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Monday, May 19th, 2003

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    An entry after a few days
    DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to offend anybody, its justs my thoughts, if it does i am sorry, talk to me about it. Thank You

    Well it about 6 day till my 21st birthday, and as far as i know no one has planned anything for my birthday, heck they are still asking for gift ideas. Which really pisses me off. I mean we planned for months on my mom's birthday, and i though of something nice to do on amandas birthday, and on all the other birthdays someone besides the person whoses birthday it is has planned something. But when it comes to my birthday its like "Well we have no plans, just pick somethin to do and well do it." No kind of call in the morning to wake me up and wish me a happy birthday, then an all day trip somewhere, or hell just to have something already planned would be good. But no not a thing has been planned. Now that i have vented, my mom's 50th birthday party did go off without a hitch. She did not even know what was going on until she saw mrs. Stager through the window. She was completly surprised. She really enjoyed it. And i have not seen amanda in about 2 days. Enough ranting and raving, its late and i dont even know if this is speled right or even looks right or what it means at all. Anyway i will post when something else interesting happens hopefull this weekend, but i dont' know. Hopefully

    Current Mood: tired
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