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blah [02 Jan 2004|03:13pm]
-->i want to go shopping tonight. so yea i think im going to the mall.

tomorrow= going to my daddys to finally get my gifts =) yay its like
another christmas! lol my mom got me this really cute outfit from
express..+ a light piink sweater type thing with a..uhm i cant explain
it but its cute lol. ugh..they dont start making white air1z again until
february..too long.

YAY! i have english wif Beckie 2nd semester =D puttin me + Beckie
in the same class...haha this should be funny.

well im going to go sit wif keleigh while she finishes her english shit.

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be jealous... [02 Jan 2004|08:40pm]
[ mood | *girlie* ]
[ music | murphy lee- luv me baby ]

--tonight i didnt do shit. im sitting here fixin my room up lol. i went on a bra/undies shopping spree in victoria's secret. i have a seriousobsession with piink. i also got this little black purse type thing from v.S it has lip liner/compact mirror/+ a little bottle of 'very sexy for her' perfume. my mommy got me a black guess jacket the other day..cause i wanted one. i love my mom lol. i got my nephew a teddy..he was just born a couple weeks ago =) how tute. lol aunt lissy...haha.. i feel old. ah..i cant wait until tomorrow..i want to see what my daddy got me!!! eh..i havent talked to Beckie today besides the 2 min. earlier..i hate her not being here because i cant talk to her about things..cause i mean really she knows i tell her everything. Oh + to the people who asked me about that certain i dont care much i have him she doesnt. no hard feelings..but theres a reason for that lol ♥ me+him have a frickin great relationship if i say so myself =oP lol + obviously a lot of friends know that, because its extremely rare for me to find someone who i can stand being with. ask Beckie..haha exactly how many boys did i just get tired of after a week? lol i guess Jesses just better then all them..duh. ahh poo...idk what to talk about. lmfao there was a little misunderstanding between me and keleigh yesterday night...

me: can i save stuff on your computer?

EWWWW. hahaha that was so gross.. lmao.

awl my sisters friend just came downstairs + was lookin at all the pics i have up + she points at a pic of me+ jesse and was like 'is that your boyfriend' and i said yea + she was all 'hes real cute' lmao.

i have nothing else to talk makin my room pretty

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