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Monday, April 19th, 2004
12:05 am

see you all there from now on

love and bubbles and some tequila on the side

Steve xxxx
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Sunday, April 18th, 2004
10:55 pm - And they called it a Manhattan
ok blurtys annoying me... it keeps crashing... a lot

so im gonna move to somewhere else but i haven't decided yet... but i don't feel like going to livejournal... any other ideas?

blah i don't feel like posting... i have to go back to work tomorrow :'(

it's just not bloody fair

current mood: annoyed
current music: Denis Leary - Asshole
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Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
12:44 am - .| Give me cornetto, and you'll get me .| *bounce*
As provoking as it is, and as much as i really wanna, im not going to say anything...

But i will not change who i am, how i feel or what i do for anyone.

Kill Bill Vol. 2... it just gives the feeling that it will be a bit of a let down... i'd prefer a film about bloody, roaring rampages that didn't end... like Natural Born Killers... damn good film... still ill go see it to satisfy my urge for blood spilling and to conclude the story... interested to see if Bill fights back or accepts his death

Lol i dunno what happened to your replys Em but i got them in email... thanks hun but i highly doubt it:P it's not getting me down tho, don't worry...

Friday i might have to chose between the Venue or the Limelight... blah i dunno which to choose

Badly needing a new game for the Ps2... none left and im playing final fantasy 7... again!! forgotten how many times ive completed that game... I want the new Breath of Fire game, Dragon Quarter, but i havent actually heard anything about it... will probably just settle for Rayman... takes a while to complete so that will keep me happy for a while

*trys to find chocolate*

current mood: annoyed
current music: Jars of Clay - Sad Clown
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Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
1:49 pm - For the love of all things good, WHY?!
Seriously, whats the point behind this band McFly? argh did they just sit down one day and decide "lets do a crappy band that is a cross over between a Beach Boys rip off, some Weezer sounds somewhere, look like we're the rejects from The Waltons and try to be the next Busted..."

Well they've got the image right but MY BOB they need to be shot.... a lot of times.... and then blown up

Phew ok some anger vented...

Told Nao about it all and pretty sure it's screwed things up kinda, just like i thought it would... blah i always have bad timing, and that just proved it even more to myself and finally to her...

Never actually got an answer from her but until told otherwise im pretty sure its a definate no... tho she did ask me did I regret not finally asking her out... yea i regret it... id still love to because i like her alot... but until anything good happens, im still single...

Gotta love it really cause it means i can always use the excuse that im on the pull to go out every friday and get pissed at the venue, then go chasing shrews... life is good!! even when i can't use that excuse ill think of something...

Also he's moaning... again... i don't care if he's angry about something or not, he just never shuts up... if your gonna moan about something please just find something else and save us all a whole lot of bloody bother

current mood: quixotic
current music: Outkast - Hey ya
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Sunday, April 11th, 2004
2:18 am - 30 year old lizard!!
Ack... made such a fool of myself last night... and i was just about to ask her when she got picked up...

Maybe its fate? just as i open my mouth to say it, she gets taken away... better as friends maybe

but anyway... started off the night as hard as i wanted to... Tequila shotgun down my neck and then another, followed by a carlsberg... then more random TS

People commented on how much i was scowling when they played "letters to you"... eugh

But yeah, drinking away and Nao finally arrived at the venue at about 10:30 ish i think, when the bar was 30 deep... seemed very bored the whole night because its just not her kind of place... then had this random girl called Seaneen snogging me... literally the most random snog i've ever had

I'm sitting on the dirty dancing box talking to Nao when seaneen walks past and waves... i wave back and suddenly shes on my face quicker than i could say "get me a drink".... when she finished i... lol well my glasses were halfway up my forehead, had one foot on the ground the other in the air and my hands were just sitting in the air... classic picture moment if there ever was one

Then after the venue closed and Nao left, went with Jay back to Stevies and had quite a few coners... became very much so off my face

So much so that as we were passing over the albert bridge to go back to Jays at 4 in the morning, i caught sight of a little shrew running ahead of me... so quickly i scurried after it screaming "HERE LITTLE MOUSEY THINGY!!"... caught it once, then dropped it... caught it again and the bugger bit me on the finger, then5 minutes later i started hyper ventilating!!

I went into shock thanks to a shrew bite... flips sake!!

well im bored now and just remembered Nao saying that since shes in lizbufs for the next few weeks she won't be online...

Damn im gonna be so bored

*finds easter egg and munches*

current mood: irate
current music: Lost Prophets - Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja
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Friday, April 9th, 2004
1:14 am - Cryptive time again folks
ok so... pleh

Been feeling a bit down lately cause im thinking about it, when i shouldn't be... i think

I changed my mind about it... again... i just keep thinking... should i just leave things how they are now because its good and i don't want to lose it... or should i be a bit greedy and want to get closer?

blah... that loneliness feeling is coming back, but thats just cause im sat in the house, thinking its friday night and that i should be out drinking with pete and jay

Went out to Limelight with Nao, Lizbuf and Darren yesterday... well i say went out, i mean i decided to go down an hour after i found out they were goin... so arrived at about 11 lol to catch the end or a pretty good band the reminded me of The Music but with a singer that looked like Johnny Vegas... then came MC Kat... the lesbian with next boxers halfway up her stomach playing drum and bass jazz while telling us all to "feel the bass"... at which point i spotted Frank el bartendo from The Venue... promptly nicked a ciggarette off him, much to Nao's disgust :P (i hadn't had a smoke since friday night when Jay took Erin off... i was gasping!!)

Then the thing to make me feel soo bored and annoyed happened

Bloody shite emo kid band called Remedy, who everyone (who looked emo anyway) was enjoying while i stood there looking annoyed while nao piped up with "you must reaaally hate them? *i nodded* they're just soooo emo"... at this point i almost screamed for alcohol to be hooked to my veins directly...

Then after a meeting with a loud and cursing Michael(which apart from that was dead on) headed to Esperantos where she forced me to get her a kebab and complained when they mixed it with chips :P


Then walked it home which took about an hour but damn i love walking around Belfast early in the morning... soooo peaceful and quiet

I AM NOT EMO BOY!!! i shal get you little hobbit

*skips off to find chocolate*

current mood: annoyed
current music: Lost Prophets - Burn, Burn
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Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
11:42 pm - TEQUILA SHOTGUN!!
No Generation® - You don't understand the things i see... Why won't you listen? says:
hmm lets see... Shag on easter tuesday?

I want it now, give me your heart and soul says:
huzzah, i'll ask lizbuf if she wants to go

No Generation® - You don't understand the things i see... Why won't you listen? says:
heh yey

I want it now, give me your heart and soul says:
if anyone else read that question :|

Heh... Shag is a night in the Limelight... still its funny:P

I've got my own shot now... Tequila Shotgun... its a double tequila and a double sambucca... strong as hell and gorgeous... and only i get it for one drink ticket :D

Got given loads of drinks last night, and had brilliant luck pulling... espcially Clare :D mm good!!

Tho went bad at the end of the night... Erin had... well she wanted me to bring her home, and telling me what she wanted me to do :| *ahem* so a drunken me took her home and she ended up sleeping with Jay... eugh was very pissed off

£1 a drink next friday :D mercy im gonna be off my face and still have money in my pocket :D!!

Give me Cherry Rum please...

current mood: They should have hungover
current music: U2 - Beautiful Day
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Wednesday, March 31st, 2004
5:29 pm - Hi, my name is Stereo Mike
Hmm... feeling better today tho throat still hurts a bit...

Pumped myself of painkillers and throat spray (EUGH!!) ate ice cream, then forced a cheese soda into me, then headed down to meet Nao, Lifbuf, Darren and Shane who only came over for the week from England somewhere... jeez he's spent waaay too much money... anyway was walking round town just enjoying the coolness as i was sweating badly at home in the not so warm room... tempreture was waaay too screwed up

Waiting outside the Limelight for everyone to appear while watching all the people with no id getting turned away... heh funny, they just kept trying and kept on getting refused... you lot in England don't understand how strict they can be around here unless the bouncers know you... finally building a reputation in most of the bars around the city centre so im getting there...

So they appeared and we started to head in and Shane got refused cuz he thought he wouldn't get id'ed... he did... so walked round to the Travel Lodge where he was staying to get his passport, then headed back, had a wee natter with the bouncers, then walked in... the girls head straight to the toilets, Darren and Shane head to the door waiting for them to come down and me... well what do you think?

Headed straight for the bar... lol few hours later i regretted even having a sip of beer... NEVER mix beer and pain killers... good music last night and a few "im a bit cheesed off now" moments but along came 11:30 and i was sweating for Northern Ireland... eugh felt terrible... left at 1 to the dismay of some but i needed to get outside, get home and sleep... which i did

Bah... i need more ice cream

Repeat after me... YOU ARE NOT EVIL!!! im serious about that, try not to get hung up about it... please


current mood: restless
current music: Fatboy Slim - .... that really funky one
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Monday, March 29th, 2004
12:56 am - ZOMBIE BABY!!!
No Generation® - Nothing says Clitoral Stimulation like the Irish says:
just had this image flashing in my head

No Generation® - Nothing says Clitoral Stimulation like the Irish says:
you, standing beside a table with shane looking very scared sitting at it, while your dressed in a huge big "alice in wonderland" style dress and the mad hatter sitting on your head while the table is set out for a russian tea party

Don't waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head says:

Don't waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head says:
really, really random

No Generation® - Nothing says Clitoral Stimulation like the Irish says:

Weekend was pretty crap apart from friday night... went to see Dawn of the Dead and it was ABSOLUTELY FUCKING AMAZING!!!

"Sorry the whole end of the world thing had to destroy your dream"

Then met Caroline (whos picture i shall put up soon enough) and went and got mightily pissed in the Venue... managed to spend all ym money even tho i found £10


current mood: predatory
current music: Frank Sinatra Version of The Sickness from DOTD 04
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Thursday, March 25th, 2004
1:57 am - Condolences to Simon
Mercy that was a wierd day...

Got my money finally today and currently have £3.10 left... OUT OF £150!! how the bugger did i do that?!?!

Well went down to virgin to see about getting a ticket for the Hundred Reasons/Biffy Clyro/Senses Fail gig tonight and low and behold they were all sold out... then went to boots and bought a disposable camera... Seen Aoife... mmmmm shes as good as ever... then took a trip round to Katy Dalys and seen on the door "HUNDRED REASONS SOLD OUT"

I cursed and stomped all the way home depressed as hell.... then bout 8 decided... "ahh fuck it may as well go to Katys for a few pints... got there and saw the queue... scanned for people i knew... saw Sabrina, then Gemma and Co. appeared... thought to myself.. fuck it i really gotta get a ticket... waited until they started letting people in and hung around the door... course as always theres always little kiddies who dont have id... so i bought a ticket off one of them for £15 and skipped off to the line giggling...

Only then did i find out that Biffy Clyro had pulled out because Simon, the lead singer's mum had died and he was heading back to scotland... So quite a depressing atmosphere to begin with, had a pint then Senses Fail came on...

Ok dont say a word... you know how much i DESPISE emo... well SF started alright... heavy and getting the crowd worked up... then they played Stephen... everyone just turned towards me and pointed shouting "YOU!!!"...

So Senses Fail did quite a good set and dedicated it to Biffy... got a few pics and got a pic with the lead singer at the end of the night... im wearing a pimp coat and chain in it while smoking, to add effect... looked brilliant and he loved it...

Then Hundred Reasons came on... the place erupted... started with If I could and the whole set was just brilliant!!

Got loads of pictures of them onstage then got pictures with the fat, sweaty but damn hyper gutarist and Colin the singer...

That was a fucking brilliant night... cant wait to get the pictures developed

Oh final word... the singer from Senses Fail reminded me soooo much of Tom, Elinors.... Fiance? yes your elinor, Em...

Knackered... think ill go sleep

current mood: exhausted
current music: Hundred Reasons - If I Could
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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
Random.... quite


I'll try to get some money to come meet you to give you a birthday hug!!

On other news... from wednesday... god ill be going out every night until sunday morning

Gonna be knackered... and broke as usual

Ack too tired to update...

And to someone who deserves it.... SHUT UP!!! PLEASE for the love of all things good just give over already

current mood: tired
current music: Jade from sweetbox - 1000 Words
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Monday, March 15th, 2004
12:58 am - Half yago, Half fu-manchu.... All bastard
well yes black books was brilliant on thursday night... anyone else notice at the start manny crushed the muffin, then it was perfectly fine one minute then crushed again the next.... on purpose maybe?

Ok hes getting on my nerves with this now... ive just never, ever seen 1 person whine soo fucking much about something and refuse to take the hint that its over and hes just making things worse... kinda hoping he dont read this anymore but if he does... STOP WHINING!!!

Friday was good... Barry the doorman slagging me off from the moment i entered the venue about my excessive tequila drinking last week... Frank the barman repeatedly saying "tequila slammer then?" and giggling as i scream "NO, A BLOODY PINT OF CARLSBERG..... please" and jay looking slightly depressed that he got himself turned down by two amazingly good looking women... Erin felt she had to do her stripping act again and went on to flash me.... alot... the nipple ring is pretty cool tho

Then saturday went up to Greenisland for a few hours doing a bit of wood chopping and burning, then back down for the venue and got in free :D got myself a reputation now in that place... FUCKING FINALLY!!

After the venue had arranged to meet laura outside the Basement... waited for an hour with Jay and Richie, got very pissed off and walked back to Jay+Petes... then she rang, came over for half an hour then said she had to go.... ever so slightly annoyed, and there definately wasn't enough dope to keep me happy

This morning was a different story tho... Jay got a good bong going up, took quite a few hits, tried to eat a tin of beans and sausages, and felt like i was sinking into the floor... wierd

I love this routine i've worked myself into now... work all week then spend the weekend going between the Venue or Limelight/Katy Dalys and Jay+Petes house

Bah i need sugary porridge

current mood: hungry
current music: Jars of Clay - Silence
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Thursday, March 11th, 2004
5:45 pm - And the carrots grew as big as houses...
"We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all we love each other"


annoying is an understatement

looking forward to the Hundred Reasons/BIFFY CLYRO gig...

Even Freaky pete aka the epitmy of Emo says Senses Fail are shite so thats.... well sayin how shite they are

hmm gotta try and have money for the gig cuz i want some Biffy merch

only one sentence remarks today.... meh its cuz Laura is going 2 Derry 2moro to see her parents and i can't bring her back to Jay and Pete's... tho getting a bit of grass from Potter and gonna be smoking it all 2moro night

blah im off to sulk into my tub of Ben & Jerrys Half Baked Cookie Dough/Brownie thing... yum

current mood: morose
current music: Hundred Reasons - If I Could
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Thursday, March 4th, 2004
5:59 pm - Bloody trollop crap
well ive figured it out... almost everything on drive-thru records is pure and utter bull plop

Senses fail are gonna be supporting Hundred reasons when i see them at the liemlight on the 24th... BUT!!!

Biffy Clyro are supporting as well :D:D:D

UP THE BIFFY!!!! the other peice of scottish genious... the first being Idlewild of fucking course

shud be heading to venue 2moro night then going back to lauras, have a chat, meet up with her housemates then crash because knowing me with £30 in the venue ill be wasted

Warned Frank about me and jay wanting tequila slammers... hes buying extra just for us.. tho i gotta bring the lemons

Just noticed, no ones replied to any of my posts in a long time

So did u take my idea for a new name alice?

hehehe spidermaher!!

my ruby bass calls :D:D:D love it soo much

current mood: bouncy
current music: My latest creation on bass... sounds slightly NoFx tho
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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004
6:45 pm - I hate cynicalism...
well hello... its been a while

hmm where to start... well went down to meet dad... got... well to put it nicely plastered out of my skull!! mmm pints for £1.30 in wetherspoons... that weekend spent mostly... well drunk... fun i say

Then last weekend, friday night drinking in the venue and pulled laura... 19, and just.... phwoarr!! mercy shes just... gorgeous... 20 in may, bout 5'5, blonde, bout size 8... got her number and txting her all saturday... saturday night back to pete and jays for a party... there was richie, philly, matt, quinn, rachael, sophie and mucho more who i didnt know that well... good night and wasn't too hungover on sunday...

texting laura since saturday... and arranged to meet up with her last night in katy dalys... met up, had a few pints(yes she drinks harp!! claims to be a bit of a tomboy but i cant see it at all!!) and talked for a couple of hours... no awkward silences at all!! just talking about everything and anything... then we moved into the limelight, had quite a few more drinks and spent the rest of the night either bouncing away to the music or necking :D also*ahem* a bit of a fumble where, twice i made her say that was "the fastest ive ever had" :P!! 25 seconds and then 30 seconds.. it definately impressed her

says she feels she can trust me and told me stuff that showed she trusted me... before i left her into the taxi we both agreed that we want a relationship thats gonna last and we both like each other quite a bit so thats that

no longer single and for once in a long time its clicked with me and shes said weve definately clicked!!

not getting my hopes up... well trying not to but we both wanna work at it so why not?

current mood: happy
current music: Yuna - What can i do for you? (Final Fantasy X-2)
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Thursday, February 19th, 2004
1:26 am - boys of summer.... doo bee doo
ok so got into the Limelight alright with no hitches after meeting up with Leigh, Cromie and Mike... got a pint, then spotted Nao, Lizbuf and Darren... said all the hellos and hugs all round when this Hanson-lookalikey bloke who looked 16 came on stage with this tall bloke... tall bloke went behind the durms and hanson guy picked up guitar... he spoke in the high pitched voice of a pre-pubescent 12 year old boy and said "hey were (i forget their name) and were from Texas...."

Blah blah blah.... all 6 of their songs sounded the same and he was doing a wierd swaying that just made him look more camp than he already was...

After him was Planesmistakenforstars.... and my bob they completely stole the show!!! 4 metallers, long hair, tatoos and pericings... mercy... music was absolutely brilliant... their whole show was brilliant until the drummer followed sit from the rest of the band and took his top off...... eugh jibbly fat man playing drums.... scary

Then, finally, came The Ataris... I admit im not a big fan of them and they did sound quite emo 2nite so that kinda put me of a bit... plus the DID NOT play teenage riot... i was furious... but n e who i got 2 Ataris pics from John the guitarist and Kris the singer looked quite cool and came down to shake my hand so i respect him for that.... heard that the bassist hurt his hand and they were nearly forced to pull out... but they got this slightly tubby bass tach dude to fill in and he done pretty well... kris was wearing this really cool pixies t-shirt.... surfer rosa top i think... also the did a misfits cover... dunno which one couldnt hear properly

well im knackered... need sleep before work 2moro... plus my ears are a bit screwed since i was at the barrier at the front... im gonna have fun answering the phones 2moro...


current mood: sleepy
current music: The Ataris - Teenage Riot
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Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
12:31 am
I phoned dad today at lunch time... i've havent been so shakey since last febuary.... almost exactly a year... well will be in 10 days... god im sad to still remember that.... 1:06 AM on the 26th of febuary i got the text.... ANYWAY i was talking about dad...

Talked to him for about 10 mins... seemed my worrys that he didn't care were definately uncalled for... he knew about me playing in The PLT... knew about me going to scotland... i think he knew about Emilie as well which is scary... but at least i know he was finding out about me... found my blurty maybe?!

Sorted with him that im gonna get the train to Coleraine on saturday, get picked up by his mum and dad(i should really start calling them granny and granda) and head off to Wetherspoons for a few pints and a BIG catch up on the past 10 years...

I can't beleive i finally had the guts to do it... and by myself as well... i chickened out at Em's... i chickened out so many times before and this time... i just done it...

It hit him as much as it hit me when i phoned... got a text from him not long after...

"Got the jitters, hands r shakin, heart is pounding, keep having to pick myself off the floor!Thanx 4 ringin... DAD(feels strange!)

He's right... it does feel strange... but that will pass...i haven't seen him in so long but.... i love him...

I haven't cried yet... think i might go have one

current mood: indescribable
current music: Five Iron Frenzy - The Untimely Death of Brad
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Monday, February 16th, 2004
1:07 am - *waves*
hello all.... work makes my week fly by...

anyway... good weekend again... friday went to petes, then venue then back to petes and crashed... saturday in town, buying Jim Beam from tescos, drank half of it, moderately typsy (heh) then back to petes for an hour or3, then off to the venue again with plenty more pints downed...

im pretty sure i seen simon there... cant remember... woke up this morning still drunk and feeling the start of a hangover, so promptly downed a lot of water and went to greenisland and walked around University of Ulster with richie, phil, jay, fathead and the lot, then came home

quite distraught actually... my msn refuses to work...*sobs* just not fair

Also id like to point out seeing as ive heard enough of it since yesterday... I HATE VALENTINES DAY WHINEY PEOPLE!!! SHUT UP!!! im single but i didnt whine... i went out, had a good time and pulled a few times which brightened my day up...

Have to say tho... girl i met at the venue on saturday looked soooo much like Nao... scary really... like a slightly taller, brace-less, thicker volume of hair version of her...

meep sleep time... damn ironing or my shirt and tie thingy...


current mood: sleepy
current music: Switchfoot - Innocence again
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Sunday, February 8th, 2004
5:33 pm - *robinson sucroe, robinson sucroe* laa laa laa
wel ok last night was very good:D and i didnt spend a penny:D HAZZAH!! all in aide of Petes 18th!!

Started off going to petes from the town about 6 ish, drinking away the carlsberg and Jim Bean... altogether there was about 12 of us... music going good and drinking merrily until bout 9:30 when Jay suddenly pipped up with "... lets all go to the venue" and so we did... only 5 of us tho... me, jay, richie, jonny and fabio... since jay was the one with the money he chucked a £10 my way and he bought about 20 drinks tickets... we managed to have that gone in an hour so he got more and we lost count of the drinks... about half 11(i think) got phone call from Nao telling me to go to the limelight... but since i had no money i couldnt and told her to phone me when she got out... so roll on 1 and we left the venue and went round to the Basement in search of food and cigarettes and found a burger van... damn we had the munchies bad!! ate burgers then walked over to central station and got phone call from Nao again... heh finally she appered with darren and lizbuf in darrens car but i cant actually remember why lol... where they wanting to drag me away somewhere? or just to say hello... well anyway said hello and hugs then had to go since me and the guys were wlaking back to petes house... took as an hour altogether, with much singing and barely walking... got back finished off the jim bean then... well at about 4 everybody just collapsed... woke up about 11 and i was sprawled on the floor with a flag covering me LOL!!! not bad hangover but the usual bad taste in mouth

Decided that im gonna go the to venue more often now on friday and saturday nights... £1 drinks on friday :D

btw Nao i sent you Filter - Where do we go from here... just to keep ya right :P

current mood: hungry
current music: AC DC - Back in Black
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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
3:42 pm - blaaaaaaargh!! o.-
well significantly more happier than before now... thank you Gemma(emo girl)... ahh i can't wait till saturday now *rubs hands*

really badly want an md full of offspring... wanna listen to all the albums in one go and then go see them in the RDS on the 14th of march.... *drools* damn good show that would be

oo should be starting an NVQ in administration on monday... things are looking up quickly... lol so by monday i should be an accountant... lol nice title!!!

my post are becoming very long lately... should i stop with that?

lyric time!! subsequently Da Hui is a giant wave... that we shouldnt surf... o.-

I won't fuck with Da Hui
I won't fuck with Da Hui
I won't fuck with Da Hui
Because Da Hui will fuck with me

I won't take off on Da Hui
I won't take off on Da Hui
I won't take off on Da Hui
Because Da Hui will fuck with me

A Haole with heart, that's all I'll ever be
Cause I'm not a part of the North Shore society
Stuck on the shoulder, that's where you'll find me
Digging for scraps with the kooks in line!

I won't park next to Da Hui
I won't park next to Da Hui
I won't park next to Da Hui
Because I don't really feel comfortable

A Haole with heart, that's all I'll ever be
Cause I'm not a part of the North Shore royalty
Stuck on the shoulder, I'm not complaining
Digging for scraps, I'm a kook in line!

Don't fuck with Da Hui
Don't fuck with Da Hui
Don't fuck with Da Hui
Because Da Hui will fuck with you!

current mood: accomplished
current music: The Offspring - Da Hui
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