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    Monday, September 22nd, 2003
    3:30 am
    Oh look another journal..
    I don't make a habbit of forming other journals. I have a paid account at Livejournal. I just felt spontanious I suppose... I doubt I'll check this one much.

    Ever wonder why the links, and sites say "Get this for free!" and then when you click on "Create and new journal" you either need a code from another user or you can't get it at all? I think that's beyond stupid. Goes to show you the idiocy of the world, not to mention who runs them.. I'll just leave it at that.
    By the way, I don't like die hard christians or republicans. Don't like it? Go away. I'm not taking shit from people who demand honesty then bitch and whine about it when they actually get it.

    Regular republicans and christians I don't mind though. People can have thier own ideals and faiths in a possum for all I care. That's thier right as a human being. But to push it on me, like the die hards do, then they act like they're the victems when people push right on back, it's utterly stupid. My god why is the world full of morons?

    And staying on that subject, you know every religion, EVERY religion, not just the pretty heven and hell bit, or incarnation. I'm talking witches, satanists, agnostics, every kind of christian, buddhist(sp), taoism.. everything. Thier all contradicting, corrupted, and totally not what they were SUPPOSED to be like 100 years ago. (And thats talking bare minimum people)

    I dunno. I guess I could be agnostic myself. I do belive SOMETHING is out there. But it isn't nessesarily a god. It could be space gas for all I know. And i'm not going to run around like a scared little sheep whining about how afraid I am of death so I make up pretend stories about the after life to make myself feel better about it. If somethings out there, peachy. If not, guess i'm going right to hell or the body of a turtle. Boo hoo. Like i'm going to remember any of this later on anyway. <.<

    You know why i'm honest, loyal, kind and a good person? Because I WANNA BE. <.< I don't do it cause i'm afraid of what god is gonna do to me. I don't do it because there's anything in it for me. I don't do it for good karma. I do it cause I WANNA. Geeze.. people are so stupid!

    Anywho, thats Shu's rant at 3:38AM. Hope you enjoyed it. By the way, watch how you speak to me if you feel like flaming me for speaking the out right truth because you're going RIGHT up where everyone can see you ^^ I make a habbit of embarassing people who deserve it. Like stupid people. Who don't know what freedom of speech, opinion, right of humanity or reality is. Yeah.. they deserve to die. Mmhmm. Night everyone ^^ Love you all! *hugs*

    Current Mood: sleepy
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