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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
7:49 am - Anime and Kingdom Hearts Survey
Here is a survey I made from imagination.You may just delete my answers and add your own.Take what you wish.

::Dubbing Survey for Yu-Gi-Oh!::

001 How would you rate the Dubbing from 0.0 - 10.0?: 1.0
002 How would you rate the re-named characters?: 3.5
003 Who has the worst Dubbed Seiyuu?: Yugi Mutou or Pegasus J. Crawford
004 Who has the best Dubbed Seiyuu?: Probably Mai Kujaku
005 Who has the worst Dubbed name?: Ryouji Otogi // Duke Devlin, Honda Hiroto // Tristan Taylor
006 Who has the best Dubbed name (ex-cluding ones who have the same name)?: Mai Kujaku // Mai Valentine
007 Would you sue 4Kids for the Dub?: Yes.Definately.
008 Why?: Because the naming and the terrible Seiyuu scouting!
009 How do you like the card re-names?: It's fine.
010 Do you believe that they should bring Season One to America?: Yes.
011 Why?: Because it puts the whole story into better understanding as to how Yugi got his Puzzle,e.t.c.
012 Do you believe they should make an un-cut Yu-Gi-Oh!?: Yes.
013 Why?: Because they are total idiots.

::Kingdom Hearts Survey::

001 Hello: Hi.
002 What's your name?: Me.
003 Your alias/username?: Yami,Reza Tsukishiro,Dark Mimi

004 Favorite KH character?: Riku
005 Favorite Square Soft KH character?: Cloud Strife
006 Favorite Disney made character?: Donald
007 Favorite Heartless creature/Boss?: Shadow...their KYUUTE!XD
008 Favorite Keychain for Keyblade?: Oblivion or Lionheart
009 Favorite World?: Halloween Town or Traverse Town
010 Favorite KH coupling?: Riku x Sora
011 Favorite Theme song?: Destani or Hikari/Simple and Clean
012 Favorite Summon?: Bambi

013 Least Favorite KH character?: Kairi
014 Least Favorite Square Soft character?: Aeirs/Aerith
015 Least Favorite Disney character?: The Doorknob and Oogie Boogie
016 Least Favorite Heartless creature/Boss?: Behemoth
017 Least Favorite Keychain for Keyblade?: Jungle King
018 Least Favorite World? Wonderland or Agrabah
019 Least Favorite KH coupling?: Yuffie x Kairi,Riku x Kairi,Sora x Kairi,Cloud x Aeris/Aerith
020 Least Favorite Theme Song?: Destiny Islands
021 Least Favorite Summon?: Simba and Genie

--*Current Info*--
022 Have you finished Kingdom Hearts?: Yes.
023 What World are you at?: Done.
024 Beaten any Hidden Bosses?: Yes; Kurt Zisa,Ice Titan
025 Beat Sephiroth yet?: No...;_;
026 Beat all Tournaments?: Yes.
037 Think it was hard?: Just the Hades Cup
038 How many hours of Gameplay?: No idea...around 74?
039 Do you use Summons a lot?: No.
040 Were you able to obtain Sora's Cheer ability?: No...
041 What's your Gummi ship modle/name?: Modle:Kingdom // Name:BAKA
042 Was it modified?: Yes.
043 With what?: Cannon,Laser,Shield,Transform,Transmitter thing,net-catcher
044 Have you found all 99 puppies?: Yes.
045 Completed all Trinity marks?: No.

046 Did you get the Secret Ending?: Yes.
047 Expert or Normal?: Normal.
048 Are you going to buy Kingdom Hearts:The Final Mix?: Yes.
049 Do you know what it is?: Yes.
050 Are waiting for Kingom Hearts 2?: Yes.
051 How do think the story will go?: Not sure.Maybe Riku'll be looking for Sora?
052 Which couple do you think will prosper?: Honestly to say - Sora x Kairi even though I don't like it...

--*Ending Theme*--
053 How do think this survey was?: Okay...
054 Will you post this in your own journals?: No.
055 Do you think Kingdom Hearts is the best?: Yes.
056 Are you feeling okay?: Duh.

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7:30 am - Welcome to me! XD
Hi.I'm using this Blurty for surveys.This is where I'm going to post surveys,quizzes,and such.They will probably be behind an lj-cut...anyway...

For the Record
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