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schoooool.. [04 Feb 2003|04:16pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | they dont know.. jon b.. explains us perfectly bo0 ]

I went to school last night.. my first day.. it was FUNN.. lolz.. jon my cousin is in my class.. who would of thought.. lolz.. oh wellz though.. i gotta go tonight too.. and tomorrow.. and thursday.. and then i have off on friday.. its like going to regular school.. YAY.. i love being back in school.. i feel like im doing something with my life now.. instead of just working and being at home all the time.. i actually gotta go to school real soon.. in like an hour or so.. my hair needs to dry first though.. well it me and justins 2 months today YAY.. we made it 2 months lets see if we can make it another and another and another.. and so on and so forth.. ugh anyways though i just got back from the YMCA i feel refreshed and in shape.. well at least for right now.. i dont really have mucb to talk bout except Mark is a punk and he keeps telling me hes going to make my life a living hell.. well so be it.. hes so petty he can talk mad shyt on other people but if someone does it to him oh no hes gotta get revenge or do something.. its not my fault that he got an ugly girl.. i just speak the truth you know.. its not my fault that hes ashamed of it.. too bad for him.. he talks bout justin being a bum well at least justins got his GED mark dont even go to school and wont get shyt.. hes prolly on in 9th grade still cuz he dont ever go to school.. but yeah justins a bum too bad mark aint got shyt but his grandmom and when she dies or whatever then what.. he gonna go live with his mom.. hes gonna have his family supporting him for the rest of his life.. at least justin lives on his own.. ugh oh wellz.. im gonna go now buh byez

justin and danielle 2 months today.. YAY!!.. love ya baby

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