10:57am 22/07/2003
mood: awake
music: "Life After Lisa"-BFS
You're so full of yourself if you think you're the reason I hate Tyler! I laughed even harder than you can imagine at your reply! I read it like 30 minutes ago and I'm still laughin my ass off! If you hate e so much why are you reading this? Don't reply and be all "ah you suck" or some shit like this bc if you were TRUELY mad you wouldn't bother looking@this... BTW, what was the point of calling?

For the rest of the world, you can understand the rest of this... Life is better. I'm good now, still a lil mad but I'm all good! I've worked on chp 8 of my fic and it's coming along pretty good. I've got a bit of writer's block but that's ok. Me&Claire were gonna see LXG but we both are ridless bc her mama is ruinging claire's social life with her "obsession with tennis" as Claire put it! Had to be there to get the full affect... Anyway, Ima go back to my fic so I can post that chp and be done with it for a while...
04:24pm 22/07/2003
mood: bouncy
music: I Don't Wanna Rock-BFS
Orlando Bloom is the sexiest man alive! wow!

I just finished watching Lord of the Rings and can I just say that Legolas is the HOTTEST character Orlando Bloom has played(of the movies I've seen with him in it)! I mean yeah, I'd LOVE to have a Will Turner from PotC, but you can't beat Legolas' sexyness! and the way he shoots those arrows! AH! okay Ima shut up now!
Your Honesty and My thoughts...   
07:23pm 22/07/2003
mood: anxious
music: Some 80s song about Respect, coincidence?
So I was sittin here and I got bored so I decided to read random blurties! fun fun when ur bored! Anway so I happen to come upon Ashley's and its all about how she's honest(btw she is and i respect that, but this is in NO way an apoligy) and how our friends' are not that honest and she just had the guts to say anything about my obsession which stated late last week, is SLOWLY dying, but still here... She said that other ppl were annoyed but she was the only one honest enough with the guts to say anything, and I TOTALLY respect that. The reason I am mad is like in April or May or whenever Claire&Ashley ganged up on me and were annoyed at me bc I complained or w/e but the reason I'm mad now is bc she tells others first, and this time she told the WORLD and just left it there for me to read instead of coming to me and this just pises me off a tad bit... These are my thoughts and if anyone happens to read this to Ashley or if Ashley reads this herself, Ashley, plz IM or Email me with your thoughts....

LikeI said, if ppl would just calmly tell me things before going into overdirve and telling others/the WORLD, I wouldn't be mad.... I ike honesty, I hate the fact that even though we've all been friends for FOREVER we can BARELY tell each other things, this goes to the opening up point again but that's another story saved for another day...

This, again, is not an apoligy but an agreement I spose...
Your Thoughts, more of mine...   
08:26pm 22/07/2003
mood: aggravated
music: If it were up to me-rooney
Oh, I see. You did tell me, but when I say tell me, I mean talk to me about it-don't tell me off when my ims r screwed and then a week later be like "i did tell you!" and crap bc i dont sit @home and read my log manager. And if you hadn't lnoticed, the obsession was claming down, I thought you would appreciate that. I also wish that you would talk to me about things that nnoy you. Don't tell me when me ims r messed up...

BTw other ppl have obsessions if you havent noticed. And remember my other obsessions? They were a phase! It's like growing up! Eh? this is just part of my growing into the person I'm going to be... But then again, I guess us fighting is only part of our relationship... No writeen contract but it's understood that we're the ones to fight seeing as you're the "honest" one and I'm the "annoying to you" one...

Anyway, like I said if you'd talk to me about things, I wouldn't be mad, you wouldn't be mad and I wouldn't neciscarily CHANGE so much but WORK ON somethings... but whatever, you do what you want and I'll do what I want
It's good in the hood   
09:25pm 22/07/2003
  Me&Ashley are all good... The hostility has come to a close and she feels like she can talk to me about things i do that annoy her now, that being what I wanted to get through... Other friends can also do this, if u didn't know...

Ashley respects my: understanding
I respect her: guts for honesty

We're good we're good
the "baby mama holy matrimony drama" as Claire put it(not in that order)... hahaha