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Thursday, February 20th, 2003
11:27 pm
I moved here. It won't be a vanity log, but a place for all my random musings and writings. I think I like that idea more than this. Feel free to add me over there, I've went ahead and added off of you that are here on my friends list.

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Tuesday, February 11th, 2003
10:01 am - You're so vain!
I think this is the new home of my Vanity Log, though this probably won't be updated nearly as often as my other journals are. This will be a place where I can feel free to post as many pics of myself as I want, as I love taking pictures, but sometimes feel the need to censor myself when posting them in my other journals.

And this will be friends-only. So if you'd like to add me, please leave a comment.

current mood: vain

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Thursday, January 16th, 2003
6:05 pm - what is this for anyway?
Hmm, I'm not quite sure what this is for. I have this & this & now this and also my website. I'm not quite sure what I want to do with this. Maybe a place for all my quotes, and favorite poems, and lyrics?

current mood: contemplative

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Saturday, November 16th, 2002
7:03 pm - Someday?
Maybe someday I'll use this. For now, I'm either here or here...

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