30th July 2003

8:06pm: Extreme Bordem
Well today has been very uneventful as to say. I help two of my now married wicca lesbian friends move into their new two bedroom apartment. But whatever. I still had to do most of the moving and it really sorta pissed me of. Sorta... Well anyway now I am extremely bored and have a full tank of gas I think I just might drive to Odessa or Midland and get a good cup of coffee or something. No clue might just drive around for no reason at all, just cause I am very very very very bored. Well anyway I hope things turn out to be more exciting so I can fill this thing with more info on my life. But or less it isn't exciting so well I guess I better go. Till next time folks.

P.s. I put a secret alter ego on this website try to find it. If you read most of my journal entries it souldn't be that hard to find it. Well gotta go. -.-... I need some major sleep.........
Current Mood: aggravated
Current Music: The Jump Off by Lil Kim
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