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Thomas H. Byrd's Journal

10th May, 2004. 11:02 am. thats not a southern accent man, he sounds like a pirate.

i don't get many comments on this thing...

spanish poetry and theatre is the best kind, disagree or agree?
LORCA! NERUDA!! omfg *dies*

the english exam was very manageable. is weird. but i am going to continue to find like a trillion NYU kids through it. aldskjf;alkjsdf;ljasdf;lja;dsljfa;dlsjf is all i have to say other than that and i am not sure why i updated just now.

Current mood: dread to go back to test.
Current music: zeager and evans.

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9th May, 2004. 9:35 pm. sarge believes in method acting

mothers' day and fathers' day are both quite stupid. as are almost all non-political holidays. but i do like not going to school. almost as much as i like itunes 4.5 party shuffle function. and of montreal.

so now there is this friendster thing for us NYU kids only and some other universities have their own too. it is called thefacebook. pretty interesting if you ask me. ask me. i'll tell you. does anyone even read this crap?

i'd like to write a detective novel about a chain smoking, twice divorced, insomniac gumshoe who has to find this missing lady who has ran off to join the circus. on his search he encounters various parts of the crime underworld, and it turns out the lady didn't even join the circus, she died in a train wreck. i think you would be a character in this story, at least a bartender type informant who knows all the facts and has sagely advice. and serves the other main character dry gin wihtout him even asking because the bartender knows its what he wants.

it would be interesting but i was not actually serious. prose can be nonserious. i think this is prose.
it is now. i henceforth declare it. sleep is beckoning me, and at the same time, advanced placement physics is driving me away from itself. but who wants to hang out with a loser like AP physics anyways?

Current mood: oil on the garage floor.
Current music: air - "dead bodies".

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8th May, 2004. 1:52 am. fuck you UNCG traffic cops.

after receiving a fifty dollar parking ticket from UNCG, i am chomping down on ten (yes ten!) oreos and discussing my plans for the short film i am doing for subtract by two. its mad political and i will post more details later.

Current mood: smal cut in corner of mouth.
Current music: madvillain's new album, "madvillainy".

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7th May, 2004. 11:45 am. what exactly IS catchiness?

the amount of mp3 songs on my computer is now > 20 days


does anyone have a recording of sweeney todd that is not the barcelona cast, which is in spanish? the ib math exam was so weird. i spilled coffee on the floor, but i did not wipe it up until after i finished my exam. now thats dedication/laziness/apathy/your mom.

i really like updating this journal for some reason. maybe its because not everyone is on blurty. maybe i just need one of those normal blogs. or a cigarette.

i miss the snow, it'll be nice the first snow next year (though i bet it will get old by february or march). i had an intense conversation with carly who is going for acting next year and it seems like almost all of us attending next year are so excited. my pet rabbit whose name is faye needs a cleaning. of her cage.

Current mood: overwhelmed by the files.
Current music: the postal service - "clark gable".

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7th May, 2004. 7:22 am. i just wanna ride my motorcy.......cle.

i just learned of my sisters recurring dreams involving multiple hamster holes surrounding our house and she tries to push them back in the holes, but "they just keep coming" and then everyone gets in the barbie jeep and skis down the mountain. my mom said "that would make a good movie" i said "yeah if it were directed by salvador dali" and oh how it would. i feel englightened.

time to go brawling with the international baccalaureate examintions in maths. which the british and the rest of the world spell with that s at the end because there is more than one type of math. now dont YOU feel enlightened

Current mood: headache at 724.
Current music: pacific UV - "your girlfriend in the ivy".

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6th May, 2004. 11:06 am. OH WHAT A ROGUE AND PEASANT SLAVE

for some odd reason in spanish class, during an activity where you pick a famous person or character, say three things describing them, and everyone else tries to guess who you are, i chose hamlet.

no one got it.
nor did they think it was funny.
but MAN, i sure did.

a random memory:
Mrs. Detar - "We are going to talk about imaginary numbers today"
Someone - "What, like swelve?"
and that wasnt even my class; she told us that story.

Current mood: drone plus three.
Current music: ambient stuff since i am a drone..

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5th May, 2004. 9:59 pm. bacon, lettuce, and tomafro.

starsiege tribes anyone?

matt is back in town therefore, we (billy, matt, me) eat IHOP over increasingly homoerotic humor and a fracas of nothingness and political gibberish. if ever there was a time to revive the beat generation, it's right here right now.

too much study!!

Current mood: rabbit eats floor = i'm mad.
Current music: of montreal - "the hopeless opus or the great".

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5th May, 2004. 4:45 pm. MORE UPS THAN CHARLES BARKLEY

post-IB-physics-HL-examination-trauma, sreyas, ricky, and i returned to my house. we consumed ice cream sandwiches and played NBA Jam. now beat that.

i don't understand modern physics enough, or quantum physics, but what if the whole vibration of atoms/particles AND the wave theory of matter were explained by the fact that our universe is this sort of disk that moves along this wire - time - which is long and wavy. every particle and atom and whatever fits into its play on this long wire-tube-pipe and moves through it as time progresses. it moves in waves. the particles move in waves, and that wave motion = shaking of matter. the question is does the string have an end? a beginning? is it infinite? it it looped?

plus! all the matter could be in that disc, all the matter and energy of the world in that disc, thats why can't create or destroy it, only rearrange.

just theorizing out loud. and by out loud i mean 101101010010101101010010101101010100101011 digitally

Current mood: too much humidity.
Current music: broken social scene - "looks just like the sun".

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4th May, 2004. 9:51 pm. dockside bars?

well thank you mister griffin for not adequately preparing me for the physics higher level portion of the international bacceaulauretatea adslkfja;lsdjf;alksjdf;lja sdf program's test for this year. whoa spelling is weird.

in other news, boba house has is so good! OMFG *DIES* KTHX_BYE

Current mood: pixel.
Current music: david bowie's "ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars".

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3rd May, 2004. 10:29 pm.

what? i actually finished a movie for once? why yes, yes i did actually

and it was good.

go here: pac-man(hattan)

Current mood: drowsy.
Current music: gershwin.

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