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tonite fee;s like im dancing on air [07 Apr 2004|05:53pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | doug ]

Hey its Stephanie

wow this thing hasnt been updated in forever!!!
its not like anybody even reads this so whatever
so dont read it
read the live journal

Im talking to doug right now, he is really awesome, like he makes me smile. the whole time that im talking to him im just smiling. wow

Anas in colorado i miss her


Stop reading to this go read live journal our name is anaandstephanie

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"Jamie i'll be right back, im gonna go get some" Wow long entry but you have to read it all [01 Jan 2004|02:10pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]
[ music | Brand Newwww ]

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!


were here at stephanies just woke up from a crazy nite

and we just put together our important events for ANA & STEPHANIE of 2003 list


Going to shows with Steve-o, Jen and Andres
Ana Obessed with Andrew D.
Kid with the blue eyes
Stephanie & Steve Asperagus
making out in the neon
The Used at Ovation
Stephanie obsessed with Brock
Ana has a crush on Daniel Terry
Missions for love
Stop being friends with Steve-o and Jen
Start hanging out with Pam, Bam and Ruben
going to all absence shows
Stephanie and Camilo start going back out after a 5 month break up
Summer starts
Ana & Vinne = EWWWWWW
Vinnie obsessed with Ana = scary
hanging out with Palm Island Pimp going to starfuckers and looking cool in front of spics haha
Ana & Stephanie go to mexico
Pablo & Frances
Warped tour
Hanging out with Sam
We Bled Victory Shows
Mexis, Cocies, Jewies, Whities, Nazies, & Cubies
getting drunk with the girls Joey and Chris
Drunk in Joeys car singing Brand New out the windows
Ana & Joey go out
Partys at Allens
Partys at Chris Laudmens
Ana gets caught drunk
School starts
Joeys birthday party
Ana & Dale
Dana joins the group
Poison the well & FSF show at the venu (very drunk)
Dana & Pam fight
Everyone hates Ana & Stephanie
Ana's birthday at Chilies
Everyone friends agian
Story of the Year show at Factory with Sam and Jamie
Stephanies Birthday we bled victory show at Factory
Ana & Cali Chris (drunk mistake)
Stephanie & Camilo break up
Pams Party
Ana & Stephanie dress up as hula girls for halloween BIG party at Allens
Ana kisses David Harbor on halloween
Taking Back Sunday & Saves the day show at ovation with Jamie, Ramos, Kevin, Damion, and Tracy
Ana goes out with Chris Lamous
Stephanie & Jon go out or kinda of go out
Chris breaks up with Ana over the internet on his journal
Ana gets arrested
Rely phone calls (Go Ahead, Go ahead)
Stephanie & Jon break up or something like that
BonFires at Laudmens
Party after Ludacris We Bled Victory show (lumoics) at Laudmens we stay out all nite with Jamie and Jessica very drunk at steak and shake with kevin &Sam
Jon mad at Stephanie for drinking st laudmens
Camilo & Stephanie start talking agian
Leetal kiss Camilo ewww (slut) = Stephanie & Camilo ruined
Precution show ( JAMIE.......... CROSSS)
Winter Break starts
Ana goes to Mexico
Stephanie hangs out with the band and Joey lots of band practices
Jon not mad at Stephanie anymore
Ana comes back from Mexico
Sam quits the band
Chris Laudmens b-day party
New Years Party at Nicks
wow what a great year we had and thats just the overview

Kay so last was Nick Party........ So much fun , Best New years for both of us on a long time

So yea Joey and Kevin Picked us up Tara and Kaylin were in Kevins truck and me ana Ana rode with Joey....Got to Nicks everyone was there

Jamie, Megan, Sam , Jon, Cali Chris, Chad, Swartz, Kevin ,Joey, Tara, Kaylin, Eric D, Megan E, Jeff, Juan(bumrkus kid), Joeys cousins, and some people we did know (sorry if we forgot someone)

it wasnt a big party it was actually very VIP but it was cool cause we spent New Years with all our close friends

Right when we got there Tara and Kaylin were like "so who you kissing on new years" haha the whole nite we were trying figure out who our targets were pulling an Ana ::eye of the tiger:: dun dun dun MUAH dun dun MUAH hahah(i cant get that out of my head)

there was ALOT of alcohole and corona there, lots of lemons ha. Ana was pretty buzzed and trying to hide it. i think Megan and Jamie were feeling pretty good to. Chad was soo gone. a few people were drunk but not like stupid drunk it was cool

So when the clock struck 12, I (Stephanie) was standing next to Megan and Jamie so no kisses there but Ana was out looking for her target and she got her New Years Kiss from Eric D. , Tara and Kaylin kissed just about everybody there haha there great. Cali Chris didnt do so bad for himself he also kissed just about everyone there. I saw Joey doing alot of kissing to. but dont worry Me (Stephanie) megan and Jamie ended up getting our kisses at 12 too haha..... I think just about everyone there got a new years Kiss, maybe somepeople got from 2 people but hey its New years haha...

We got alot of Happy New years calls from other friends that werent there......and did our own calling to

so after 12 we went outside lit the fire works.... Me and Jamie pretened to go streaking and we Ran down the street to Fabians house but didnt end up getting anywhere..... Then Kevin striped of his cloths and went streaking.....ha we have the pics to prove it EW....... i almost pied my pants it was soo funny......

After we went inside hung out some more, Megan and Jamie left a little later ......We had alot of fun with both of them it was great to spend New Years together..... Then the party got Moved to Eric D. Funny cause me and Ana had been there before with his brother Andrew D. Yea it was cool we hung out for a while.....We got home at around 4:30ish messed around a little online with people then went to sleep.......So we started the New Years Happy hopefully that means we will have a good year......


"When i say lets keep in touch i hope you know i mean i wish you'd grow up"

HEY we havent updated here in blurty in forever and i dont think we will be updating here anymore.....so instead of reading our gay blurty go read our cool livejournal


forget blurty

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MAY BE i should hate you for this, never really did ever queit ever did get that far maybe i should [15 Dec 2003|05:48pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | my class ]

Okay so i'm in 3rd hour Marine science right now, Ya so this weekend was wierd i had fun but i also was very hurt. Okay so friday GAY had to go to the opera with my mom. Saturday i talked to Camilo and thats were my horrible weekend began so yea tells me things that happened that really hurt me blah blah dont wanna get into lets just say wow i cant belive he hurt me like this AGIAN. Okay well during the daay i went to the mall with Joey Ana and Jamie, Ana bought me the most awesome glasses which i ended up breaking later that nite=( Kay so then we were of to Ludacris(lumonocies) to see WE BLED VICTORY. Wow i love them soo much it always makes me sooo happy to see them play i missed the show friday and i was sooooo happy that they played agian, cause i needed to see them this weekend!!! After we saw Life without shame which were also awesome like always(didnt get hit with any fuze bottles this time) Me Joey Dana Ana Jeremy Jon and Sam went to Bennigans cause Joey ahd a 50 dollar gift certificate we ate WINGS !!!!!!! it was fun our waiter was Hot..... So then we went to the Bonfire at Chris LOWDAMS(HAHAHa still makes me laugh) There was soooooooo much people there wow. and my mom wasnt coming home so i was allowed to stay out the WHOLE nite! Okay so i drank a little got a little tipsy but i regret it sooooo much cause Jon got really mad at me and he wasnt talking to me and i dont think he is still talking to me cause i called him and he didnt pick up. i wish i hadnt drunk cause know I feel like Jon see's me in a different way and it suucks. cause seriously Jon is like one of my favorite people and i really like talking to him and i dont wanna lose him as a friend. I'll call him agian later maybe he'll talk to me. There was this big fight and blahblahh i got yelled at alot for not being quite or something i was soo drunk and confused...... Kay well me Jessica Jamie and Ana left chris's like at 4 something with Joey and when we got to my house we called Kevin to pick us up and we went to STEAK AND SHAKE!!!!!!!! YAy ate a club sandwhich and a shake YAY. "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ has a small penuis " EWWWWWW riding in the car with Kevin and Sam was soo much fun. that was like the best part of the nite!!! okay so we got home at like 6 amish Jamie Jessica and Ana slept over. and went straight to bed. Woke up the next moring just sat around ate pankaes...... Kay so later that day got more bad news from Camilo Yup hurst hurts alot. Fought the whoole nite blah blah blah.......Kay so i decided no more drinking Satuday nite proved that i dont need it and i dont want it i'm done with that. i hadnt gotten drunk since Oct 4th i didnt even know why i did it. I hope Jons not mad at me.....Kay well i'm about to go to lunch bye

This winter break BETTER be good!!!

WOW Blurty SUCKS i dont think anybody even reads this thing any more our LIve journal is sooo much better at least people actually comment, Everyone who has blurty go go go get live journal rite now!!!!

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blahh i'm gay [07 Dec 2003|08:37pm]
[ mood | discontent ]
[ music | Were doing nothing at all...... ]

as i read jounals i see everyone had a great weekend except me...blah i hate myself

*Post anything that you want (in comments), and post it anonymously. Anything. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love -- anything. Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Then, put this in your LJ to see what your friends (and perhaps others who you don't even realize read your LJ) have to say.


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[ mood | tired ]
[ music | DEAD POETIC ]

Hey hey its ANA!

yay im in a really good mood!!! after a long boring weeknd, this week has turned out to be great , AMAZING , im not really sure why but i just had so much fun and i was in such a great mood! wedsnday i got to disect a starfish with SANDY haha to bad me and IVAN did all the dirty work .. i got star fish goo all over me (not cool) haha and yesterday it was early realse so me ,PAM ,JAMIE, MIKE (BAM), and JESS went to go eat at ballancheeeeese and i had such a great time ODOYLE RULES!!!!! haha and pam got caught trying not to pay! pam didnt you learn your lesson by me? haha and i got nasty goey yucky white stuff all over me omg that was sooo great , them trying to take a pciutre and i kept licking it off! haha here i got pics of yestrday take a look! early realse days = fun times! (password is sluts)
so today i was suposed to hang out with chris , but plans failed .. sometihng about the car insurance but i think its a cover up! ramos , i bet you dont even have ur car , its all a hoax!!! haha so its friday and IM OFF GROUNDATION and what do i do? NOTHING im staying home like a big loser , i dont even feel like going out that much ... so yeah im free this weekend , if anyone wants to chill give me a holler yo.. exept i think on sunday im hanging out with my mom haha were going to the mall and yes im going to BUY stuff no more stealing! i hope you guys dont either ... i defitnaly learned my lesson

now this is a SPECIAL part of the update.. and its for you and only YOU ... vinnie
see let me share.. vinnie is this kid that is OBSSESED with our journal. he loves to read it everyday and loves to TRY (keyword :try) to create drama... aw too bad vinnie cause its not working. and yes please just one favor of you we ask , and that is to PLEASE stop reading our journal!!! we are not friends , you and stephanie are not friends , you despise us as we do too... nothing in this journal does or will pertain to you .. i mean is what we do THAT intresting to you? yeap i guess your like OBSSESD with us or sometihng ... that must be it. so please just stop reading it! cause we KNOW your reading it!! haha you probably wont even stop after this . i thot i would make you feel special and wriite a whole entry just for you :) so yeah you know you love us*

ok well thats it for now but more lata!
mucho love,

yay!! im going away in like 16 days... im so exited... if only i would have taken pablo's number down this summer... haha jk but i hope i meet some mexican cuties, and im defitnly not going to my scary aunts house!

oh yes mike im wating for our "date" haha im finally of groundation... it betta be good dawg

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[ mood | nauseated ]
[ music | motion city soundtrack ]

Hey its STEPHANIE. Wow i'm feeling really sick today I donated blood 1 WHOLE PINT. it was great even though i got really light headed i got free donuts and pizza and LOTS of juice and i got to miss 2nd and 3rd and sleep 4th with the excuse of feeling sick and coolest of all one of those I DONATED BLOOD shirts with little christmasy bloods on it!!!!!. the whole day i was really out of it after i gave blood but it was cool, next blood drive is Jan 26 i'm soo there!!! kay well.....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! i hope everyone had a nice thanks giving and ate as much as i did. Wedsnesday i guess you all know what happened went to the mall Ana got arrested. Thursday was thanksgiving went to my aunts house Camilo came with me cause he doesnt celebrate thanks giving so i invited him over, ate like a cow blah blah blah Later that nite when i got home Jon Came over. then a little later Jessica and Joey came by after the Movies we just chilled Joey got some weird ass relay call or something. Ana got one the other day to and Megan thinks she got one to "GO HEAD GO HEAD" hahahaha how come no one calls me on relay????? i want one of those calls!!! "GO HEAD GO HEAD" lol Friday i went to the mall in the morning with my mom and Ana, bought my self some really cute stuff!! another skirt. In the afternoon i went to Swap Shop with Sam and Jon it was soo funny i've never gotten hit on by some many middle eastern guys in one place, they were offering my like hundred dollar stuff for like 25 dollars, This one guys Simon offered to show me the world. Sam was ready to trade me in for a new car system. Later on i went home i couldnt go to the show cause i had no money, but when i got droped off Camilo was outside and he offered to treet me to WINGS PLUS WHOOP WHOOp ate a whole shit load of wings!! came home like at 9:30 and passed out. Saturday morning i went with Sam and Megan to Kabboms free skating!! Yup we saw AJ there(cause he works there) I love his Job roller blade around picking little kids up after they fall on there ass's and getting hit on by 10 year old girls. Saturday nite was WBV and AA at Pompano WOOHOOO. I went with Jon. Everyone was there except ANa Megan and Jamie it wasnt like alot of fun not the usual fun i have at PIS but it was Good. Jen GAYASS Levine was there " OH JOn we never hang out anymore" " OH Jen we never did" HAHAHAHHA ANYWAYS WBV what a CRAZY show all i saw were Chris's guitars stings flying everywhere, They've never been soooo crazy i loved it though, The ending was SOOO AWESOME!!! but the best part of the nite was me getting hit in the mouth by the fuze bottle Mike kicked to Joey. It was soo funny after that i had alot of fun i got swung around alot and got to sing on the mike, Life without shame was soo great i never really liked them before this show but they were really good!!!! Cant wait till the show on the 13th life without shame and We Bled Victory YEAY.... KAy well after the show bonfire at Chris LAUDMENS (lol) I didnt stay to long cause i had to be home i got home like at 2:45. Well sunday i did what i do every sunday eat like a cow and talk on the phone!!!! Today in School i laughed so hard i almost fucking threw up. "Hey Sam can i have Chris LOWDAMS number" it wasnt even that funny but something just came over me... wow she is the biggest ditz on this earth HAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHA KAy well i'm out to do GAY a project for english due tomm and i havent even looked at it BYE!!!

BLAH.........i feel sick


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this kid vinnie is OBSSED with our journal, meanwhile we hate him WHAT A FAG [29 Nov 2003|07:03pm]
ana reporting from groundation central...

who wants to go ron jons with me ? joey said theyre having a 5 finger discount?
so come on whos up for it?

hey while were there lets jump that dumb bitch that go me in trouble ... her name is martha by the way..
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hte stock market crashed [26 Nov 2003|10:42pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | never in red ]

hey its *ANA*

This week has to be the worst week of my life , for once I actually wish I wasn’t alive

I hate thanksgiving I hate everything about it , I hate myself its not fair

You know people do so many more worst things than I do and get away with it, I AM A GOOD KID I am not the kind of girl that now im thought off

Well ok heres a run down of today

I went to the mall we went into ron jon stole some shit , Stephanie and megan saw cops warned me about them Im stupid I put back everything but a fucking hat and that hat ruined everything…. So yeah I got caught … questioned…. Arrested…… handcuffed everything you could think of. i even rode in the cop car ...

So my they take me to the station my parents pick me up and then I get to hear it all , I mean I deserve it…. But IM NOT A BAD KID I don’t do drugs i don’t drink anymore I do fairly well in school , I am not even near being a slut…im not an “out of control kid” I mean occaisly I do a bad thing here and there but doesn’t everyone??

So now my parents hate me they think im the worst child theyre embarsed in saying Im theyre daughter …. Its not fair … its not fair that my brother and my sister do bad things way worse than me and they get a fucking pat in the back…. Its not fair that my sister is considered the perfect daughter while my parents know shes a fucking physco... its not fair my brothers a drunk and gets away with it…. And offcoruse I had to be a dumbass and still take the hat while I was warned not to and get caught and now im disowned , I feel like the most selfish person in the world I have money to pay for things and I don’t…. my parents have always given me everything I wanted and I still want more ….
I just wish this week would be over I hate it…..
I just got dumped
I got in a fight with Sam
I got arrested
My parents hate me
Im never gona see the sunlight again
My parents still don’t belive everything I say

And offcoruse this had to happen on thanxgiving weekend holiday I happen to dislike the most I thot this year was gona be different stay at Stephanie’s house and have for once a good thanxgiving but I had to fuck it up…. God I seriously can never do anything right to please my parents I thot I was on the right track… maybe for ONCE they would be proud of me and I had to fuck it up …

Ok this is just dumb , why the hell am I even writing in here

The point is …. Don’t expect to see me around for once in my life im even grounded from the phone and internet (that’s how bad it is) offcourse ill try to sneak around but I just hope im missed and uhh it has just been too much in one week, this is for real one of the worst weeks of my life , fuck fuck fuck
Im going to take some motrin a lot of it and just go to sleep….. Im such a disapoinment /fuck up for once I wish I could do sometihng right
oh and yeah i didnt apreciate my sister laughing as i walked in the door, i didnt laugh when you were caught fucking your bf or caught sneaking out you fucking slut ahh sorry it just gets me mad , im so gona get back at her

oh and this might sound fucked up due to recent events but as i was in the police deparmtnet being questioned about my articles of clothing , they were asking me like oh you wearing a belt oh you wearing this blah blah blah.... and they asked me if i was wearing a hat and i started laughing .. i mean come on it was kinda funny... lol oh and the cop LOVED my roos he kept showing all the cops.. ha

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[25 Nov 2003|02:58pm]
[ mood | rejected & exited as well ]
[ music | DKLIMB ]

but just remember the first step in forgetting is destroying all the evidence with friends like you who needs sub-text THIS IS A 44.CALIBER LOVE LETTER SRAIGHT FROM MY HEART*

Its *ANA*
Hmmmm yes im at home being lazy and eating toast. Ha because of yesterday my mom “advised” me to stay home. She thinks im deathly sick or something haha since she saw me throw up and crying so yeah…… I got to sleep in a bit which felt sooo nice, I woke up today and was still nacious I hope I’m not getting sick that would suck ass specially for this long weekend coming up…
Speaking of weekends my weekend looks like its ACUTALLY gonna be fun.. Surprising huh? Haha well my friend ALLIE and her friend JOEY are picking me up one of the days and im gona go hang out with them in coral springs, I haven’t been to allie’s in ages and its time I pay her a visit… also one of these days me and PAM planned having a girls night out yay! And then Saturday is WBV and ALL ABSENCE show and I can’t wait to go.. I missed the one on Saturday L so now I HAVE to go to this one, I think SAM will beat me up if I don’t go hahah …. And I also plan on making some phone calls and hanging out with some other people … woooo I love long weekends.. I can do like a million different things oh and im dying to see “the cat in the hat” so if anyone wants to go with me .. lets! lol
Well so far today is soo much better than yesterday… I’m still feeling a little sick and rejected but im sure I will feel better by the weekend and I got to stay home and be lazy and just watch tv…
And thanks to all the previous comments and thanks to EVERYONE that made me feel so much better I LOVE you guys!! Special thanx to STEPHANIE for making me feel soo much better like always, I seriously don’t know what I would do without you and thanx for the comment lol , and PAM you also made me feel soo much better and your comment was the best … haha shuuuuuuuuttuuppppp I cant wait for our girls night out .. maybe I can regain my title as make-out queen, also to TRACY for making me feel better last night and to ALLIE and JOEY for your annoynymous phone call that made me laugh so much , and SAM and JESSICA and SARAH and JAMIE and MEGAN and umm just about everyone haha and BAM
all absence (11:00:55 PM): i wonder what u look like when ur sad...
all absence (11:01:01 PM): do u mow the grass?

Ok so im gona go eat more toast cause that’s all I can eat (oo maybe ill loose some weight.. mhhmm that’s a plus about being sick hahaha) and watch t.v.

ps. who wants to come on our girls night out? its gona be fun

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remind me not ever think of you again.... [24 Nov 2003|06:23pm]
[ mood | pissed off and sick and sad ]
[ music | brand new ]

i know its long but its from the both of us ANA and STEPHANIE so read up kids !!

its ***ANA***
hey .... today was such a shitty shiiiityy shittyy day , i havent had one of these in god knows how long.... blah so yeah i pretty much failed my math test , even after writing the answers and formulas up my skirt haha , yeap i failed then CHRIS basically broke up with me on his journal , and then on the phone WOOO!!!! not.... it was just so weird cause i had no idea it was comming and i dont think anyone else did... it was just like a shock.. i guess im feeling a little better about this but the shittiest thing is that he did it on his goddamn journal before even talking to me do you know how shitty that feels?? and to make my day just even better i threw up a few minutes ago ... YES!!! my day is just great, peachy .... blah
i HATe guys... they suck ass ...

i just cant wait for this weekend ,go to WE BLED VICTORY show , me and PAM just planned a girls night out yay.. time to look hot and party right pam? ha just to forget about this stupid thing and be happy ...
but one thing was cool today .... SAM took me JAMIE ,SANDY,and DANIELO to macdonalds and i got to pig out and they all tried to cheer me up . THANX GUYS I LOVE YOU and PAM and STEPHANIE and JESSICA also thanx guys :) well im out i have the most absolute WORST headache in the world . im gona go lay down probbably throw up again cause i still feel naucious i just hope tomorrow goes a hell of alot better than today....

i should have listend to everyone about chris .... im starting to think they were all right and i was wrong

p.s.thanx for today. i hope YOU'RE happy...

Literate and Stylish, kissable and quite well thats what girls dreams are made of.....
HEY HEY Its STEPHANIE Kay well i just got home from School a little bit a ago school=GAY!! I'm soooooooo fucking sick of it i wish i was a senior so i could get the hell out of there, I'm Slacking pretty bad in my classes but i'm trying to pull my grades back up.. yup my mom didnt talk to my teacher last weeek but she called today and she didnt get touch with her soooo i'm pretty sure she will get in touch with her tommoroow thats when i'm in BIG trouble so chances of me going out this weekend very small... Yup well this weekend i had a pretty cool weekend Friday after school went Bellantes Ate like a pig... went in the car with Rabb Ana and Pam me and Rabb talked about our pembroke pines days lol... Logan threw up ewwwww....i ate 8 piczas. Later that nite me and Sam went to the Mall met up with RAb, Tracy, Aly, Ana, Jamie, Jessica and Jon showed up later on got the all thats left demo cd thing FO FREE from Steve from all thats left! Saturday morning i worked out, Then i dyed my hair Black agian i defintly needed it my hair was back to brown agian, it looks really cool better than the last time i dyed. it i like it alot. Well at around 5:30ish Jon picked me up we went to laudmens where Sam, Danielo, Rabb Kevin and Damion were. we loaded the drums it the cars then we were off to the show WHOOP WHOOP. KAy well me and Jon were the first to get to PIS and there was NOBODY there so we went to Sam Ash where he bought some new drum sticks when we got back to PIS EVERYONE was there the only people that didnt go were Ana and Megan(sellouts lol) Even Tonya was there Rabb took her ooOoOooOooO.... yea well All ABsence played. of course me Jamie and PAm were in the front the whole time dancing, They did great its always fun to watch them play... We Bled Victory Played it was AWESOME as always i LOVE going to there shows!!!! Hey and Chris and Rabb actually moved it was great! everyone went crazy me and. Jamie spined haha thats was fun. Next played that other band didnt like them all that much they were okay... Then the AFI cover band wow that was funn i didnt like them at all but hey we had fun while they played. they played the leaving song twice hahaha our recreation of the video was funny... Kay well we left around 12 then we were off to Laudmens Everyone went except Jamie and Tonya i think. Wow watchin Allen Jon Nick Daniello and Sam try to start the bonfire was probably one of the funiest things of the nite. Jon was the best though "i use to make fires behind win dixy all the time" that was great.....Kay well i got home at like 2 something. Sunday was great i chilled most the day then at like 7ish Camilo came by and took me to EAT WINGS!!!!! wow i had been craving wings for ever I LOVE WINGS FROM WINGS PLUS!!!! we ordered a 25 piece and ate about 17 Camilo was to slow he only at about 5 and the rest a took home and i'm eating them right now, We had to write an essay in class today about something we loved... I wrote mine on chicken wings..mmmmmm I want more wings the very hott ones with alot of hot sauce...Yea i'm defintly working out tomm. HAaha.... Moving on from chicken wings I'd like to send a speacial thanks to Vinnie for keeping camilo informed on what i write on my Journal its oh sooo sweet of you Vinnie, I really cant belive your still not over our Journal ? Yea Me and Camilo had already talked a long time ago about the whole Jon sitution i told Camilo everything. he knew what was going on from when something started going on, i'm not keeping any secrets from him, but Camilo doesnt read my Journal cause i know he can care less what i write about in it, ofcourse anytime i write anything you have to go inform him right away? Yea Camilo was Mad when he saw it in writing but he was mad for that sec and thats it we talked and guess what he still loves me he is STILL my bestfriend, what i wrote didnt change anything cause like i said before he knew already, he was the first person i talked to about what i was feeling cause he is the most important person.. Keep the good work up your doing great Job in trying to make him hate me like ALWAYS, and agian if you dont like or approve of what i write here DONT READ IT!! thats the only advice i can give you..... Kay so now that were on this whole Jon subject, what can i really say i guess over the last 3 weeks or so i developed a crush on him and him one for me. he's asked me out (like to be his girlfriend) a few times but i just really havent been ready to say yes. me and Camilo have been broken up for 5 weeks today, i serously think Jon is getting tired of me saying no to him. are me and him gonna go out, i dont know well see......
Kay well that was defintly a LONG one but hey we had alot to write about.
AHHHH I hate boys i'm gonna become asexual



Ps; ANA feel better i know how that is, i mean how many times have i cried for days and days cause Camilo broke up with me, Hopefully you'll find another guy who is REALLY worth it not someone who is gona play with your feelings like that all i can say is Fuck that!! your hott and you know it!

Thanks giving this weekend my favorite holiday cause i love turkey and gravy (well i love food period), yaay i always get sooo excited for thanksgiving my family isnt even american there colombian but we still celebrate it, its just a great excuse to PIG OUT(not like i dont everyday) wow i'm hungry........

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all theses skeez skeez skeez, Logan-maybe they like snow sports? [20 Nov 2003|09:06pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | THRICE ]

HEY HEY Its STEPHANIE!!!! burrrghaaahahaha Man i've had this one song stuck in my head for like 2 days alll cause of JAmie "i leave the lights down low so she knows i mean buisness and maybe we can talk this over cause i can be your best friend let alone your worst friend let alone your WOOOORRSSSTTTTT friend, I wanna hate you sooooo bad but i ....." and thats it!!! Yesterday me and Ana went to the mall and a bird tottaly POOPED on her it was great HAHAHAHAHAHA Yea well we went to buy my friend Vanessa a b-day presant so i bought her a presant and i ended up getting myself get someself somme cool shit, a hat, a purse, scarf,some socks, shoes and a skirt YAY and we went into Empire Pizza, Ya we saw Dale that was odd lol Ya i think he use to look hotter till before Ana told me how boring he really is..... we were basicly at the mall the whole day and today i thought i was gonnna be in biggg trouble cause my teacher called my mom yesterday and left her message to call her back cause i'm failing her class and my mom was suppose to call her back today but i guess she forget, but i'm pretty sure she will call her tomm. and i'm gonna be in sooooooooooo much trouble when my mom talks to my teacher, ya if my mom talks to her you can be sure i wont be going anywhere this weekend whichhh really sucks causee i wanna go to PIS on saturday WBV and AA!!!!!! hopefully they wont talk till monday!!!! Okay well latly i've been noticing how GAY Jen Levine is, how could she tell people that i'm ditzy or slow that girl is the fucking slowest retard i've every met how could she call me ugly and slow and say that i'm to stupid or ugly for Jon "hey Jen did you ever stop and think that maybe he didnt like you or want to go out with you when you liked him cause you scare every single guy away or cause YOU were to stupid or slow for him?" AWW poor Jen i remeber when she thought her and Jon were together when in realiaty he was scared of her.. ya i thought soo. Sorry Emo Jen your Gay with a capital G. Yup i know i sound like a bitch but Jen needs to stop talking shit about me and ANA. OHH but Jens 18 so she cant touch me or Ana, dont worry Jen i'll be 18 in 10 months then you can come kick me ass with your big bad butch self you'll have to wait a few more years for Ana though HAHAHAHAHA your gay, "Hey Jamie whats your definition of Emo is it me and my cotton ball hair?" lol... kay had to get that off my chest i've been annoyed by her cow self the whole week..... KAY WELLL ANYWAYSSSS everyone cross your fingers that i can go out this weekend!!!!!!!!!! I want to got to bellanties tommoroow for the eating contest!!!!! and i NEED to go see We Bled Victory!!!!!!! alrite well i have nothing much more to say BYEEEE

HEY wanna know a secret i like someone, someone likes me everyone can probably guess who i'm talking about but yea .....

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hey hey! its ANA...
its monday , and i definatly have a case of the mondays... arghhh so yeah last week and this weekend i defiantly could have done without... but there was some pretty good things about it...

on Friday i got to see chris, we went to the mall with adam saw JAMIE MEGAN and JESSICA... i was really tired had a headache and it wasnt too much fun... remind me never to go to the mall again. haha

Saturday , during the day SARAH and JOEY called me and asked me if i wanted to go to the mall with them and DANA and JESSICA that was cool.. i had fun with them i hadnt hung out with them in a while and they got me a bunch of stuff, (a pirate shirt , bathing suit a keychain a wallet and um i got me some underwear and i bought a purse) thanx guys!!! it was cool ,
at night i went to see a movie with SAM and his friend ALI, i was suposed to see chris afterwards but our plans got messed up.....argg and i hurt my neck and it hurt alot so i went home instead of staying out all nite like planned :(

Sunday i went to chris house and we hung out there...it was alot of fun... we saw donnie darko even though chris was asleep for most of the movie haha and just hung out..

school sucked today, i was bored and we got a seating chart in science and i no longer sit infront of sandy .. i sit next to this girl that gives me dirty looks and has side burns :( i cant wait till christmas.. im going away to mexico for a week and ill be back for New Years.. hopefully this year New Years will be better than the last couple ones....
ok well just a rundown of my weekend blah...

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eveyone sucks........... especialy you [16 Nov 2003|05:52pm]
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[ music | the Used ]

eveyone sucks........... especialy you

HEy its Stephanie i really dont feel like updating but i'm going to anyways.......so yea friday was camilos bday YAYAYAY i got him 2 very cute shirts and an earing and like 20 cards! i miss him..... Yea so me and Sam went to Towers were we met up with Sarah, Chad, Dana, Joey, Sandy Jon, Chris, Nick and Rabb... yea chilled there for a bit then off to practice, Jermey wasnt there so i got to sing alot Whoop Whoop.. KAy so then we went to Allens everyone was there Sarah got her nipples pierced and Chad got his toung pierced!!!! Ya i wanna get something pierced!!! Okay so Jon took me Megan and Jamie home we stoped by at Wendys stole some fries it was great.... Kay so Saturday morning went to the mall with my mom nothing intresting really happened... Then at nite Joey and Sarah picked me up we went to Chris Laudmens And were Sandy Megan and Rabb were watching the Sam drunk video.... Fun times back then one of the best summers i ever had ..........well then we went to Chris CASTLE Cali's Castle house for a bar b Q yea it was cool they played cards we all just chilled. Me Rabb Chris L Megan and Sandy left at around 11:30 cause Sandy had to be home we took her home then we went to my house ate Then we were off to practice everyone was kinda tired so it wasnt that exciting so yea..... Yup Jon took me home like at 2;30 we hung out for a while yup so that was the end of my weekend ........today i didnt do much just sat around and ate, Hey guess what i have my permit test on Tuesday i better start studing what a loser i'm 17 and i dont even have my permit!!!!!! AHHHHHHH kay well i'm out now

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i cannot inhale the sparkle of your voice*** [11 Nov 2003|06:07pm]
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hey i posted pics on the site , everyone go look and comment still gotta scan more halloween pics and if anyone has anymore from halloween, let us put them on our site woo

hey its **ANA**
last night i went to the WBV show at PIS with SAM,STEPHANIE and JAMIE (sober sisters), i met up with chris <3 haha and allen was also there being very very funny and surprisingly enough he was sober , last night was alot of fun even tho i went home early

today since there was no school , chris was suposed to come over but since he didnt get his (make belive haha) car he was gona ride his bike hahahahah and then his mommy didnt let him double hahahaha so we asked sam to take me to his house and we payed him so he took me YAY , by the way thanx so much sam! so we hung out at his house watched tv , some of matrix talked on-line , watched joe dirt and FOUGHT hahaha and once AGAIN i so kicked his ass there was no competition , haha chris i kicked your ass dirty style!!!!! "what chu talkin bout ese!" and chris being the sore loser he is is probably gona say , "no i so kiced your ass" but dont belive his non-sense . i love hanging out with him, i always have so much fun even if we just hang out at his house or mine , well at least i have fun. hes awsome-possum , neato--mosquito
has anybody noticed everyones been dieng latly , its weird.... it seems like that girl becca (the one that got killed in the accident this summer) set off a chain reaction and after that so many accidents have been happening and people being sick and stuff.... its weird ah ok just everyone be EXTRA careful when you drive...

today is deftones and ptw , im not there :( chris went , and tom is thrice and thursday and coheed , also not going to it :( but sunday hopefully i can go to rx bandits with chris, that is if he wants me to go with him haha
ok im out gotta do hw and all that good stuff

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cause this is my united states of wHateva!! [09 Nov 2003|05:48pm]
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[ music | Finch ]

HEy Hey its *Stephanie* Okay well i had a pretty good weekend, Friday i went to the Carnival with Sam, We met up with Megan, Kt, Kyle, Pam , JOey , Chad, Sarah, and Dana yup the carnival wasnt really all that great but whatever, when everyone left me sam and Pam went over to western cause there was game saw alot of people western seems like a cool school to go to.... after we went to Allens cause it was i guess a get together for Jamie red heads birthday all the same people were there pluss this girl and this guy That look like hotter version of Brock another girl and this guy, Jamie red head and gay girls Valerie and Shotsy. Well the begining was kinda boring nothing really going on but it got better later on, Well there was this whole thing with Kt's Ex boyfriend Jeff coming to fight Chad of course at the end nothing really happened but yea.. Me and Sam went to drop Pam off back at the Carnival, Megan called me pretending to cry about Kt ex bf Jeff being there and Blah blah blah me and sam believed her but they were just messing.. Well anyways a little later Jon, Chrris, Sandy and Rabb got there. we stood outside for a while just watching all the cars that were going by expecting one of them to be Jeff but no luck.... Well Allen was pretty passed out poor him, but it was funny how he just appeared in the chair outside and sat there the whole nite not moving at all. Umm well Sam Kt and Megan started to fight each other and got all tangled up in the spider webs that were still but since halloween lol..... next me sam and Jon went to get food and stop by my house for a sec, then we went to chris's everyone had already gone home it was like 1 something so it was just me Sam, Jon, Chris, Rab, This kid Steve and Jamie red head we sat inside the shead and watched them practice, I got to sing alot Juan(buumrukus kid) and his girlfriend showed up a little later he sang alot too it was funny, Yea well i got home at like almost 4 and had a pretty intresting nite i was up till like 7am , Okay well Saturday nite Sam Jon and Megan came to pick me up then we waited for Joey Sarah and Dana then we were off to Kfc yea well we ahd some good Chicken then we all went to Kabooms too see AJ but he left early so we just played in the arcade Me, Dana and Megan went in the playgound play thing and we came out all brused up with rug burn lol. Yea so we left and it turns out that Mr. Shapiro, and Miss Clyatt (now MRS. Shapiro) were playing guitar and singing in the club next door so we went in and watched, AWWW there so cute together!!!! Yea well anyways then we went to Nicks house all the Same people pluss Ana,Pam,Ruben but they were only there for a bit. And Chris from california was there too we all just hung out we played cards well they played cause i suck and they didnt let me play but yea i watched this surf video and surprisingly it was very intresting? played som video games, Yea i sucked but whatever.... Jon took me and Megan home at like 1 ish and yea i had a cool nite it was fun.....

Okay well now i'm sitting here i have to go get ready soon cause my mom is having a dinner for her Boyfriend and of course i have to be there and look nice yea whatever.... Kay weelll this wekend was actually really cool i had a very fun sober time, (See Jamie it is Possible to hang outt with everyone be sober and still have a good time!) Yay

Thurday and Thrice on wed. And deftones and Poison the well both this week but i cant goto any of them =(

Latley i seriously feel like i'm a different person since me and Camilo broke up everything is just like upside down tottally different i guess its just cause my routine has changed but yea its weird and i think things are just gonna get wierder........


i just finnished gossip girl # 5 i think "because i'm worth it" yea they seriously need to end the story now and tell us who that god damed gossip girl is, its defintly not a great book but yea i was hooked from the first one, next i'm reading trainspotting........

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chris sucks at laser tag [08 Nov 2003|01:24am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | thursday ]

hey hey! its **ANA**
i just got home from hanging out with CHRIS and ADAM
today was a good day.. didnt do much work in school .. me and sandy talked about a bunch of stuff, shes so cool if it wasnt for her third hour would suck haha then after school me , PAM,BAM and DAVID went to eat at bellancheeeess (hah) and wow i have never eaten so much in my life haha i beat my record... i was sooo full after that but it was soo much fun. me and bam put brownies all over our teeth and tried to be sexy (didnt work) then david started going crazy with his spaghetti.. and spit it everywhere haha yuck i alsmot threw up but it was funny! i like hanging out with them theyre awsome :)
i had SOOOOOOOO much fun tonight, we went to BOOMERS. went on the go-karts almost killed myself cause im a shitty driver , then wasted a million tokens on ghetto ass games that were half broken hahaha we played laser tag and that was AWSOME we defiantly owned those little black kids haha well acutally chris did , i sucked i think i even cheated lol ohh well , so after laser tag and fun n games we tried walking to taco bell , wow that was so scary... we were walking in like these bully looking dirtpaths in the middle of the ghettoo. and in the middle of nowwhere there was this really scary house woooo um so yeah after our long scary walk to taco bell we went back to chris house and watched finding nemo... sooo cute!! lol my nite was sooo much funn YAY!!!!!!!! so i got home kinda late and i got in trouble.. hope im not grounded but like the good kid i am i made up some bullshit excuse and i duno still in trouble but not too much... adam and chris are both really cool kids , so i hope the rest of my weekend goes as well as today ,i had such a great night... tomorrow hopefully "girls nite out" with pam and stephanie haha
and on tuesday since there is no school me and chris are hanging out YAY ok well im soo tired.. so i think im gona go to bed.
mucho love
ps. thanks chris.... i had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun tonite :)

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i live in miami ::: wheres that?! [06 Nov 2003|08:20pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | denice the menace yo ]

hey!!! its *ANA*
well yesterday was TAKING BACK SUNDAY and SAVES THE DAY show! it was sooo great!!!!! i loved it. we (JAMIE STEPHANIE and ME) saw everyone like damien, kevin, tracy her friend danielle, robert and his emo crew and Lamos hah.. we had sooo much fun , from singing with damien, slapping fights, booger fights with kevin and stephanie, getting dirty looks from these fat girls, dancing like retards!, making fun of gay people getting it on infront of us haha WOW saves the day did awsome!!!! i was soo happy thank you PAM and BAM for getting me a ticket you guys rock!!! and ruben for taking us to the show, (ruben likes to sing tatu in the car)
anyways the show was at ovation whcih is FAR and the sound sucks but it still kicked ass , woooo...!!! after the show we went across the street to dunkin doughnts for some cheap water at the drive through and we asked for two waters and got 3 for free!! woo and some doughnuts!!! the guys like "chu wan some doungts?" and were like ok thinking he was gona bring like two he brings out a whole box!! and stephanie eating the powdered doughnt!! hahah that made me laugh sooo hard. chris got punched in the face (ouch) and lost his hat hahaha he went home and slit his wrists over that! hahahaha ok no i was jk
it was soooo much fun YAY!!!!!!!!
school was pretty tiring today since we got home kinda late oh yeah as were waitng to get picked up these girls ask chris if they can sleep over and instead of saying no like a normal person hes like i live in miami and they were like wheres that??? i think they really wanted to sleep over haha what losers , the ride home was weird stephanie and jamie went in the front and me and chris had to sit in the back it was really scary well overall it was a GREAT night couldnt have asked for better
tomorow i think me and pam and bam and people are going to ballencheeeese hah and um after that either carnival or im hanging out with chris... he's really cool, i have so much fun when i hang out with him , he makes me laugh :)
everyone GO TO THE CARNIVAL!!!!!!!
*********129 DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT******* yay
and only like 1 month and a half till christmas ... so exited....

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"what is it with you guys and all the sexual inuendos" LoL [01 Nov 2003|09:35pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | the Yeah yeah yeahs ]

HEY its *STEPHANIE* okay well yesterday was halloween, well what can i really say defintly not the best Halloween i've ever had and not the worst, it wasnt a great night but it wasnt a bad one either i guess i can just call it weird suprising and intresting....... well me and Ana went with Joey to allens kinda of early. Ana and me were totally decked out Hula girls i have to say our costumes were awesome, and Joey was either Jermey or an emo boy not really sure but his costume was very nice too. Okay well begining of the party wasnt all that great i hit the beer bong once and ana did to but i wasnt really drunk i was a little on the buzzed maybe a little drunk, ihad the giggle pretty bad but thats about it. Sarah dressed as a sexy bat women Dana as gothic angle and KT as a pink fairy all looked very cute in there costumes. i was soo happy that some people actually dressed up,thats what halloween is all about dressing up and getting candy!! Sams Ninja costume was the best he reminded me of a power ranger, Logan came as a lumber Jack, Tracy Ashleey and AJ all looked very cute in there costumes to tracy a fairy, ashley snow white and AJ the fairy guy from the fairy god parents. Chris showed up at the end of the nite with Sandy both looking very cute I LOVED chris's Harry Potter costume next time chris i'm dressing up as Hermonie with you!!! Well in the begining there wasnt much people there but then everyone showed up at one point there was about 100 people there it was crazy you couldnt even walk the first keg ran out in like and hour or two. i saw alot of people that i would never expect to see at allens some people who i would never want to see at allens. Pam and BAm came for a bit Pam was dressed as a girl and Bam as a lady bug LoL dont think they enjoyed themselves much =( I talked to Joe Delpercio for a while he seemed glad about me and Camilo's break up, he told me he had always had a crush on me or something. he left the party and came back like an hour or two later looking for me but i was no where to be found hmm where was i?... okay if any of you saw Ana you probably saw her with the Hottie of David Harbor like a said before he went through some very good drastic changes ya defintly GO ANA... Okay well a huge fight broke out between allen and some kid i saw it all i had a great view from where i was sitting it was soo funny when like you see like 60 guys, basicly the whole party run down the street to help Allen ya go allen i heard he kicked hi ass? well of course that broke the party up and the cops showed up and we all took refuge in Allens house, Jamie was very very very sick, i've never seen her like that i was seriously so scared she had alchole poisoning she could barly hold her head up but Ana took care of her most the night after she found her, and then Joey took us home and we had to practically carry her in to my house Joey and Sam stayed for a while at my house just talking about the whole nite and helping Jamie out, So yea Jamie and Ana slept over we fell asleep at like 6am and woke up 8am so i am seriously falling alseep as i rite this entry, well i left alot of parts out cause i dont remeber them but belive me it was a crazy nite. I think one of the funniest things of the nite was KT and Ana walking in on Allens Dad in the shower LOL it wa sthe first guy ana ever saw naked Allens dad lol.... In the Moring Jamie was stilll very hung over and so was Ana i felt pretty okay, Well like at 1:00 Sam and Jon came over and we took Jamie home and went to the original house of pancakes and ate , Ana ate alot of Pancakes lol. we had a good time i couldnt stop laughing the whole time we were there and our hash browns tasted like mustard or maybe ana just smells like mustard, well anyways after we ate we went to Kabooms to visit AJ, Man i seriously almost peid my pants there all 4 of us just sat there for like an hour watching all the little kids roller blading and falling on there ass's it was soo great. Jon left cause he had to go to work but me Sam and Ana still Sat there just watching this little black kid in an orange shirt roller blade around and fall every 2 seconds but he was a troper he would just get back up and keep skating like nothing we didnt leave till the little boy in the orange shirt left were definatly doing that agian, Oh almost for got we brought AJ a pancake and some hash browns in a napkin fron the pancake house we put it in Anas purse and gave it to him for his birthday and Yes he ate it ewwww.. Well me Ana and Sam then went to the mall i got an awesome new pair of sun glasses cause i lost my favorite pair on thursday =( Then we left and went home. Okay rite now i'm sitting here on the phone* theres a party at the beach or something Sam and Jon called me to go but i dont really feel like going out i'm tired not in the mood to party like i said its only like 8:30 and i'm about to pass out, i think i'm just gonna sit here and cut out paper stars for my room? I saw Camilo today for like 2 minutes when i was coming into my house for some reason it was starnge he told me he got a job at Jamba Juice i'm soooooo jeaulous. i miss talking to him i'm starting to feel sad rite now i dont want to feel sad............. Ughh i'm soo sick of all my cds i dont know what to listen to i need a new cd............i'm bored and tired i kinda of wish i would have gone to the beach party seems like it was going to be fun or intresting but i think i would have passed out... Nobody is home i have no one to talk to on the phone, just hung up with Jon he called me on his chicken kitchen throwing out the garbage break lol....... okay well i'm gonna go do something now hope everyone had a good halloween i havent decided if i did yet?


HEY HEY go check out the pic site ana just posted some awesome pics from pams party and Halloween and i still have to develop my pics so we can post the post them to YAY

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PAMS PAR-TAY [31 Oct 2003|03:04pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | thrice ]

HEY HEY its Stephanie* Well yesterday me Jon and Sam went to Party city walmart and Annies costumes after school to get sams Ninja costumethen to Laudmens where they packed up the stuff and Rabb took me home so i could get ready, Then KT came over so we could wait for sam to pick us up we thought he wasnt going to show but him and Jon came to pick us up afterwards. Okay well last night was like the BEST sober night i've had in like forever, Pams Party was SOOOOO much fun, We Bled Victory did AWESOME i didnt get to sing with them =( But of corse me and Pam pretended to Pit as always. Everyone was there (except Megan, and Jamie half the nite) and we put the booty on and all showed off our thug moves. Honestly the Funniest Moment in the nite (andthere were many) was Logan rolling down the stairs on the big ball OMG i almost pied my pants like seriously his ass must hurt soo much afterwards, and trying to get KT to roll was funny ass hell to "ROLL ROLL ROLL" but she didnt do it. Man Logans and Sams thung Dances were soo funny. Pams Dad bought like 50 Jr. bacon cheese burgers and like 5 box's of pizza that was awesome I think over all ever everyone had a good nite! well me and Sam and everyone else left around 12:30. Poor Pam and Bam left to clean everyones mess.

But okay HALLOWEEN TONITE!!!!!!!!! Hell YEA, AloHA!!!!!!
Party in shenadoha at allens EVERYONE GO!!!


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ramos got owned!!! [29 Oct 2003|06:51pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | thursday ]

hey hey!! its *ANA*
yes tomorrow is our last day of the week!!! PAMS PARTY and then ALLENS *HALLOWEEN* party!! im sooo exited!!!!!!
today were mid-terms it was pretty easy had fun in my art test. anywayss after school i hung out with Ramos or shall i say GAYMOS muahaha. it was fun we hung out watched fight club , which indeed is a really good movie really bloddy and weird tho. ew there was porn clips on it!! then we ate some teddy grams and like the pig i am , i ate like 516853216981 of them and then somehow we got in the WARS... straight vs. gay.... stright soo won and that was SO me haha RAMOS got owned.....!! we fought until our fat asses ran out of breath wich i tell ya was pretty fast and for once i had pretty good funny little gay jokes.

RAMOS: beware next time its on and i am so kicking your ass AGAIN

ok gotta go study for math! my teacher said if my notebook is perfect ,he will give me a D **crosses fingers**
im out

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