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Monday, August 25th, 2003
4:47 pm - okok
long time no update! wow. I figure it is time to tell you how i have been the last few...months...

I don't have a boyfriend....haven't for a while. I will soon though...I am being set up ^_^.

Anyway...a month ago i got in a car accident...I totaled my cute lil honda!!! But that's ok. I have a Hyundai now.

Oh well...nothing more today!

current mood: lonely

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Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
12:08 pm - my life as oh now...
My life is doing great these last 2-3 days. I have come to the conclusion that I am growing up. I have a job, a car, a cell phone, bills!, and someone who genuinely cares about me.

Having responcibilities is an awesome task. Keeping tabs on a guy who loves/cares about you is goona be a challenge, maybe i am up to it. I have been known for losing track of my love life...going through guys kidna quickly, but before amtgard, I had 2, since i joined, I had 3 more. This in a period of 8 months...this is bad? but hell, this is my problem, but i can't seem to find a good guy...

This should be it for now.

current mood: loved

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Sunday, July 13th, 2003
10:24 pm - What is a female to do?
I have here a problem. Distance. Why the hell was this created? Distance is some object that gets in my way of what I desire. A man, whom is almost pure at heart, and even more so at the soul.

I can't have the guy of my dreams for now, but maybe someday soon, this lil "distance" issue will be no more.

I was in Tallahasee (sp?) Florida with some really awesome people i know for the weekend. I wish I had that time back, but I don't. There are things that are meant to be, and things that aren't. I am glad I had the chance to go, and maybe sometime soon, I will have the chance to do it again.

current mood: hopeful

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Wednesday, July 9th, 2003
9:25 am - pizza pizza pizza
Ok. I am amungst the working force for the first time. I look soooo neato in my pizza hut uniform. I am going to be a tomboy at work. My name tag.... "CHRIS" not Christina. I ordered mens dress shoes as well. I guess working with customers and making their pizza for the "right away" is worth something..right? I got paid for "working" yesterday at my orientation. fun fun.

I am going to call and get my schedule in a few. I will let you know what it is...maybe someone could come visit me!


current mood: bouncy

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Monday, July 7th, 2003
9:16 pm - wewt
Wow! I am now employed! I now work at Pizza Hut in Alachua. Minimum wage is DEFINENTLY better than nothing! I have an orientation tomorrow. I get to be trained in...everything. They saw me as a people person..AND a hard i get to do everything but serve, manage, and drive.

Anywho, I think i am goona chill till *Dan* calls, and talk to you tomorrow!

Ciao Blurty

current mood: giddy

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Sunday, July 6th, 2003
11:52 pm - what a kick in the face...
[23:47] TYTUS420EVAL: Yo. You know who this is. I just want to say one last thing. All this time all i ever try to do is help you, give you good advice. And you treat me like shit. You really do. You are the first person in my entire life that has actually ignored me, twice even. I would like to be friends with you, but i realized today there really isnt any point to it. I give you advice, you dont take it, you realize i was right, and you never show any gratification for me trying to help you. I dont need you. Date dan for all i care. And if you grow up, maybe we can be friends again someday

This came from Scott, a would be great friend of mine, didn't agree with the thought of me dating a mutual friend of ours. We got in a heated argument...and I b locked him. You would think he would get a clue. He thinks he is always right...and he isn't. that is going to be added to the list of things i hate. "people who think they know it all...and don't"

He won't stop bothering me. He needs to realize that we DO share mutual friends...who want to know what is going on. The man of question (Dan) has read that, and thinks that it is some harsh shit. Scott doesn't realize what is at stake. He has nearly lost one friend, and couuld wind up making it 2. This could have been worked out, but he is sexist, and think he is always right.

I need sleep now, so I will report back later.

current mood: contemplative
11:37 pm - My first entry
Life is tough. We all know this is true. We all know what we like/what we don't. I have compiled a list as to my likes/dislikes. I feel that this will give you an intro about me as a person. I don't have it ALL on there, but you will get the jist of it.

-Fuzzy bunnies (dude.. don't mess with the cute lil things...ok?)
-black (sometimes baggy) clothing
-fabric paint
-my car (white honda civic EX 2-door coupe -manual-)
-a guy who is social, educated, attractive (MY IDEAL guy has one green blue eye...dirty blonde hair...ummm roughly 6'3"-6'5" 175ish lbs...can support himself without help of parents/GIRLFRIENDS!), hmm what else is there? Oh! How about has a car and can take me places and stuff (on occasion..I am not high maintence)
-giga pets (if they restart them and they are alive again! I love this concept)
-electronics....isn't it amazing?
-the color blue
-late nights talking on the phone
-soft fuzzy object (fuzzy bunnies for example)
-My room!
-lava lamps
-silver & shiny objects
-soft kisses
-exercising (when/if i can get around to it)
-karate (I love kicking guys' asses)
-organization (the world is lacking neh?)
-shoes (I am a female, give me SOME slack)
-breathmints and toothbrushes (self explanitory)
-vitamin E
-My animals (6 cats...and a dog)
-guiding light (the one soap opera i watch)
-cushy grips on your pencils and such
-underground music
-rechargable batteries
-Rumiko Takahashi anime

-siblings (I am the youngest...go figure)
-stupid/ignorant people
-overly OPINIONATED people
-overly AGGRESSIVE people
-people who blame there actions on things that don't exhist (like saying things behind someone's back and blaming it on a condition that causes you to beleive in YOUR MADE UP REALITY..basically the way you want to see things...such as..the "perfect world" Sorry Marc..still don't beleive you...
-Marc (the bastard)
-untrustworthy people
-overly religious people (the damned people who try to force their religion on you...the bastards)
-Most of the male sex....(the shit i have been is a miracle i am not a lesbo by now)
-SPIDERS!!!!! or any irachnid for that matter
-slimy things
-gossiping (sometimes...but it is ok sometimes)
-SEVERE potheads
-alarm clocks
-super skinny people who starve themselves to look that way..which is sickening and UNattractive
-superly obiese people (ok..don't blame this on Mcdonalds...YOU CAN do something about it)
-tone deaf people who think they can sing (you know at least 5..I guarentee it..unless you don't have friends?)
-paper cuts
-the color pink (IT IS EVIL!)

Moving on,

I have some issues with a few of my friends. Is there some unwritten law that you can't date someone because you share mutual friends...and it would just be too "weird" for them? Is this so?

Oh well...sweet dreams Blurty.

current mood: blah

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