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[16 Nov 2003|06:03pm]
i havent written in here in a long time but whatever i feel like writing so here goes..

im bored. i dont have anything to do..ive been sleeping the majority of the weekend since nic has been out of town..and yes i did get back together with him awhile back. he makes me very very happy :]

friday night we had a football playoff game..we won 62 to 30 i guess thats good.. im just ready for it to be over with since its getting cold..i get my report card monday as well, i hope its all a's.

anyway i dont have anything else to say. so. yea.
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[02 Sep 2003|09:26pm]
wow im updating-

thats a first. yeah. i've been busy. verry busyy. in many ways lol

schools started- all that fun stuff..we are getting into the 3rd week now; football season has begun also..so that means band is a big part too. we have lots of music to play for our director and things like that;; we have to memorize this year..blah! oh well..my classes are kind of hard too but i guess ill get over it..only class i think im going to struggle in is geometry but thats probably because i dont like my teacher.. nick told me he could help me though so you neverr know..i dont know what it is with me and him either.. i guess we like each other? i dont know..lil 3rd grader sounding but uh thats okay! lol..i mean hes the sweetest guy ive met in awhile..that may take us somewhere i dont know; we will just have to wait and see --

ill write later..HOPEFULLY!
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[22 Aug 2003|05:52pm]
sry for not updating and all that jazz..been busy with school- ill update with something worth reading soon ;x
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[25 Jul 2003|10:32am]
alott has happened since last update-

the other day me and jonathan went to see 28 days later..hah. that movie is incredibly stupid..we sat there and made fun of it the whole time but it was fun..but then yesterday me and him got together. im happy ;) my dad likes him too soo; thats a good sign! lol but im leaving the day after tommorow..i dont think my mom wants me leaving to camp though. lol shes so worried about it. i got a cell phone out of it..lol. but she thinks i wont take care of it;; which i will! because its MY phone..MINE! :D and we were talkin last night about how i act completely different around my friends..lol she says im too quiet around them but whatever..and she said but when i do talk my tone of voice changes..lol cuz around here i act like a goofball but nothin wrong with that ;] anywayy- i got to do some packing so ill write laterr
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[22 Jul 2003|03:20pm]
im bored so i decided to update-

im about to go to the movie store though. im gonna rent how to lose a guy in 10 days; i think. maybe. i dont know yet. lol..but i feel so lazyy today..i didnt wake up till 1:30. lol but anywayy i decided to post a few pictures i took todayy so here they are..id post em through lj cut but um..i dont know how lol-




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[22 Jul 2003|12:47am]
well; i went to the mall today ;]

i got some new makeup..i guess thats nice lol. i got some new CONVERSES! too. they are awesome cuz they are grey. but they have pink on them but it makes them all cute and stuff..and thats weird cuz i usually dont like pink. i got a lot of cool stuff for school. and this weird lookin pen but its SOOOO awesome haha; its weird cuz it has this lil place where u can put one of ur fingers or somethin to make u write better..i havent used it yet but it was like 5 bucks so it better be worth it!? lol i got some shorts and jeans too for band camp..i went crazy on sale racks hah..i really wish the mall i went to had a hot topic though. i woulda went insane. oh well im happy with what i got. anywayyyyys ill write later i guess lol
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[20 Jul 2003|03:54pm]
well- heather and her boyfriend joey took me driving..ahh. i dont think im going to be getting my hardship liscence in 3 months 7 days exactly *i think.* im getting better i guess its just my luck that a bunch of dumbasses go on the road at the same time i do..we pulled out of dairy queen and this guy saw me comin n he pulled right out in front of me..if i hadnt of braked at the time i did; well no telling what would have happened..it wasnt my fault though- the guy would have gotten the ticket..anyway ill write later-
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[19 Jul 2003|11:34pm]
wow..it actually seems like im trying to make an effort to update more :o) seems like a first.

oh well i've been so bored lately..and nowhere to go or anything to do..well i can think of some stuff i need to do but i just dont want to do it..such a procrastinator i am ;D i really wish school would start back though..so i could see my friends more and such. high school is going to be such a rush. i think im ready for it. band camp is next sunday..im ready! i get to see lots of my friends and things like that. it should be fun :) and plus..i get to meet some new boys! haha..sounds like me to say that. but i can guarantee im going to have a blast :]

well i guess i may post a few pictures i took last night...-



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[14 Jul 2003|10:25pm]
well i haven't written in here in awhile so i decided i should-

my flag camp is this week..its okay i guess; but its sooo tiring..but band camp is the week after next ;] it should be a lot of fun.

but as some of you may know, yep i did meet me a guy ;D in subway loll..he's a senior though;..his name is jonathan. he's pretty darn cute, i know his sister too..she's a twirling alternate. she brought it up today that he had met me; she had said something about he may call me some time. or just talk to me at camp or next saturday at a band practice ;]

that makes me so happy.. ;D
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[17 Jun 2003|09:57pm]
i took cody back. i can't believe i took him back, o.O....i'm so negative toward this..because what happened last time is going to happen again, i'm not COMPLETELY stupid like he thinks. from what i know. cody..is threatened by me and kory..which is stupid. i probably would have been happier w/ kory than i am now..blah shoot me..
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[10 Jun 2003|07:24pm]
i'm leaving the net-

i'll still try to come on but i just have too much to do..and things are getting way too hard than they should be..i mean my grandpa is sick in the hospital..my grandma is always up there..and so i help around in their garden, and i'm going to go to market and stuff like that for them..my dad is always busy, as my mom is too..and my mom is still kind of yeah about what happened a few weeks ago. so i'm doing housework, cooking..yard work..things are getting so hard that i mean..when im doing stuff i just cry i mean..i wish things would go right..but they never do. when i do have free moments i try to do what i need to do online but my best is never good enough but thats ok i guess...i just want things to be NORMAL...i want to be able to relax..summer vacation..keyword VACATION means take it easy..and well i'm not taking it easy..

If i leave....i think i'll have more free time TO relax..so

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[31 May 2003|01:45pm]
well..haven't written in here for awhile.
been bored today...went to watch tv and fell asleep..felt good to actually get some SLEEP. been sick the past few days and been hard for me to..plus ive been up at god knows what time because of miss meagan. she wants my is it toasty in here w/ mr toast shirt:\ she isn't getting it >:P..lol i adore that shirt. but anyway. school is officially out..which im happy about. now i'll have more time to relax. i still have my summer reading to do though, but reading isnt so bad..the essays are what im going to dread.. i'm talkin to a couple of people on aim..they are pretty special? lol anyway..i guess ill write later when theres actually a point to one of my entries?
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[18 May 2003|07:18pm]
i deleted all of my entries- lol dont ask, i was bored. i have school tommorow too, oh yay? i dont really feel like going. but one good thing that has happened today is my mom had said on the phone this morning she may get to come home tommorow. that'll be awesome, i've been w/ my dad for too long lol. anyway..theres really not much to say..not talkin much on aim, or pal..but anyway i guess ill watch tv or somethin?
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