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Date:2004-03-06 07:55
Subject:Anime Badges, and stuffs! ^.^

This new [sales site] sells anime badges, and in the near future-perhaps anime books and stuffs. If you're interested toddle along and checkout the selection we have posted at the moment. It's not huge, but within the next few weeks, and with requests - we may grow a larger selection! ^^;;


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Date:2004-01-23 15:45

Yay more advertising from me. :P mansdkjh3918w74whefjinwa ^_~ and join jpop_addme for all your jpop needs.

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Date:2003-12-12 14:54

ahh. i love this layout XD
ok. hmm...i'm a fan of anime and most things Japanese. i'm learning the language, but i'm on a break cos' of school. (tests coming up this year) and its hard trying to juggle learning 4 languages at once. >_< i'm into rock music but i like akino arai O_O hahaa. but yeah. ahh, i was gonna say more but forgot it! hmm...i'll edit later.
sayonara! ^^
Susan xxx

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Date:2003-12-07 00:43

if you want the short list of the things i like best: FLCL [furi kuri or fooly cooly] saiyuki, trigun
long version: love hina [the manga more than the anime] .hack//SIGN, FLCL, saiyuki, trigun, cowboy bebop, spirited away/sen to chihiro no kamekakushii, princess mononoke/mononoke hime, inu yasha, jhonen's comics [not really manga...its great anyway :P] what i've seen of gundam wing was really good, umm ... yeah. i love the pillows [its a band no one's heard of except for FLCL fans] which is the background music for FLCL, I <3 the music from .hack//SIGN and cowboy bebop.

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Date:2003-11-15 17:43

I've made another community (yay!) I know this is anime but... someone has to like BoA* right? Join shine_we_are and I'll give you cookies ^_^

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Date:2003-11-08 16:43

Hey there are probably some jrock fans here right? I made a community jrock_addme join and I'll feed you cookies ^^

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Date:2003-11-06 19:34
Subject:umm...hello, fellow anime fans?

I am new here. I love anime. I have been classified as a hardcore otaku because I'm one out of 2 or 3 people in my grade who are into the stuff, and one of the others is a wannabe otaku for sure. I'm the only one who starts speaking random bits of Japanese when they get mad...
These are some I watch and like.
Trigun, Inuyasha , Cowboy Bebop, Blue Gender (-shrug- didn't like it too much but around episode 26 it started getting better), Big O, Pokemon (I know, I'm such a dork), Hamtaro, Yugioh, Yuyu Hakasho, Rurouni Kenshin, .hack//sign, db, dbz, and probably more, but I'm a little brain-dead right now.
I also just got a Trigun manga. I think Trigun is my favorite, but to be honest, I like it better in anime form.

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Date:2003-11-06 17:29

Fav: Ghost in the Shell!
Fav Char: Bateau

Why is it my fav?

I like crime anime and I like cyborg/futuristic stuff. Makes you think, ya know??

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Date:2003-11-03 21:21

Whee! Hellos! I am new to the community... so, uh... ::waves frantically:: ^.^

Anywho, I really like .hack//SIGN, Dragonball/Z/GT, Rurouni Kenshin, Chobits, Trigun, Inu-Yasha, Invader ZIM, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, etc. I also do a lot of anime art and I make icons, too. So if anyone wants an icon, just ask me. ^.^

Myep... so that's about it. Byee!

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Date:2003-10-31 00:15
Subject:New member * waves across cyber space to other anime freeks *

Hi people, i'm new to this and only been bloging for three months. This is such a cool community. Hmmm some anime I'm currently obsessed with is Escaflowne (Van Fanel is so hot), Inu Yasha (just started to air on YTV), Battle Angel Alita, CCS, and Miyazaki's works. I am also a long Sailormoon fan (first anime i ever watched). Other cartoons i love are: the simpsons, southpark, king of the hill, (heard great things about Clone High but never watched), Samurai Jack, and X-men. Um i'm in highschool and in Grade 10. That's all i can think of at 12 am so i'll write stuff later. *giggles of excitement while posting first post for the community* Yeesh is late... stupid english test x(

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Date:2003-10-24 23:37

w00t! i was watching episode one earlier... i love this series. ^^ it needs to be on the interests list!!! anyway ciao!

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Date:2003-10-14 17:21

go and have some fun


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Date:2003-10-13 06:51

::waves:: hi there!

I'm new to the community; x)

My favorite anime
Inuyasha, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Ranma 1/2, Chobits, Boogiepop phantom, Vampire Princess Miyu, Witch Hunter Robin, Vampire Hunter D, Blood the last Vampire, Blue Gender, Big O, Pokemon, Hamtaro, Sailor Moon,
Yu-yu hakasho, Mermaid's Scar, Tenchi, Kenshin...and some others x)

Inuyasha, Chobits, Peach Girl, Cowboy Bebop, Lupin the III



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Date:2003-09-30 23:41
Subject:Inuyasha RPG! Rebirth...XD

I know, I know. I already advertised for this group once on here. But that was quite a while ago...we've got some new members here now, and our RPG story has just recently started over!

We've started the RPG at the point in the show just after Naraku disappears to hide out somewhere in the northeast (around episode 81). Most of the "good guy" canon characters (i.e. Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippo, etc) have been taken...but there's still a lot of bad guys left (we don't have a Naraku!) and original characters are always welcome!

Some other things our group features: Standard "days" and "nights", no guessing whether it's dark or light outside in this RPG! Lots of guidelines to make everyone's experience more fun. Friendly, helpful mods who are usually on at all hours of the day and can answer whatever questions you may have. Fun for the whole family!

So...if anyone's interested in joining, just come on over to There and Back Again: A Hanyou's Tale (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hanyoutale/) and jump right on in there! And XD even if you're not interested in joining, come have a look at the pic on our home page. Rather funny edit of a screenshot from the first movie...

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Date:2003-09-16 16:39
Subject:Anime Trade

I am looking for people that are willing to trade anime episodes/manga/ost's, either online or by mail.

you can check out my list at:


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Date:2003-09-09 16:32

Hullo, everyone, I am Dina and I am -NEW-here. I'm new to Blurty.com alltogether, but I've had livejournal for awhile.
Anyways, I'm 16, and I've been a fan of Anime for .... Around ten years. I love to draw the stuff, and I love to write fics, too, both of which I do by request, unfortunately, I don't have access to a scanner, though, so just fics for now. ;_;
Well, I enjoy many types on anime, and stuff like that, so i started a High school Club called "The Otaku Mosh-Pit", which kicks serious monkeybutt.
Well, anyway, I'm out to Introduce meself and make new friends, so I should say.... Hi!

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Date:2003-08-26 02:02

Man this site's frickin' beautiful! How I wish I had html talent. Sigh.

Anybody like Naruto? It's my newest fav anime series. It's so frickin' good! I watched all 45 episodes in a week and now I have to wait for new ones to come out. That sux.

Anyway, nice to see so many ANIME loving ppl. Yea!

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Date:2003-08-23 16:47

Hi I'm new in this lil groupie thingy.
I probably will like ne thing you like so plz talk to me if you like nice ppl.

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Date:2003-08-14 23:12
Subject:Ohayo-con - Miroku needed!!

Hi, I'm going to be going to Ohayo-con this year, and I'm going to cosplay Kagome one day in a lil Inuyasha group me and some friends have put togehter ^^. The only problem is we need a Miroku and we don't have one! We've got Kagome, Inu, and Sango and we're currently looking into buying a Shippou plushie (or maybe finding a kid to drag along LOL) and a Kirara plushie (though I don't think these exist....). Anyways, if anyone's interested in joining us, reply here, pm, or email me! We will be entering the contest, so you need to be willing to do a skit and everything ^^.

~Orasa (OrasaNekuma@aol.com)

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Date:2003-08-07 12:17

^_^ I know it may be a bit early to be asking this but...Who's going? Who's cosplaying? Anyone know yet? XD This'll be my very first con, I'm SOO excited! Wheeeeeee!

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