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    Saturday, June 28th, 2003
    10:29 pm
    it's the freakin' weekend
    what a week what a week what a week...had a surprisingly teary goodbye with tootsie boy, never know what you've got till it's moving to Pennsylvania I suppose! Then there's work...oh there's work. Up until this week my job had been fairly laid-back, productive, and enjoyable. Then...well...I went to work sweaty every day and left in tears this week...should all be worked out by monday or tuesday and all will be mildly pleasant again. I thought I'd take this weekend and revert back to some old school sarah behavior and take my camping equipment and kayak and just driiiive into the UP, or elsewhere if I was so inclined. Well, I woke up late and got sucked into the tv and there went that. Instead I spent the day antiquing and the evening charlie's angel-ing (big mistake) Had some gal pal time though, that's always a plus. Tomorrow I shall try to get out of bed at a decent time and head up to the UP, heading east after the bridge. Never headed that direction, never heard about anything over there, time to see if it exists! Currently making a spinach/alfredo/mushroom pizza on flatbread, should be delicious, just hope I'm still awake enough to enjoy it when it gets done.

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    Friday, June 20th, 2003
    5:39 pm
    Tick Tock
    I have a habit of starting laundry at the same time I get ready to go somewhere. A half hour later, I'm ready to go, but the laundry is a mere halfway done. I'm on my way downstate for the weekend to see Jared, who likes to tell me his tootsies are cold and often utters the phrase "holy macaroni, batman", both of which make me want to not date him anymore. Luckily for us he'll be moving shortly so I won't be conflicted about these things anymore :) One last hurrah of a weekend...I think maybe I should go change into old ratty clothes and grease up my hair a little bit so he's eager to say goodbye

    My boss is a very odd creature, the likes of which I've never really seen before. You see, she tells blatant lies to everyone she meets, knowing very well that the person she's talking to knows better, and it doesn't seem to phase her in the slightest. She likes to show up a half hour to 1.5 hrs late to everything we schedule, and she really likes to introduce me to everyone we meet with as "Becky" or just looks at me blanky while pointing at me, totally clueless as to what my name might be. Sometimes I like to wait a few seconds before helping her out with that one. She also reaallly resembles a character from the Land Before Time, unfortunately my co-workers and I can't come up with the name of the character, all we know is that it's not the mom...therefore when she makes odd scary looking faces (constantly) we all mutter "not the mom, not the mom" We'll be fabulous role models for the kids when they come.

    I have the urge to go back to New York City, I bet I'll get this urge every summer.

    It's time to go grab my half damp clothing from the dryer and scoot...

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    Wednesday, June 11th, 2003
    9:53 pm
    I figured I'd commemorate today with my username...

    Asbestos = was unwittingly breathing in and playing in asbestos all day for work
    Turtle = very sad story, tried to save it but watched it get hit by a car and then I had to run it over to finish it off...*tear* turtles are my favorite animal...

    Welcome to my journal

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