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Aqua's Journal

3rd April, 2005. 3:13 pm. very very interesting...

so... i just got on the computer to look for my sister's present i have to get her.. since her birthday is thrusday!! AAHH!! yeah and i stumbled upon this... i believe my brother wrote it.. actually i know my brother wrote it.. i didn't know he was this good of a writer.. here you see for yourself...
After spending a week in Aberdeen, all I want to do is go back to school and learn. I just want to study and get good grades because I don't want to rot to death; I don't want to go from party to party, praying for the weekend so I can numb the reality I hate.
Let me explain. Tonight, I ran into an old friend. Derek Hughes. I hadn't seen him since we graduated high school. We played t-ball together when we were six. We were the Braves. Growing up, Derek probably had more charisma than any one person I've ever met. He was tall, good looking and charming. I'll be honest: socially, he was everything I was not. On the school bus, when other kids were cruel, Derek was stood up for me. No one dared question Derek. By Junior High, his family life fell apart, and he went into a tailspin. He spent the next few years doing dumber and dumber things, but everyone still liked him. For a guy that sold ecs to 14 year olds, he was a great guy. The thing I remember the most about Derek was that even in the worst of circumstances, he was always so full of hope. He always knew he should be doing better.
Despite his even more stunning good looks, still sharp wit and still lovable charm, tonight, outside a party to which no one was invited, Derek looked defeated, as if his being had imprisoned between a tear and a shadow.
"So, what've you been up to," I asked.
"Nothing much... I'm clean now though," he replied, proudly displaying that tonight, his beverage of choice was a half-finished bottle of Gatorade.
I continued, "Weren't you gonna go to Northern for music?"
"I should've." He said. It sounded like he was shutting the lid to a casket. Maybe he already had.

andrew!! COME BACK HERE... well that's all now..

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