough, there it was. (I wasn't expectin, even though I knew it was bound to happen, because he and dad were extremely close - they would go huntin, fishin and do different things together all the time, like when I was at work or out with some friends). So, I should've known especially with the huntin' season gettin' ready to open shortly after. But, as I found out later, he had come to talk to dad, but more or less, the main reason was to see me. Well, I walk in and it was like old times, when I would come home from a hard, rough day at work and there would be the love of my life layin there on the couch talkin' to mom and dad, just smilin' and waitin' on me. Same thing, except I look on the bar there in the kitchen and there's this huge arrangement of flowers (I was told there was a flower - different kinds - for every day that we'd been apart, which was almost 2 months). He got up and took the little card and told me to read it. Mom and dad, who knew everything, went in their room to watch tv and leave us alone. I read the card and I started cryin'. Again, totally unexpected. It was soo sweet. Tellin' me how sorry and how he hadn't been the same w/o me, etc, etc. Then he gets down on his knees. *Ok, imagine this - you're ex gets down on his knee right there and puts his hand in his pocket - you would slowly go into a state of shock and then explode into a lil' fit, you know what I was thinkin' was about to happen. =) Well, not that, yet, but he took out a ring - a promise ring. He had gotten it for me on Christmas Eve last year. I ended up well, not wearing. He had found it in my room and well you get the point. He started beggin' for my forgiveness and well, we're back together now. Life has been nothing short of amazing since then. I'm not gonna sit here and type a dang novel about how much I love him and all that stuff. He already knows everything he needs to know (vice versa). Anyways, the 3 words that I haven't stopped sayin' for practically a month now, every day, every single minute, is the only words capable of lettin' him know what he is to me. They say more than anything else could. I love you Tim, I always and forever will! Thanks for making my life as incredible as you have.
Well, I have to put one more thing in here before I go. The 18th (this month) made a year for us. Of course, we still celebrated like we hadn't missed a beat. Funny thing is, we really hadn't. I mean from that day when he was up here and we got back together, it seemed like not a second had went by that we weren't together. It felt like we'd been together the whole time. He felt the same. When it's like that, that deep, that strong, you know you have the love of a lifetime. I know I sure do!! All thanks to my heavenly father above. It was all in His plans. I wanna say how happy I am and thankful for this, but I can't find the right words. All, I can say is that the smile hasn't left my face since. I love you Timothy. So, glad we get this second chance. The next thing you know, we'll be walkin' down the aisle sayin' those one-time, sacred vows.

I love you, honey!!! *xoxoxoxoxoxox's to my true love*