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Wednesday, October 29th, 2003

Subject:blurty to xanga... maybe both?
Time:5:08 pm.
Mood: anxious.
Music:80s music on 93.1.
for now, im quite content over in xanga land ^if ud like to see how i'm doing
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Wednesday, August 6th, 2003

Subject:Which PotC Character am I?
Time:10:33 am.
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow

Pirates of the Caribbean - Which character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Someone in one of the Yahoo! Groups I joined sent that out! Isn't it awesome? And I'm everyone's favorite Captain, SCORE! I'm hyper for someone who's about to be put through the pain and misery of moving the brackets of my braces....... hyperness level went down a few notches... update when i get home
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Monday, August 4th, 2003

Subject:Blue October
Time:10:17 pm.
Mood: artistic.
Music:"Calling You"-Blue October.
Blue October has to be one of the coolest bands around, in my opinion! I heard "Calling You" back in June on my way home from camp and forgot about it and thought about it sometime last week. It's on my Camp/Summer 2003 CD but I think Ima make a Camp 2003 CD(prolly only have like 10 songs, but who can forget "Lord! Won't ya buy me, a mercedes Benz?" @7AM? lol Maggie!) and then make a Summer 2003 CD bc I forgot about a bunch of other songs... but ya, these are the lyrics to the coolest song right now....
Blue October - Calling You

There's something that I can't quite explain
I'm so in love with you
You'll never take that away
And if I've said a hundred times before
Expect a thousand more
You'll never take that away

Well expect me to be
Calling you to see
If you're okay when I'm not around,
Asking if you love me
I love the way you make it sound
Calling you to see
Do I too hard to make you smile,
To make us smile...

I will keep calling you to see
If you're sleeping or you're dreaming
If you're dreaming, are you dreaming of me?
I can't believe you actually picked me

I thought that the world had lost its sway
(It's so hard sometimes)
Then I fell in love with you
(Then came you)
And you took that away
(It's not so difficult, the world is not so difficult)

You take away the old, show me the new
And I feel like I can fly when I stand next to you
So while I'm on this phone
A hundred miles from home
I'll take the words you gave
And send them back to you

I only want to see
If you're okay when I’m not around,
Asking if you love me
I love the way you make it sound
Calling you to see
Do I try too hard to make you smile,
To make us smile....

I will keep calling you to see
If you're sleeping or you're dreaming
If you're dreaming, are you dreaming of me?
I can't believe you actually picked me...

I startes cutting stuff out to deco. my notebook for school today... Showed my pretty pics to Shari and she gave me a pic from a colring book and she colored it and put glitter on it! It's got pirates on it and it reminded her of Jack&Will from PotC... we've got it bad for those pirates!
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Subject:I'm Wish Bear AND Cheer Bear! I'm so coooool!
Time:12:36 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Music:John Mayer on the radio.... DIIIIIIIIE!.
See what Care Bear you are.

See what Care Bear you are.

Am I not the coolest? This was after one test too!
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Sunday, August 3rd, 2003

Subject:Ghetto name
Time:5:27 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Music:#10 on the Dare Devil Soundtrack....

My rock solid ghetto shiznit name is Ass Machine Teapot, Yo.
What's yours?
Powered by Rum and Monkey.

Thot that was interestin', eh? ya... Anyway, I rented Dare Devil yesterday and today I watched it. Colin Farrell is WAY sexy with his cute lil Irish accent... Hot damn, yea... he's a bad guy but that dont mean I can luv hiiiiim!

Anyway, It's sunday and as usual, I'm doin absolutely NOTHING! Did I say yesterday that mama took me to WalMart AND Target on TAX FREE WEEKEND? I freaked out too! But @WalMart I got two pairs ofr Levi's for what ONE pair in Dallas cost last yr, so that was cool. Those jeans fit me PERFECTLY! I mean perfectly! They are MADE FOR ME. It's wonderful.... Okay, thats all for now
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Saturday, August 2nd, 2003

Subject:Side note on Norrington
Time:11:44 pm.
Mood: hyper.
Music:Get Low-Eastside Boys, Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins.
I have decided that even tho Jack Davenport's character(Commodore Norrington) is over eager for Elizabeth and is just decpicable, his voice is quite sexy! I quite enjoy listening to him talk...

I figure potc will be out on DVD by Thanksgiving! Mama said she's gonna *make* me buy it the day it comes out, I have no objection to this

Okay, I am *REALLY* gonna leave ya alone now
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Time:11:36 pm.
Mood: hyper.
Music:some songs about being in love with you baby.
I have now seen potc a total of EIGHT times! Only paid for it 7 times tho *Halo forms above head*

Mama got me a poster off EBay! It's like the reg. potc poster outside of the theter rooms but diff... u gotta c it to know what i mean! Anyway I'm like uber hyper! We bid in like the last 30 seconds and we got it for $28 but w/ s&h its $35 and I gotta pay s&h($7) but it aint too bad bc starting yesterday my allowance is $15! This shows how spoiled i am, but not so much compared to Claire's comment about hoping her dad insists on her getting a brand new car, like her sister. hahaha! Spoiled Rich Kids, we're so cool...

But ya, I'm really hyper!

Claire, Ashley, and Tracy saw LXG tonight! Ashley said it's perty good and that Shane is hott, but I already knew that last part ;)

Ummmm ya! Shari and I on Wednesday saw these promotional PotC things@McD's and her mama is gonna get one for Shari and if they can get another one they gon' give it to me! This excites me! IM SO HYPER ITS NOT FUNNY


Anyway, I'll leave you poor and scared ppl alone!
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Thursday, July 31st, 2003

Time:9:19 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
Music:too many songs to name....
The new words/phrases: Miscellaneous, Smack that ab, It's Sexy

After Shari and I did our math thang(WITH A BOOK, wow it was easier! and I remembered some of it), we left the home of moi and ventured to the home of Shari. She felt a bit woozy from her Rum slush thing-hahaha. We talked of Jack Sparrow moments and waited for our friends to arrive. Amanda was the first of 5. Then Ashley called and was wondering where her ride, Jessica, was. And then Jessica came, and I was relaying info from phone to Jess and back. We typed Amanda's line on the computer(hahaha) while listening to "Moonlight Serenade" and "Swords Crossed" from PotC. And so Ashley finally arrived and we started filming the Bootleg Ring. Jessica and Ashley('s miscellaneous other character which is not Somara) were in the first scene and Jessica died. But before Jessica died, they had to sit in Shari's room and "watch TV" but Jessica forgot to bring her back pack in the hall with her, twould have been a good blooper(which we had many of). And then as Jessica died, she scrame bloody frickin murder! it was louder than the static on the TV! and then Ashley came in and scrame like a little girl, twas funny. Then we did the scene with Mr. Parks in it bc he had to be all business like and he wanted to change outta his work clothes fast or somat so that scene was rushed but it was good and Ashley as Somara walked past the windows with a knife... disturbing

Then we ventured to the home of Shari's grandparents(goodness, that house is "Ginormahugic", i think thats what Claire said about something one time) It's one of the biggest houses ive been in and my mama was realtor and we got to go to TONS of big houses, fun fun! Anyway, so we filmed the scene with Shari's gma as "babysitter" and Shari's sister as "Molly"(represented the lil boy in the Ring, what was his name?)... And then we ventured to the Edom graveyard/cemetary... me&Jessica were scared and didnt wanna step on the dead ppl bc we didn't want them to reach up through the ground and grab us or curse us... We were gonna stay longer but Ashley stepped in ants and her feet were COVERED! and I miscellaneously have an ant bite on my hand. And then Jessica thought Shari was posessed because she miscellaneously dropped her flashlight for a while and woudn't pick it up... hahaha... And I nearly killed Jessica in the Mule(woops!) I didn't know it would go *that* fast! I've never driven a Mule.... Golf Carts, I can drive... the Mule scares me... Just imagine if it had been the kind of Mule the Camp ppls have... I prolly would have killed Swanky! AW NO!!!! That makes me feel worse! But anyway, this was long before we went to the cemetary... After the cemetray I killed Ashley.... not literally, but acting.... She fell in wet grass. And I'm a horrid actress, but I think that's just bc everybody was sitting and watching me... I would like to be a movie actress... I could never do live stuff... But I have decided that since Shari is gonna be a Director, I'm gonna be the Costume Designer for her movies! hehehe... And then we went inside and slen the cool room that me&Amanda thought would be a good Home Theater! And Jess, Claire, and I went to sleep around 5 am or so... I broke my toe, too but I dunno when... I think it was before Claire&I did our PotC scene... "Bootstrap's Bootstraps"....... and then I woke up about 7 ish and had to pee so I ventured downstairs... into the "gothic" bathroom(i think that was the one). Twas interesting. And then I went back upstairs and was paranoid Ashley was gonna be behind one of the couches hiding with her Somara costume on and I could get back to sleep bc I was Somara-noid(paranoid about Somara, I just made that up, aren't I witty?) yea so I got out my CD player and such and listened to my cool Camp/Summer 2003 CD and drifted off while doing that. Amanda woke me up with her moving around the room bc she was hot and fell asleep by the vent and I woke up freezing and DUDE it was cold enuff to snow up there!
And so around 10, Shari comes in and wakes us up and tells us to get ready and then eat breakfast(I had Raisin Bran, not my fav, but it did)... And then Shari's mama came and got ua and we went back to Shari's and charged the camera so we could watch our movie. And we went upstairs and I watched the ppl play Blurt(an interesting game made by Webster). I hugged Shari's Legolas stand-up about 30 times total in the time i was at her house total... Then Amanda's mama came and got Ashley&her and took 'em to the hospital and Claire, Jess and I waited on Jessica's mama to get there and while the camera was STILL charging, we watched some Daredevil thing and a Winona Rider thing came on after it and it reminded me of JDepp's tatoo "Wino Forver" and I kept saying it miscellaneously and then Claire&Jessica were staring at me and i said "It's an inside joke" and pointed to my head! Twas clever i thought! And we all talked of Swords(which I like), sheths(Claire likes those), pickles(Claire likes those too), and Fluff(some marshmellowy stuff that smells bad and claire like it)... Claire told Jessica to put fluff on a pickle and eat it.... and then we were discussing Ben Affleck and Claire said somat about his head bein' too big and Shari laughed and I thot about it and laughed and Jessica thought about it longer than me and laughed... Slow reactions... And then Jessica's mama came RIGHT BEFORE they were gonna talke about Wino's lovers and JDepp was one, damn! So then We are all lookin for the camera wires but we can't find them so we just leave but I can't find one of my shoes and it was miscellaneously in Shari's parents' bedroom... *sigh* Then I came home and mama pretty much almost force fed me lunch but i wasnt hungry and she went back to work bc her lunch break was almost over.

And then like @2:30 I went in my room intending to take a nap but my bed had stuff ALL over it so I didn't... I got my pillows and a blanket and went in mama's room! Then I fell asleep, but @4:30 mama called and asked me what I wanted for dinner, I vaguely remember this and she said chick fil a and i was like "yea" and i think i souded high... and then just as i was dozing again, daddy called and told me they weren't goin to the lake and they prolly would tomorrow and i was like "maybe" and i think i may have hung up on him... woops! And then I fell asleep again and mama woke me up by opening to back door(it's QUITE loud) and goin' "Mama's hooooooome" and she came back there and checked on me and told me she'd bring me my food and i was like "ok"... I barely remember all this, but i do all the same... and i ate and went straight back to sleep... woke up again due to the fact i was sweating like a pig... mama was in here lookin @Johnny Depp pictures and there were some from a Potc press conference and there was REALLY good ones of Orlando Bloom.... One was ESPECIALLY good! ah man... and then I got on and that leads me to this thing...

We got our schedules today too... I have a class with everyone except for my math class... Prolly got stuc with all the stupid freshmen... damn

Ima go back to bed now... gotta get up early tomorrow for Dance registration
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Wednesday, July 30th, 2003

Time:11:10 am.
Mood: mischievous.
Music:The keyboard clicking.....
Tuesday: Did absolutely nothing... Was the step-devil's bday and daddy brought me a card to sign for her... It was a cute card thogh, it had a baby Duemont(aka yellow tabby) on a piano! I wanted to cry it was SO cute and reminded me SO much of Duemont... Me&Ashley had a deep talk about some stuff... and then we talked about the "pairing off" that has started to occur in our group and how we feel it is not needed... Leaves others out and we shall talk about this today @Sharpie's home! I talked to Katy last night and she said she watched Signs and she heard me typing on the computer and freaked out! It was SO funny!!!

Today: Shari is venturing over here in 18 minutes and we will work on math stuff, hopefully she'll have a book this time... And then after that I will venture on over to her residence where other people such as Jessica, Ashley, and amanda will join us around 2:30 I think. Then Claire will join us later. We will be making a "bootleg version of the Ring" in which I am Anna, Somara/Samara's mother! I get to drwon Ashley *evil laughter*! JK, ILY Ashley...

Well, this is all I have to say for now... Update tomorrow with the details i spose of today and tomorrow....
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Monday, July 28th, 2003

Subject:My Day
Time:11:38 pm.
Mood: moody.
Music:'Shake Ya Tail Feather"-Nelly, Diddy, Murphey Lee.
Shari came over today and we did some math stuff. Oh boy, was that fun? Hahaha! We learned that summer is bad for math skills. We only did math stuff for like 45 minutes out of the hour and then loked @my mom's GQ with the Johnny Depp interview which is QUITE funny and informing! For example: Did you know that the Sparrow tatoo in POTC is a REAL tatoo? It also says Jack below it. It's his son's name. The covered that up with the Pirate brand and some make up I figure... So then we look at that and some pictures mama printed and one I ave and some posters of Orlando and Heath and Shane and Trent I needa hang up. Then it's about time for her mama to pick her up and she leaves...

Around 5, mama comes home and we eat and then go to Blockbuster to drop off Don Juan Demarco and Chocolat. And I decide I want to rent the DVD of LOTR so I can see special features and such because Jana only gave us the VHS and that's only got the movie on it. And then we went to Hastings in search of the POTC soundtrack which Tyler, Texas has seemed to have missed that ship...(hahaha! no pun intended there)

I get home and take a shower and then get onling for a bit and find out Claire might go to Lee, but only did I find this out by Blurty! I'm tired of finding things out by blurty! No one ever talks to me about things anymore. For this, I am sad. But yea, so, I'm excited for Caire but worried about her, because it's a big school and sure she's got her cool people skills, but well, I dunno. We've all been @ASE since we were FIVE so, I mean come on! Someone has ta know what I mean, right? But, I *AM* happy for her decision, it'll be fun for her, and good too as Ashley said.

So then I get offline and watch LOTR. Man I sure luuuuuv Orlando Bloom! and Viggo Mortenson? He's "rugedly handsome"! haha...

but yea, that's my day in a nutshell...
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Saturday, July 26th, 2003

Subject:Six and Seven
Time:9:09 pm.
Mood: distressed.
Music:Danger Zone and then Nelly&Kelly.
Hahahaha! Me&mama went to see PotC for my 6th and her 4th time today@12:30 and then there was one at 2:30 and we snuck into that one only missing the first 30 minutes! hahahaha! Two for one! yay! Anyway that's my PotC talk for the day!

Last night mama got a new mouse and it's SO coooooool. It comforms to your hand! and the lil wheely thing glows blue. I also got the Hot Hot Heat CD, but I've only listened to one song, so I can't tell ya if it's good or not yet.

Shari called me and I'm s'posed to call her back but 1) it's after 8:30 and i dont think her parents like ppl to call this late and 2) my mama's on the phone anyway.... SO!

But yea, this was my day! OH YEA, we rented Chocolat... o wow... JDepp was like Irish or somat and it was perty cool. but ya, good movie, lots of my favorite food-heheh
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Thursday, July 24th, 2003

Subject:filly outtie thingy on Ashley's blurty
Time:11:25 pm.
Mood: awake.
Music:songs and commercials... this took a while so I dun member.
1. WHAT COLOR ARE YOUR KITCHEN PLATES? They're white with blue rims and lil pictures of various things painted on them

2. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? Harry Potter 5(still), The Seventeenth Summer(still), the Ox Bow Incident(almost), The Second Summer of the Sisterhood(when I find time)

3. WHAT"S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? well, it used to be plain white a LONg time ago, but now from everyone's hand oils and such its white and then where your hand falls on it it's a brown-ish grey-ish type color... quite nasty really

4. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE BOARD GAME? I enjoyed Moods@Ashleys, but I also like Clue

5. FAVORITE MAGAZINE? Teen People quite possibly, or YM, maybe Cosmo Girl(the only one, pretty much, I don't get)

6. FAVORITE SMELL? Curve for men
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Subject:My day...
Time:10:09 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
Music:"Why Don't You and I"-Santana ft. Alex Band.
I was going to update this THREE hours ago, but my mother came in and did the treadmill, which is not even a foot behind me-and I like my privacy, and so I went and watched TV and then she decides she wanted to look @JDepp pics... I figure she'll do that for like maybe thirty min to an hour at the most but she did that for TWO AND A HALF HOURS!
But anyway, Today I ventured to the movies with my "posse"(which included: amanda, Alli, me, shari, Claire, Jessica, and AshleyF) to see a little movie starring Mandy Moore and TRENT FORD! gah he's hot! The movie was How To Deal, and I had read the books which it was based upon, and the movie was more like one. But anyway, it was a pretty good movie, ya, worth seeing on the big screen due to the fact of all the close ups of Trent Ford(*drools*)

Before the movie, me&Shari "casually" walked down the length of the theater and "got lost" into a Pirates... theater! hahaha! Was at the part where Jack says "What do you say to three shillings, and we forget the name?" Then we went back to our theater bc the other Pirates hadn't started yet. then after our movie we "casually" walked back down to the first Pirates theater and it was at the part where-oh ya this is the one I forgot what part it was at but anyway, we walked to the other on across the hall and it was at the par where Norrington is shaking hands with Jack and he finds his Sparrow tatoo and Pirate brand and looks at his "effects" and says "A pistol with no additional shot nor powder. A compass that doesn't point North. *pulls out sword* And I half expected it to be made of wood. *smiles rudely* You are without doubt the worst pirate I have ever heard of." "Ah bu you have heard of me." Man, I love that Jack Sparrow! He's one of my heros! hehehe!

Oh ya, and I went to the dentist and I have to go back in a month bc they're gay and I have braces which screw up EVERYTHING in life... and then they cleaned my teeth with GRAPE flavored stuff and I cringed ALL afternoon! Trent Ford and Johnny Depp helped me though, so I s'pose I'll be alright.

And this morning I watched Lara Croft: Tomb Raider bc I hadnt seen it and it looked good and the 2nd one does too!

This went backwards... oh well...
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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003

Time:2:43 pm.
Mood: groggy.
Music::A Girl Like you"-Edwyn Collins.
I went to Willowbrook for lunch with my "fasha". Twas fun. I learned that if I ever watced to go out there with a friend and hang at the pool, we could I'd just hafta tell my G-ma! *evil grin* I have her credit number for the country club! Oh fun stuff! So, maybe I'll do that next week or sometime, ya know? Because scaring lil kids with my flab would be fun! and my Dad is desperately trying to get me to be a 'counselor' @Camp Willowbrook next summer. I dun wanna... It'd be NO fun! Plus, I'm not all that "out going" and I'd be like "C'mon kids, lets go to tennis" and theyd refuse and I'd get fired my first day.... SO... Anyway I already decided that Ima work @the movies with Shari so we can get free posters and such! *smiles*

I get ta rent movies tonight! Ima rent the first Tomb Raider movie and maybe the matrix... Dunno I'll hafta look around

Well that's all I have to say for now
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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003

Subject:It's good in the hood
Time:9:25 pm.
Me&Ashley are all good... The hostility has come to a close and she feels like she can talk to me about things i do that annoy her now, that being what I wanted to get through... Other friends can also do this, if u didn't know...

Ashley respects my: understanding
I respect her: guts for honesty

We're good we're good
the "baby mama holy matrimony drama" as Claire put it(not in that order)... hahaha
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Subject:Your Thoughts, more of mine...
Time:8:26 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
Music:If it were up to me-rooney.
Oh, I see. You did tell me, but when I say tell me, I mean talk to me about it-don't tell me off when my ims r screwed and then a week later be like "i did tell you!" and crap bc i dont sit @home and read my log manager. And if you hadn't lnoticed, the obsession was claming down, I thought you would appreciate that. I also wish that you would talk to me about things that nnoy you. Don't tell me when me ims r messed up...

BTw other ppl have obsessions if you havent noticed. And remember my other obsessions? They were a phase! It's like growing up! Eh? this is just part of my growing into the person I'm going to be... But then again, I guess us fighting is only part of our relationship... No writeen contract but it's understood that we're the ones to fight seeing as you're the "honest" one and I'm the "annoying to you" one...

Anyway, like I said if you'd talk to me about things, I wouldn't be mad, you wouldn't be mad and I wouldn't neciscarily CHANGE so much but WORK ON somethings... but whatever, you do what you want and I'll do what I want
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Subject:Your Honesty and My thoughts...
Time:7:23 pm.
Mood: anxious.
Music:Some 80s song about Respect, coincidence?.
So I was sittin here and I got bored so I decided to read random blurties! fun fun when ur bored! Anway so I happen to come upon Ashley's and its all about how she's honest(btw she is and i respect that, but this is in NO way an apoligy) and how our friends' are not that honest and she just had the guts to say anything about my obsession which stated late last week, is SLOWLY dying, but still here... She said that other ppl were annoyed but she was the only one honest enough with the guts to say anything, and I TOTALLY respect that. The reason I am mad is like in April or May or whenever Claire&Ashley ganged up on me and were annoyed at me bc I complained or w/e but the reason I'm mad now is bc she tells others first, and this time she told the WORLD and just left it there for me to read instead of coming to me and this just pises me off a tad bit... These are my thoughts and if anyone happens to read this to Ashley or if Ashley reads this herself, Ashley, plz IM or Email me with your thoughts....

LikeI said, if ppl would just calmly tell me things before going into overdirve and telling others/the WORLD, I wouldn't be mad.... I ike honesty, I hate the fact that even though we've all been friends for FOREVER we can BARELY tell each other things, this goes to the opening up point again but that's another story saved for another day...

This, again, is not an apoligy but an agreement I spose...
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Time:4:24 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
Music:I Don't Wanna Rock-BFS.
Orlando Bloom is the sexiest man alive! wow!

I just finished watching Lord of the Rings and can I just say that Legolas is the HOTTEST character Orlando Bloom has played(of the movies I've seen with him in it)! I mean yeah, I'd LOVE to have a Will Turner from PotC, but you can't beat Legolas' sexyness! and the way he shoots those arrows! AH! okay Ima shut up now!
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Time:10:57 am.
Mood: awake.
Music:"Life After Lisa"-BFS.
You're so full of yourself if you think you're the reason I hate Tyler! I laughed even harder than you can imagine at your reply! I read it like 30 minutes ago and I'm still laughin my ass off! If you hate e so much why are you reading this? Don't reply and be all "ah you suck" or some shit like this bc if you were TRUELY mad you wouldn't bother looking@this... BTW, what was the point of calling?

For the rest of the world, you can understand the rest of this... Life is better. I'm good now, still a lil mad but I'm all good! I've worked on chp 8 of my fic and it's coming along pretty good. I've got a bit of writer's block but that's ok. Me&Claire were gonna see LXG but we both are ridless bc her mama is ruinging claire's social life with her "obsession with tennis" as Claire put it! Had to be there to get the full affect... Anyway, Ima go back to my fic so I can post that chp and be done with it for a while...
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Monday, July 21st, 2003

Subject:Driver's Ed...
Time:8:44 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Wow is Driver's ed boring... I didn't listen to hardly anything my mom told me... it was SO boring! I didn't pay ANY attn... just listened to the BFS songs in my head...

yep, life is a boring piece of shhhhh
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