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Monday, May 5th, 2003
4:35p - Oh so MUCH to Do!!
Oh my oh much to do!!! I have to wash the dishes, finish a school report, color a few pictures, do my daily things, do my homework, practice flute, print out some importiant pictures, eat food so I can keep going, do the dishes, vacuum, update the journal, find some importiant lost things, AND DO STUFF!!! *breathes* *pant* ok...I think that's half of them...I'm not even gonna go through them all!! geez!! I've got to go by 7 today, and tomorrow I have to go somewhere for a flute thing...*sigh* SO MUCH STUPID STUFF TO FINISH!! Oh well...half of it is for my own enjoyment anyway...and field day is coming, so I gotta get ready for that, too. Oh well...I hope to get it done!! So Ja matta ne! I got stuff to do!!

current mood: restless

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