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[14 Jul 2003|02:05pm]

Hello. Thank you both for your interest in being judges in the 2003 Buffy
Fanfic Awards!!!

Right now I am developing a page on the site that ONLY the judges can access,
and it will basically just be more blah blah blah BS to help you judge. I just
want to make sure everything is fair :)

If I could trouble you so much as asking you to spread the word to various
mailing lists and to friends and other writers so that we can start receieving
submission. All submission will be sent to my email firstly. I will review it,
make sure it contains all the approiate informatoin and forward it to you. If
you would like for me to send the stories to other addresses, I can do that.

I will have more information later (which will be on the afformentioned "judges
only" page. If you have any questions just email me back here. :) Thank you.

I may also make the judges only page passowrd protected. If that is the case I
will email you guys and let you know the pass.

Spread the word!

Stake Me

[23 Jun 2003|11:36pm]


I am sorry for not promoting and being active in this community more. I have just moved and been really busy, so things were not settled for awhile. But now i am back.


Also, apologies for the nice graphic i spent hours making not appearing. It seems my asshole of a former picture host deicided to kill all free accounts, and deleted my pics.

Screw them, I got another :) and I will uploaded the backgrounds again soon!!

More later.
Stake Me

[11 Apr 2003|12:48am]

i'ma testing agian@
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