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Sunday, June 29th, 2003
2:15p - boring day so far
i woke up mad early....went with my step-dad to get pool toys
and now i am waiting for kyra to get home and call me back so we could go swimming with the new
toys!! MAD FUN!!! i wanna go swimming now but i dont wanna go alone thats boring!!!!
i wrote sam an email....joey called just to tell me hes going to six flags with jeff....which joey has NO
money to get anything and jeff is paying for him to get in and mind you jeff doesnt have his license yet and
supposebly he need your permit for 6 months there buddy not 2.....they are both know what i think.....joey turned gay because everytime i used to ask him to go places with me he would NEVER wanna go....but when his friends ask him he ALWAYS goes....thats B.S!! thats all i gotta say.....either that or he was embarassed of bringing me out!! i DONT care anymore though!!! hahahaha I am over that asshole!!!! HAHAHAHA
g2g for now
love ya guys


current mood: hot
current music: absolutely nothing!!

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9:00p - well
sammie ended up coming over to go swimming for a little while then we ate supper
brought her home and i ended up going to see ken with kyra and her b/f.....SORRY kyra but i have to tell you we had more fun last time we went to see ken because we didnt have someone complaining about whethter or not their mother was gonna bitch at them.....when we got there i was nervous...dunno why....but i started talking to him just as soon as he was gonna leave....i feel bad for him hes in sssoo much pain....cries....i just wanna make him all better.....he hasnt been himself lately....oh no!! i miss the old ken...i wsh he never got hit by that truck!! hopefully he gets better soon.....hes so adorable i love him bunches!!! then after we left him we dropped jeff off and we went to wendys got a frosty and i flirted with the usual "wendy guys" love wendys guys.....they are GREAT!! LoL.......then i wentover kyras for about ten minutes and then remembered that i told ken that i would call i went home and now i dont know if i should call him but i am gonna.....i think!! LoL...all i know is if i wake him up i will feel really bad!! OH NO!!! what should i do?? call or not call?? hhhhhhmmmmm.....i called and the answering machine picked up...thats a good thing but a bad thing also.....OH NO!!!!!! lol....well i g2g for now.....
Love Always

KYRA~you gotta come swimming with me tomorrow!!!!!

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9:13p - OMG I HATE HARRY POTTER....just a quiz though i wont flip put...LoL
Harry Potter!
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