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Going with the flow [25 Mar 2003|08:34pm]
Hey!!!!!! I guess I haven't written anything since sunday and SHEILAH reminded me. Nothing has really happen tho but yesterday I satyed after school for Hockey and I kicked ass!!!!!!!!!! I block 11 goals ( or more ) and my team was down 5 to 13 and we started coming back and the last 30 seconds of the game we were 12 to 13 and I made the tyeing goal. Thats write I made it. Like anyone would care about that anyways. Today I wore a skirt to school. Everyone was really surprised and people had there comments but I didn't really care because I liked waring it for a change. I hate when people think they know everything about fashion when really they don't know anything. Although Callie was right that my shoes didn't go but I didn't care because it was either that or Flip Flops and since our school is trying to make us suffer I wasn't allowed to. I also went to the hair dressers with my mom and looked at there books for fancy hair and I found the hair do I want for our eigth grade dance. Anyways. I also got the new Linkin Park cd today and most of it is good theres a few songs I don't get but :)
ttyl byes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :0 :(
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