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Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Hay guys! I cant talk that long but i just wanna say hay to all u and let u no im still here just been kinda busy and ya no.....But anyways me and Derek are fine and Im steadly loosing weight but i need a lil bita modivation! Any takers ( it will help more than you think) Anyways im gonna close
Kristi Lynn

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Friday, August 1, 2003


hay guys! hows it goin? ok here* but anyways i ate a bunch and my tummy hurts like a mother fucker! but o well! I havent wrote in alil while but iv been busy so anyone comment and ill write u back!
xoxo kristi lynn

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Friday, July 25, 2003


hay guys! Ana angel thanx for the e mail. I realy needed that! Anyways, i dont have alot to say but any one who needs someone or advise im always here 4 you! comment to me and I'll read and write or email me but till then BYEBYE Kristi Lynn

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Thursday, July 24, 2003


hay guys. I have put 3 friends on my lil list and on my page it says i have vo friends defined... so i go to the add friends page and it says i have 3 friends defined! Its messed up! But any ways not alot is goin on today and i have not ate all day!!! YAY!!! i havent done this in a long time but thanx for all your support. Im have nothing else to say !!
cul8r Kristi Lynn

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

11:57AM - starving for perfection

hi guys... today in cheerleading i could not hit any of my stunts. I kept falling outta the air & couldnt handle it! I think its becouse i gained like 5 pounds in a week!!! So im not eating ANYTHING untill im back to 100 lbs. My coaches told my that i needed to get back in shape. And thats what im gonna fucking do! i get to go see my baby tonight!!!!! His name is Derek and i love him more than anything. We have been together for about 4 months. He knows about my ana but does not approve! i always have to hide it from him. He'll ask "have you been eating" of course i'll say yes, but he's smart enough to know the truth. He always notices when im really starting to lose weight to! So i just start eating & start gaining! IT FUCKIN SUX!!! Do any of you have any advise on how to keep him from knowing or excuses i could tell him?? Well i better go
CUL8R Kristi Lynn

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Friday, July 18, 2003

3:56PM - HELP

hi guys i need major help! and major advise from anyone! i have been eating up to 1000 cals a day for the past week! i weigh 106 now and last week i weighed like high 90s. Im trying soooo hard not to eat but i always give in! then get pissed at myself for doing so! I donno if i should just keep on eating & be ima. or do the best one and stay with ana and just quit eatin somehow. Please someone give advise IM DESPERATE!!!!!!!
l8r Kristi Lynn

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10:46AM - HELLO ALL!!!!

hi all im new but wanna get to no all of you. Im ana and have been for about a year but i go off and on with it. sometimes i eat totally normal and then sometimes i starve for a week. but if you have any advise on how to help me not eat please im all ears!

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10:34AM - I NEED HELP!!!!

hey im new and need help. i have to create a folder in 7 days or my name will be deleted! the problom.....i donno how to do that! someone help! other than that i also need help on my ana. i always say "ok im going to stop eating today" then around 4 or 5 i go to the kitchen and pig out! what should i do. the longest i can go w/o food is 4 days and then im suffering! ANY HELP IS GOOD PLEASE!!!!!

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