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    Thursday, June 30th, 2005
    10:07 pm
    Hey...well today i woke up at 11:30 cause my dad called. so i got up took a shower and got dressed. at like 1 i went to my aunts. i helped her put together a baby toy adn that was difficult. haha. i played with the baby for a while then she got crabby so i put her in her swing and she fell asleep. then me my cousins my mom and aunt played skippo and after that we left.. i got home and i was online and ashley randomly showed up at my house. so we were talkin online and playing monoply. then she left to eat, and then she came back. lol so she talked online while i watched stripsearch.! i heart that show. now im just talkin to a bunch of people and i need to go to old navy tommorw so if u want to go let me know!

    Current Mood: cheerful
    Current Music: wonderwall- Oasis
    Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
    7:21 pm
    well i just made this ill do this week so far.
    Monday- woke up at like 12 then i went online and talked to mar for alittle bit. then at like 450 my brother took me and mar to my orthadonist..that was not fun..we were there for an hour..then he picked us back up and we went to Kohles. My bottle Cap belt so i wanted a new one but no they didnt have the one i wanted..we were there for like ever casue my brothers friend couldnt find sunglasses..haha so after that we droped mar off and i went home. the rest of the night i didnt do really anything

    Tuesday- I went to great america! it was soo fun adn hot. well of course me and mar got stuck in the very back of my van next to my brother cause his friends took the captin seats and the front seat..we played screw your neibor to my grandmas. then we just listen to the radio there..we finally got there and it was hot! me and mar rode everything and rode Deja vu for the first made me dizzy but it was awesome. We rode vertical velocity like 3 times and sat in the was soo fun and a little scary.hah then on this one water ride there was this worker guy he was like a nerd and were like hi! and hes like hi ladies wish i could come with u but i we went on again and this time he was liek hey. dont i knw u ladies..i just seen u we left at like 950 and we were like 10 mins home and we had to listen to crap on the radio..oh god long story. so i got home and watched pacifier and went to bed.

    Today- woke up around 2, talked online and updated more songs on my im talkin to my cousins on ttyl

    Current Mood: calm
    Current Music: La La -Ashlee simpson