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Awesome Day! 21.12.02|11.46pm
>/ Mrow ;)

Today wow. I took a while to get here. *Glares at Ash* But after I did, whoa. I got told I had to do this body shot thing. So I did. I gave Jenn one! Damn, she's hott. And then (with held for protection) came. Damn, she's hott. So yeah, all 3 of us ended up naked and kissing and touching. Wow.

Ashley is the best! I love him to death! Wish he didn't have a boyfriend tho, but then again, who doesn't?

All that I have to say is, holy shit. Dan and Trev. Trev and Dan. Tran. Holy fuckin' shit. THAT IS HOT. Dan is like.. one hot mofo. And TRev.. Yeah, him too! And they were.. Holy shit.. I'm still flushed as hell. I think Miss Jolie wet herself. ;x

I met Mandy! HUUWAH! *Laughs* She's awesome too! HIJAHHHHHH HWUAHHHH KAZAM! *Pulls a Croft* Haha. Clara Croft!

Anyway, I gotta get goin' or whatever.. Watch some more.. Hehehehe..


Hahaha. 21.12.02|11.18pm
In the famous words of that.. big.. blonde buff as hell guy from Prozzak.

I like to watch.


Nother short entry.. brought to you by the creative mind of Angie!

;) 21.12.02|09.02pm
I'm a dirty dirty dirty naked little girl. *Snickers*

Helloo! 21.12.02|04.57pm
>/ accomplished

It's Angelina here! And if you don't know who that is, then what the hell? Go rent or even better.. GO BUY Girl, Interrupted, Tomb Raider, Gia, Gone in 60 Seconds, Hackers, Original Sin or a million other movies. Did you know that I stared with Ryan Phillippe? That is one sexy mother f-..yes. Hahaha! People think I'm crazy, do you think I'm crazy? *Jumps out at you and yells.* Haha.

By the way! Aim namee iisssss..*Makes a drumming noise*...! Angelish Angie! ISH cause I'm not that innocent. *Cheesey wink* HAH! You know I got you excited ;)


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