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new journal [07 Mar 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Thursday-Signals Over The Air ]

I made this yesterday while I was bored... I miss Nick. I hate it when he's not here. Thank God he's going to be home tomorrow.

Allie and Justin came home today and i showed Allie my prettyful dress.. she told me that her and Justin are going to get married after college, and I told her about how Nick had already proposed... she was so happy. She knows how I feel considering her and just started dating in Sophmore year. i love how she takes me seriously. Everyone else would just laugh or pretend to be happy for us.

Anyway.... here's something I wrote for Nick while I was thinking about him.

"When I think of you, I think of a teddy bear. You will listen to everything I say and you won't criticize me, you won't judge me, and you won't think any less of me. Even if you don't have all the answers to my problems, you're still there to hold me all through the night and let me know I'm not alone."

I love you so much Nick... I can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Love always, Cortney

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