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[12 May 2003|05:36pm]
00. Band: good charlotte
01. Are you male or female: riot girl
02. Describe yourself: yound and hopeless
03. How do some people feel about you: a new beginning
04. How do you feel about yourself: emotionless
05. Describe an old girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: say anything
06. Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: bloody valentine
07. Where would you rather be: waldorf worldwide
08. Where are you: communication
09. Describe what you want to be: seasons
10. Describe how you live: the story of my old man
11. Describe how you love: change
12. Share a few words of wisdom: movin' on.

i happen to like Good Charlotte. and i like their music. and i like Benjamin Madden. and if you hate Good Charlotte then that is your opinion and not mine. kthx.
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[11 May 2003|12:19pm]
turns out this is another friends only journal.

don't add me because you want to make your friends list bigger.
don't add me just to get information about me to spread around the entire universe.
don't add me if U TyPE lYKe dIs y0Oo.
don't add me if i know you from school.
don't add me just because you want me to make you a layout or help you with your journal.
don't add me if your name is Krystle
don't add me if you are a foe of Kamee, but you're secretly a poopiehead.

if you add me
don't comment in my entries about how you totally contradict me about hating Avril.
don't comment in my entries about the above when it is not about Avril.
Don't comment in my entries with lame childish insults.

each month, i usually have a friends cut.
i cut people because they either stole one of my layouts or css, or did not comment.
i don't update often, so mind you if you despise me for not updating.
i use correct puncuation mostly, and correct spelling. i am not a perfect grammatist. i am slowly learning the guitar. and when i do, i will strangle you with one of my guitar strings. that is all.

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