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    Monday, February 3rd, 2003
    9:07 pm
    I've given this alot of thought, I don't know why you're coming back nowall of a sudden, but whatever it is must be good, when you're near me my heart beats faster, carrying your children made me feel special. On the other hand, Rosie has always been here for me, she's loved me through thick and thin, Chris just get on and talk to me, I can't get the words out here.

    Words of love, I hear you say, I'll always been with you come what may! )

    Current Mood: contemplative
    Current Music: Us (Play) - What Is Love
    Friday, January 31st, 2003
    4:07 pm
    Hi, I'm Anais Lameche from Play!

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Current Music: H2O - Role Model (Live)
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