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Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
8:44 am
Well I've had a crazy few days... Easter Sunday was brilliant. My mate Lianne threw a party in honour of my official name change on Sunday & I got suitably drunk. It was fun & I've not had a drink since the beginning of the year due to my diet & exercise regime, so thought it was about time I let my hair down. Just as well my flatmate Paula was driving, even tho' she did nearly kill us at one point.
Also I've finely got my webpage sorted. I'm pretty pleased with it & no doubt will be adding bits to it here & there as I get chance. It was doing my head in not having somewhere to host my bits & pieces so if you get the chance check it out here & feel free to leave any comments.

Today isn't going to be the usual Wednesday of racing around cos I did it all yesterday... Just got to go & pick up my post from the sorting office, call to see my friends at the card shop & post a parcel to my daughter Liberty.

My sleep seems to be getting a lil better, but I'm still having a few disturbing dreams. Thankfully tho I've been able to wake myself up out of them & realise that they are no more than dreams.

Hope all of you are doing ok & that you had a god Easter break. I'm going to try & do my best to have a read up later of your events, until then have a good day all of you.

current mood: pleased

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Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
7:05 pm
It's kinda hard keeping up with things atm. I managed to sort out my stuff as regards LJ & altho it meant deleting a whole journal & starting from scratch again at least I've been able to keep some of the friends that I trusted over there.

Today has been spent racing around... walking the dog & visiting friends. On a good note tho I weighed myself again today & thankfully have lost another couple of lbs... so that should be over 2 stone now. I hate the fact that I'd put on so much weight due to the meds Iwas having to take due to my depression. I know they help keep my mood stable but the side effects could are ones I could have done without... Ah well hopefully I'll soon start to look & feel more comfortable with myself.

I'm still looking for new friends on here... it's kinda good having different places to write & not feel restricted in the way I was before.
Still if it's just means I can write then I'm happy with that...
If anyone does happen to stumble across this & knows anything about web design I'd be really grateful... I used to have a site but I wasn't happy with it so took it down & can't find anything now that I understand. I just need somewhere to host my links & my poetry & other stuff that means something to me.

Anyway time for a relax methinks.
See you later

current mood: bouncy
current music: You & Me Song ~ The Wannadies

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Thursday, April 1st, 2004
10:23 pm
Well I just thought I needed a change from LJ... I'll just have to see how things go but I needed a break from those who were getting me down.
This week has been filled with pain. I've lost a very close friend cos she was unable to see that not all of it was my fault.
I do take responsibility for some of it, naturally, but I just feel she's one of these people out to destroy what she can... bugger who she hurts on the way.
I hope she's happy with her 2 female partners & the chap who services her at the weekend.
I just need a break from it all.

current mood: crushed

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