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[15 Nov 2003|11:08pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | rob zombie - living dead girl ]

i haven't used a blog website like this in forever - the layout stuff is all rather confusing. i've finally pretty much figured it out, though. hopefully it'll all work out in the end.

i haven't stayed up late like this since this summer. luckily the radio station i listen to (razor 94.7, rock and metal music) is playing some pretty good songs tonight. rob zombie, definately one of the next cds i have to buy besides powerman 5000. the singer in pm5k is actually related to rob zombie - brother or cousin or something, not quite sure, read it on i'm a computer dork.

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grounded [15 Nov 2003|09:53pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | seether - gasoline ]

this weekend definately didn't turn out the way i wanted to spend it...

first off, i wanted to do something at carli's house with just me, carli and cat. that's what we all wanted to do, until cat wanted to have everyone over at hailie's house - everyone being me, herself, carli, cassey, todd, and hailie. i wasn't sure if i was grounded this weekend, so i didn't think i could do that. so, i decided i'd have christie sleep over and we'd go to see pirates of the caribbean at the budget theater and maybe scary movie 3 the next day. but, i ended up being grounded, and christie ended up being grounded, too. me for failing french and her for failing mod tech. so i guess it isn't that bad besides the fact that i'm bored as hell right now.

although my parents did buy me a new sketchbook (i can't find my old one, i'm positive it's at casseys because it's not in my room or my locker), some photo-tabs for my scrapbook, some saftey pins and two snoopy/pigpen patches for my messanger bag.

and hopefully since i helped clean up our backyard today (well, helped isn't exactly the word, more like forced to help) i'll get some money from it. i was hoping to buy some books on witchcraft next time i go to the mall. and i need the old powerman 5000 cd and the edward scissorhands dvd, which i might be able to get my mum to pay for since i pretty much have to get them off and she might forget to make me pay her back (just like with my invader zim dvd).

i've never realized that every time i make an entry in a blog or diary, they're always extremely boring. hope no one dies in the process of reading this.

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