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Sunday, September 30, 2007

9:14PM - Oct 1st.

Tomorrow I am starting the 6 week body make over program. Its the weightloss program they use on extreme makeover. I really I hope I can do it. I wish I had someone making my meals and helping me work out on the show. But I guess thats where I get the benifit of learn discipline. Im very excited and hoping that I can do it. I want to lose 40-50lbs. That would put me where I was after I had marissa. Once I get there I will determin if i want to lose more or if I cam comfortable at that weight. Im thinking I may want to lose 10-20 more. But we will see. Mind you this will take more than 6 weeks, you just see the biggest results and get into the routine in the 6 weeks. I think its mostly about making over my food choices and all that. So no more fast food. That will be so much better for the kids and myself. Im hoping to be extremely hot when I go pick josh up in Dec.

Im really nervous though b/c I feel like ive always failed. I mean Ive tried to lose weight before and it just never ends up working out. This time I have a lot of goals in mind and a lot of support from the forum. Plus there are TONS of recipies and they are all pretty easy. I just ordered the cook book as well. Hopefully that doesnt take too long to get here. I really want to lose the weight and Im starting to be digusted by myself so I think that will help. I have a lot of cute clothes that I put back in my closet that I havent work in about 3yrs. I really want to wear them, lol.

So Im hoping to post in here a lot about my progress and frustrations with the diet. I think itll mainly be about those things, but maybe Ill get more life stuff in here too. We shall see.

Wish me luck!

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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Wow I havent updated since may. Oopps.

Well a lot has happened. We moved on base in August. I love it. A house again, thank god. We have some awesome neighbors. Nic is in school on base, 1st grade. He loves it and I love that I dont have to put him on a bus and send him 30 minutes away. the school is pretty much in my back yard. We dont have to walk the dog just to find a spo for her to pee and I know she is much happier about that. plus she has 2 new puppy friends to play with all the time and they are just the sweetest doggies.

josh is gone again. he left last week. I can finally get this place organized how I want. I ve already started. Hopefully I can get it mostly finished while nic is at cshool tomorrow.

Oh speaking of nic, we put him in soccer. he loves it. Hes pretty good to. marissa is as well, but shes to little to play.

Nathans doing good. Going all over the house and trying to talk up a storm. I can believe in just over a month he will be 1!! NUTS.

well I need to run, Im beat and the morning comes early!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!! I hope all my blurty friends have a great day!!!

Heres what I got in the mail from Josh....$$%2Frecipient%2Ffor+her%2Fjewelry+%2B+accessories@@30$$-8085@@35$$8085&catOid=-8085&oid=19051221&nc2=1

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

9:01AM - Heres the deal

Ok so I OFFICIALLY pushed myself to start tracking my food and working out on the 15th of this month. So since the 15 I have now lost 4lbs. I think thats pretty good considering today is only the beginning of day 9. So 36lbs to go. Im so happy with how im losing and I feel better already. I feel energized and I just feel happier. GO FIGURE! Maybe Josh want the one making me so unhappy. Maybe I was making myself unhappy and I didnt even know it. 6lbs from now I will be fitting into my jean good again. I know this b/c after nathan, within 2 weeks, I got down to 171, which is still pretty high for me. Well in 6lbs ill be there again so I know how my clothes will fit. Just thinking about that makes me want to work harder!! Im even having to eat MORE to get enough calories per day. So thats good too b/c im not usually hungry all the time anymore. I eat breakfast at around 830, lunch around 1230, snack around 3 and then dinner at 6. I have also cooked dinner everyday since the 15th. Normally I hate it, but if I feel like just sending Josh out to get something, I remind myself that whatever i cook will only be like 500 cals for me and fast food would be like 1000. That makes me just want to cook, lol.

Other than my losing weight a lot has been going on. Josh is set to deploy mid Feb. As long as they dont change it again. Nic just got his report card and is satisfactory and grade level on everything. So Im proud of him for that. Marissa is pretty much the same, well she did learn how to wash dishes and she loves it, lol. I do too b/c then she will wash everything that isnt a knife or glass and I can do other things. Its so fun to have her helping me. Nathan is officailly laughing!! Its awsome. He has the best laugh. He also reached up and grabbed one of his toys that was hanging above him yesterday. He has never done that and I got a little video of it :) Also he has started sleeping a full 7-8hrs each night before he wakes up, so you know Im loving not having to get up.

Well I shoudl start my cleaning. I want to move Nathan out of our room now that hes sleeping a full night. So I need to clean our room, the room he will go into and the rest of the stuff i need to do. Then depending on the time I can get started moving stuff. If not, atleast i will be ready to do it tomorrow.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

12:44PM - Psst....

I lost 3lbs last week.....OH YEAH OH YEAH hehe. Im proud. Only 37 to go. gosh ill be there by june :)

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Friday, November 10, 2006

3:36PM - Yeah yeah Kerry Im updating, lol.

Well Nathan is here. WE named him Nathan Stanley Ryan. Josh tried to act like he didnt care if we used stanley, his grandfathers name, but I knew it was important to him. It fits so well too since I think Nathan looks like pappy.

Right now his favorite thing is to sit in the swing with the music on, but not the swing, lol. I guess he likes how it hugs him. Hes my third and the only baby that sleeps in the bed with me. Bad mommy, lol. Im am so clingy with him. I have never had clingy issues with the other two, but I just feel like if I leave him then something bad will happen. I hate it, but I love having him with me ALL the time.

When he was born he was 8lbs 2oz, 19 inches. Hes beautiful. I love how cute my kids are. Alsmost makes me want to keep making them...almost.. Labor sucked. Yap it sucked! I had the pitocin since I was induced, umm yeah kinda makes the contractions a million billion times stronger. I was only in Labor for 7hrs and went in at 1cm. I had my water broken at 810, josh left and came back at like 1030. I was still only a 3. I waited until 12 and asked for the epidural, i was now only 4cm but couldnt even move through the contractions. Epidural sucked, they couldnt get it in right b/c my spine is tilted. So they had to do it 4 freaking then that was over and all in by 1 and they turned up the pitocin. Then by 2 I was 8cm and feeling major pressure. it sucked. ive never had feeling before b/c the epidurals worked. so any way then i had to wait another 30 minutes and i was 10cm and ready to push. had to wait for the doc, 30 minutes and then she came and i pushed for 11 minutes and he was born at 310pm.

He has a thing on his leg called hemangioma. Its a cluster of blood vessels above the skin. It isnt anything major, its actually considered to be a type of birth mark they arent normally present at birth though. His is an advanced type that basically started to form when he started to form. So at birth it is at the stage that normally takes 1yr to 18 months to reach and his should be gone by the time he is 2. So thats good. Its kinda weird looking though, but whatever.

Well I dont have time to get any pics uploaded today, but ill try soon. My mom is leaving tomorrow and then Joshs mom comes to town until next saturday!!! Fun Times..NOT, SO not looking forward to it. lol.

Have a good weekend!

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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

4:55PM - Big day Monday!

Well Monday I will be induced! I cant wait to get this boy out of me! He is killing me! I always feel like my ribs are being broke and sometimes I swear he is kicking my heart. The pregnancy is just so different.

Anyways at 6am on monday i will get to the hospital andd they will do all the blood work, hook up the iv and then start the induction. YAY The doc said he doesnt think I will deliver until the evening. Im not dialating on my own at this point. So I dont think this boy would have been making his debut on his own anyway. I just cant wait though. 5 days. YAY.

We have decided on a name too. But no Im not posting it until after he is here, just incase we change our minds, lol.

Ok well Im sure sinc eI neve rupdate I wont be updating again until after the baby is here. I will update about him though!

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Sunday, October 8, 2006

10:10PM - Hiya

Wow Hey! A lot is going on here. I feel bad fornot updating, but I feel it will all be in the direction of me complaining. Then again its my journal so why the hell not right??? So heres whats going on in my life!

Well first I wnted to say Congrats to Veronica!!!!! Im glad he finally asked and that ring is sooooo gorgeous! Im sure you guys will be happy forever. Sorry it to me awhile, but I just read about it tonight.

Ok me! lol. Well Im still a big ole preggo. About 3 1/2 weeks until Im done. And I am SOOO beyond done. I have always loved being preggo, but this boy is seriously killing me. He kicks me so hard and when ever I eat he stretches his legs up. Its like hes trying to push the food out and I have to stop eating. Hes been on the nerves in my back and lower abdomen for a few weeks too. So I can barely walk. The doc is going to induce me either the 1st 2nd or 3rd of Nov. So ill be 39 weeks. I just want him out! Soon. I think we are naming him Nathan too, but Im not sure. We have a few other names in mind. But nicolas and nathan sound cute.

We are getting settled into this crappy ass apartment quite well. I just hate apartment living. I can hear the neighbors if they are in thier bedroom or master bathroom and Im in mine. Or if they are talking on thier porch, its right next to my window and they just dont get that its loud and at 1130 I might want to sleep b/c I have a 5yr old to get up and get ready for school at 5!!!! Then the people upstairs are nice and pretty quiet. They have a 3 week old girl. I never hear her ot them talking for that matter. I do hear them slam thier front door b/c its basically in my living room, then they go up stairs, her hubby stomps it sounds like. And thats right through our living room and babies room. Then he does jumping jacks on my ceiling for like 20 minutes a day and that is RIGHT over the babys room. i can hear them vacuum and I can hear thier garbage disposal. Nothing other than the door and going up the steps loud is thier fault though. We have REALLY loud garbage disposalls. I dont get why they need to be sooooo high powered, but the whole counter chakes and it sounds like its about to fly off, lol. The only thing we have left to unpack.organize is our room. It always seems like the last room to get organized. I told Josh with less than a motnh before the baby we need to get that done, which mostly means him b/c i cant move the heavey stuff.

Nic is in Kindergarten and he hates it! We are having some issues with the teacher and im not sure how to deal with it. She isnt fixing problems in class and thinks its not her problem that there is a problem. See theres this little girl that sits next to nic and she keeps breaking his crayons, coloring on his work and she cut him with her scissors on friday. I was like WTF. We taught him to never be mean to girls, but this chic is not so sweet. Well the teacher told me girls dont act like that and he has just complained about her from the first day. OK??? Get the point lady. Then he get into trouble for her scribbling on his stuff but he isnt doing it. Theres also a new boy on the bus that is punching the little kids. Well Nic is now like terrified of the bus, hes 5, they 3rd grader shouldnt be able to beat up on him. Its a couple other little kindergarteners too. So thats a big issue. Well the teacher gets all pissed and told me that Nic is bringing all of this on himself. WTF!!!! Hes 5. What is he bring on himself???? A little girl being mean and him crying at home about getting into trouble for it? The teacher not listening to him? She told him the little girl didnt cut him and said he lies!!! Then tells me she didnt see it. So how does she know?? I know if hes crying to me telling me some little kid cut him hes not lying. And the kid on the bus, well she said it wasnt her problem. Ok I get that, but who do I go to if the office says the teacher, the teacher says no one and the bus driver says the office????? School is pissing me off, lol.

Well besides all that not much goes on. Josh goes to work gets home at like 6 so its dinner and then getting the kids ready for bed and to bed by 8. It sucks, but what can ya do. Then Im normally in bed by 9 b/c Im sooo tired. Marissa and I hang out here all day, lol. Sometimes we go shopping if we need to. But other than that its just playing with her toys and cleaning. She loves it though. She doesnt like getting up to take nic to the bus though. She always cries and begs to stay here. lol. Not gonna happen.

Well tomorrow is another week and I need to pack nics lunch and get into bed. Hopefully tonight I can get some sleep.

Ill try to be a better uppdater!

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

7:26PM - Hey

Hey blurty friends!!! Things are soooooo crazy here. I cant remeber what my last update was, but i dont think ive posted since we moved.

Well we got here, no house, so we spent 2 weeks looking for a place and ended up in an apartment. No so bad, not so great. Its about a 40 minute drive to base, but to get the good areas thats how far our in tamppa you need to go. I mean its nice, theres a pool and all so thats nice. I can always here the people above us walking around though. I think they think they are elephants b/c in the other apartments you dont here people walking. Oh well. WE are only here for a year and then we move on base b/c the contract we signed with housing, and thats a 4bdrm house rather than a 3bdrm apartmment. So I can deal for a year.

I did see dolphins while we were hunting, while we were going over the bridge to st. petes. We live the oother direction now though and i havent seen the ocean in 2 weeks, lol. I do like florida though, the sun tans me here, lol.

Nic started school. He seems to like it pretty well. he loves riding the bus so thats good. I hate waiting for the bus since it varies in time everyday by like 30 minutes. Standing out there in like 90* heat for 30-40 isnt so fun. Oh well. I met a friend there, lol. She has a boy in 2nd and a 3yr old daughter so marissa loves to play while we wait for the bus.

Im 32 weeks now. SO the babys getting close. Only 8 weeks, 6 if i get induced. Way close! lol. We have everything we need except for the furniture and swing, lol. So like the needed things. Ive been buying a pack of diapers everytime I go to the store just to stock up. Little man has been beating the heck out of me too. I think he is as ready to get out as i am to get him out. lol.

Ok well it bedtime for the munchkins!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

11:28AM - Its all GONE!!!

Well our stuff is all gone. So weird! Its all on a truck somewhere and we wont see it until sometime, lol. Hopefully we get a place pretty fast once we get down there. We have a lot of cleaning up to do. Well actually its not a lot it just feels like it. Josh is getting all of our medical records chekced out of the hospital right now and then he should be coming home to spackle the nail holes and then once thats dry i will paint. Last night i vacuumed. So we just have to clean any spots, mop and fix some things. We need to get on the move though b/c we have our final out on friday!

Tomorrow I have to go have my glucose test done. EWWW no fun. Drink some gross stuff then wait an hour to get my blood taken. Baby moves like crazy. I dont remember the other 2 ever moving this much or kicking so hard that i hurt. But its all good atleast i know hes in there. I have my final docs appt here on friday morning. Ill be 28 weeks so its ok that i will have to wait a few weeks out there. Im glad how the timing worked out with that.

Nic will start school probably start school at the egining of Sept. Well we get there the 23 and thats a wen and he should start the following week if we can get things done fast. i really hope we can! Im so nervous for him. I can just imagine how scarey that will be.

Marissa doesnt do anything special once we get there, just turns 3! I cant believe that and nic just turned 5 last week. NUTS!

We have all of our stops planned already, Chatanooga TN, and then valdosta GA. I have a friend right off the highway we are taking about an hour from chattanooga, so we may stop and see her for a bit. That would be nice.

Not much else is going on here, just going crazy trying to get stuff finished so we can get out of here!

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Monday, June 19, 2006

10:34PM - whooohoooo

Its a boy Its a boy Its a boy!!!!!!

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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Do you think black furniture in a nursey is odd??????

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Friday, April 28, 2006

3:13PM - Heart Beat

I got to hear the bays heart beat today!! I was relieved, I really thought there wouldnt be anything there. Im so thrilled. The morning sickness is getting much better. Its only mostly in the mornings now. So I can atleast get stuff done. My internal exam went well and the heart beat is in the 160's which is normal. All was good and my labs were good. Im still having a little trouble grasping that I am pregnant but today helped. Im still very worried that something isnt right and that I wont get a baby in the end, but Im trying to shake that feeling. Im just so happy I hearde the heart beat!! Well Im going to nap we had a very busy day!


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Saturday, March 18, 2006

3:34PM - ahhh

I want to decorate...the entire house, lol. I want "theme" to each room. Mostly I want it to just look good when you walk in. I want thinks to mach. I want to be proud of it. My budget, haha, whatever money I have left at the end of a pay period. Not much. Its going to take a while. One thing will bebought at a time. Im thinking of starting with the bedroom. Our bedroom that it. I was thinking of going with a solid blue for the bedroom. A dark blue and a light blue on the bed. Cant paint the walls, so that takes care of that. I want a few shelves or something in the room. Maybe like near our night stands and I was also thinking about hanging pictures in there. A few on each side of the bed and then maybe taking the kids paint and mixing it with a bit of soap so it will wash off when we have to move. I think the room will look good. I went with blue to accomidate JOsh sense of NO DAM FLOWERS OR FUUFUU SHIT, lol. It makes him feel manly. If any of you you girls have any ideas on decorating PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me. Im lost. I just want the house to look nice.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006


1.) Copy and paste this into your journal:
<*font color="yourusername"> <*b>yourusername<*/b> <*/font>
2.) Eliminate the asterisks.
3.) Replace "yourusername" with your user name.
4.) See what color you are


Ohh Blue! Nic would love that

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1.) Copy and paste this into your journal:
<*font color="yourusername"> <*b>yourusername<*/b> <*/font>
2.) Eliminate the asterisks.
3.) Replace "yourusername" with your user name.
4.) See what color you are


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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I got this from Vee and it seemed fun to do...

I dont know how to make cute links though so just click or copy and paste which ever works, lol.


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Sunday, February 19, 2006

3:27PM - Beyond true and beyond funny

Something funny

*Your principal has survived a concentration camp.
*Your assistant principal is in jail b/c he stole thousands of dollars from the school fundraiser.
*Croatian is heard in the halls just as much as English
*“willoway” or “free minillo” is written on your desk
*drug deals occur in the classroom and everyone smokes their weed in the parking lot (if they didnt in Sholle’s classroom)
*you’ve participated in some sort of fight, stampede, or riot at a north/south fball game
*you’ve had many encounters with “Knuch”
*John Smith…he’s not only with Pocohontas, but he tapes ankles too!
*Teachers attack other students for fighting during lunch (oftentimes with pool sticks)
*You know how unfair it is that it costs the same to park in the “science lot” as it does to park in the pot-holed “gravel lot”
*At least one of your teachers has hit on you
*About half of your class graduated, and LESS than half of them went to college.
*Your French teacher is Russian, or your Spanish teacher got a degree in English.
*Powder blue faggots
*Your cheerleaders aren’t allowed to do any cool stunts
*Everyone has at least one STD and there were multiple “herpes scares”
*Everyone’s cars are from the late 80’s, and if not, that means you are crotion and probably drive a monte carlo.
*You’ve partied with a certain math teacher.
*You’ve been educated by a different math teacher who killed his wife.
*Your gym floor is replaced annually
*The ceiling has dripped on you
*You’ve read about your teachers’ DUI’s in the newspaper.
*Your lunch lady WILL scream out any announcement you give her.

- you name your car.
- you think Surfside is a world away from 305
- the cops have busted every party you've ever been to before 11:00pm
- you place bets on what type of food will be thrown at the next party
- you accept the fishy smell of the harbor
- you take your chances driving 36mph through Timberlake
- Erie General Store will always be known to you as "The Bait Shop"
- you know where every person in your graduating class lives, even if you're not friends with them
- you truly know who the Powder Blue Faggots are
- you've unintentionally gotten to 2nd base with Breda Loncar because your shirt was "innappropriate".
- you know what the Cro-Dome is
- you've been kicked out of Brad Hall's house before midnight and had to drive home wasted more than once
- you're familiar with the Harbor legend of Bob the Gatekeeper and the 3-Legged Dog
- the opening of Super Wal*Mart was more exciting than the opening of the Captains' Stadium
- a good night for you always ended with a 2 for $2.52 at Burger King
- when someone from another city asks what's going on in Eastlake that night, you laugh and assume they're joking
- you have at least 2 copies of the 50 Cent CD
- you know what season it is by the smell of the harbor
- the fat kids who played football were the coolest kids in your graduating class (no offense boys!)
- selling drugs on the corner of the street or even in the hallways of North High is overlooked as a normal occurrence to you
- every person you've ever known your whole life shows up to the party that happens about once a year
- you've attended/participated in at least one North vs. South fight
- your city thinks it's "gangster," but the number of black people who live there could be counted on one hand
- Uncle Bob's closing was the worst day of your life
- the opening of CP's and Cooper's each year is considered the first day of summer, which means you stop going to class for the rest of the school year

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Monday, January 30, 2006


My grandma Has leumekia. I dont know how to handle that. She wasnt around much and I always felt like she treated my mom bad. Never showing up on holidays and always going to my aunts. I just dont know how to deal. Shes my grandma no matter :(

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Saturday, December 31, 2005


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all have a great 2006!!! I wish all of you happiness and sucess. And Merry Christmas since I think I forgot to post that day!!! Big update in the future!

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