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Friday, February 6th, 2004

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    Amy and I broke up today. I never thought that we would've ended so quickly. Things got really messy. She had a crush on this nine-teen year guy who works at the target photo lab. AAH! I'm going to make this short. She cheated on me yesterday with target guy! He picked her up in his car and took her back to his house where they "kissed a little". I cut school today to see her and she cried in my arms. I saw her later today. I walked out of target on her and we broke up. Were going to be friends. I love her still. I don't want to lose someone so important to me. I have to swallow my pride and try to work things out. I still have to move on in some sense of the word. She has moved on and although she says that she won't feel the same with him and she doesn't know why she's doing this, she has. I'm not going to be a loser and cry and mourn over her. I don't know what the future will hold for Amy and I, but I do know that we'll be close in some way or antoher. There's this girl that I do like at school and I'm going to ask her out. I need to get Amy off my mind. I did something dum tonight. I took five of my zolofts and im thinking about taking another five. I have NEVER abused drugs in my life, but I need to pass out. I need to stop thinking. Thinking only makes it worse.

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    Today I woke up late and didn't go to school. I'm okay with the situation with Amy. I'll admit that it hurts alot, but I feel alot better now. I did some stupid shit last night and now I'm embassered. I was acting like a loser... I'm going to try and stay busy. Call up some friends, get more active, read more, focus on school work. I'm going to go read now. I'll talk to you guys later.

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