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    Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
    2:33 pm
    Yo yo yo Wassup
    The hip-hop movement in the world is growing quite large. I have no idea why. Someone please explain this to me. ugh I hate my background going to change it. Any suggestions? Thanks

    1:06 pm
    This is really cool. I finally found a journal that has a program to use it. Kinda like Aim. Kewlz. About my handle: Annalisa, I read about her (a character in a book) and also a song (anna-lisa) I love this name. It's cool. Cutting edge. Just as good as my real name. :) Which you will never know. Hahaha. (evil laugh) What shall I say? Hmm.. I am in a internet cafe. I'm supposed to be doing my math school work. Math math math and computers. My dad is keen on it. And I am learning to be too. Do you think chinese eyes are beautiful? I do. Because everything is beautiful in it's own way (kinda ripoff quote from Christina Aguilera's Beautiful). I think asian eyes are different and special. Hmm. I am working on Algebra 1. Trying to remember the rules and definitions. Woo hoo! I am having so much fun! This is the absolute best thing I could be doing right now! (I am trying to use reverse physcology) Ok g2g. I am using my journal as an excuse not to do my work. Can't afford to do that anymore I am way behind.


    12:33 pm
    Why Why Why?
    Argh.. I am trying to do my math homework wich is EXTREMELY boring and IMPOSSIBLE to do without good music and the stupid Yahoo LAUNCHcast Radio isn't working :'(. Just like my luck, eh? I am going to see my friends in Hsinchu this weekend and my face turns into a pizza when it has been nice and smooth for 2 yrs. Grroar. It times it's breakouts to when I have important social events. Oh well. I just got my ears pierced (private: YAY!) and hopefully they won't get infected. This is my first entry with hopefully many more to come woo hoo! Oh and in case you already guessed (my anonymous reader) I am not 18. These sites are idiots to think that you will really be 18 just because you click a button that says I AM AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD!. lol.

    Peace out,



    Current Mood: cranky