Jessica's Journal

Saturday, November 29, 2003

1:39AM - Another sleepless night

Ok so i just made this journal and i cant sleep so im writing in it its like 1:42 am and i have nothing to do theres nothing on tv and im cold and im cranky and im tired but im not sleepy so i cant fall asleep i kinda tink im not letting myself fall asleep idk y though its like im afraid of dreaming like i dont want to have a bad dream or sumthin i just want to like sit up and talk to someone and idk y like i dont think anythings bothering me well anything new i mean like yeah the usual stuff guys my friends and thomas but like idk ive been thinking a lot latley about my life and how theres nothing that great in it and like nothing really matters anymore but wutever im gunnu try and sleep again idk y tho cause im probably just gunnu lay there wit my eyes open till 5 like yesterday or the day before xoxo peace out

Current mood: sleepy
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