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atl ! [29 Dec 2003|09:32pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | dandy warhols ~ cool scene ]

omg recent events have been awesome. the show was awesome. everyone came. after the show, i went out to dance with chavo, erin and james. nixon and ben came, but only to drink. i was highly disappointed, bc i never see nixon while hes at college. crashed at kat and natalie's, along w/ like five others. it was wild.

college here sucks. i want to be in atlanta.

christmas wasnt so bad. greg and i survived another levstek family gathering. i got lots of the art supplies i needed for school. mostly money from relatives.

new years should be cool. heading back up to atl. maybe staying with kat and nat again? dunno. i just know tons of people will be there.

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[14 Jul 2003|02:53am]
i think it's time for me to forget about you.

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so yeah... [07 Jul 2003|02:26am]
[ mood | weirded out. ]
[ music | further seems forever. ]

i met this kid named david at a show recently. the second time we met up away from a show, we ended up making out? but i like james? wtf is wrong with me.

david is awesome, though. he plays guitar and is super interresting to talk to. i know he likes me, and he's a great kisser, but what do you do when your heart had been set on someone else for such a period of time (such as mine on james)? granted, i've only begun to see james as crush material quite recently, completely ignoring the fact that we 'dated' in - what - 7th grade? this is like some mandy moore drama. i can't handle being single.

suddenly life seems like a movie

and this has never happened before.

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cheesy, i know [07 Jul 2003|02:22am]
feels like I’m waiting in the last hiding place on earth
hangman’s noose tight round my neck
but I’m saved and
for 100,000 memories
been washed ashore
be swept again by forever
and sailed away from you.

only you could row my boat ashore.

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[26 Jun 2003|03:51pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | death cab for cutie. ]

so yeah, i guess i'll update because i never do.

i got a job a few weeks ago. i no longer have a boyfriend. there are no places to go to shows in savannah anymore, or all the shows suck. i feel awkward as shit most days. i haven't talked to shannon in almost a month, since she's at an art camp. i've been hanging out with a lot of random people, though, so that occupies a good amount of time, doing totally random things most of the time: went to james' house, melted crayons, and then we painted. it was an awesome day. ate sushi with chris and co. he hates adam now :) i've been sleeping too much, though. summer is just too lazy. and i need to punk up my afternoon, obviously.


and now the song lyrics commence. try to guess what they are.

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[09 Jun 2003|08:20pm]
teenage lovers lying beneath the sheets.

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[02 Jun 2003|06:23pm]
life seems so unreal
can we go back to your place?

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[05 May 2003|06:40pm]
The snow on my lenses distorting the image of what was only one of you
and I didn't know which one to address as your lips moved.
This is when I foret to breathe and all the things I scripted,
They sound so unfounded.
And it's the look that you're giving me
that tells me exactly what you are thinking: "This ain't working anymore."

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[04 May 2003|07:36pm]
I'm starting to fashion an idea in my head
where I would impress you
with every single word I said.
Would come out insightful or brave or smooth or charming
and you'd want to call me
And I would be there every time
you'd need me
I'd be there every time...
But for now I'll look so longingly
For you to want me, for you need me, for you to notice me

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last 24 hours [03 May 2003|01:58pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | saves the day ~ as your ghost takes flight ]

last night i spent the night with shannon. i think i have a crush on her brother zach right about now. im hoping it's just an after-effect of having problems with adam. plus he's a year younger than me. shannon has been such a good friend to me right now. but she's kind of annoying in the fact that at school all she talks about is danny, her artwork/job/how great all that shit is, and how lame scene kids are. especially when she's "trying" to be all indie now. how the fuck do you "became" indie? i wish sean would come back. [i still have all his built to spill cds, which i burrowed right before he moved.] i need to talk to him about EVERYTHING. my parents are pissing me off again. i got another letter from them. they're overseas in asia or whatever on some archaeological dig. they are the most selfish people ever. sometimes the worst thing i think they could have done was to have a child in the first place. they just always leave me with my aunt [btw, she's got a new bf. he = 8/10.] i really love my aunt. she's probably the only person i truly love, enough to die for. aunt liz, my elizabeth. my mother is so absent from my life, so self-removed because of her job. dad too. it's weird when i actually do see them. i can't identify. i just see how controlling and domineering my mother is, which i guess is good when she puts forth that passion and intensity in her work. my dad is so passive, peaceful, and if i get to talk with him enough, i can see a romantic whimsical side to him which shows me how much i am like him. i can relate with my dad in a way. never with my mother. she's antarctica in reference to me. oh, she made it her personal duty to be home in time for my prom, so she can ruin all my plans, which aunt liz wouldnt have. sweet. btw, i guess adam and i are still on for prom. or else i'll be dateless and drag out the super-emo songs. and knitting needles :P

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[03 May 2003|01:55pm]
in the rain. i see your makeup. slowly dissolving on your cheek
in a way. you're like a circle. constant and closed off from me

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[01 May 2003|06:23pm]
I wish you could put your ear up to my heart
And hear how much I love you

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i read through the 'hip-hoptionary' today...funny shit [27 Apr 2003|07:38pm]
[ mood | melodramatic ]
[ music | cursive ~ the recluse ]

things are getting weird with adam.

i think my parents think I'm depressed. i'm like, "mom, it's called being a fading teenager."

you know when it feels like no one is really genuine...everyone just becomes kind of one-diminsional? life is like that right now.

i realize what I dont like about relationships. i like the feeling, like it gets to a point where it could be any face. most relationships are just feelings with faces. i wish i could meet someone who is more than just that feeling and a face; someone who really does affect me. someone who makes me want to put them before me always. someone i won't want to shy away from after a few months.

this world is too big.

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