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    Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
    5:37 pm
    No one's on here no more... bye
    Tuesday, April 6th, 2004
    10:20 pm
    Well, I will be leaving for the states in about....50 hours if I counted correctly. AHH!! i thought I would have no money to spend, but my parents just handed me 200 dollars... AMERICAN!! AHHH!! Ok, on the first day, after a long bus drive, we get to boston. Were going to eat exotic foods and watch cool movies. then we spend the night, and the next day make our way to new hampshire, where lots of discount clothes and good food are waiting. ($1 underware, who knew?) No tax anywhere in new hampshire, and the best part, ben and jerries! It will be me, Lyndsey, Paige and Kayce in our room. Me and Kayce share a bed ;) lol. OH MY GOD im so excted. of course.... I will have to leave all of you behind for 9 days.... I'll miss you! anyways, im going to bed. sorry I havn't been on, my computer isnt working very well.... well.... bye!! *muah*
    Thursday, April 1st, 2004
    12:03 pm
    Saturday, March 20th, 2004
    9:11 pm
    Yay! A good one!
    [same crap]
    name;: Amie
    do you like your name;: yep!
    middle name;: Lynn
    do you like your middle name more than your first?;: no
    birthdate;: dec.1
    age;: 17
    wish you were still..;: 6
    shoesize;: 4
    do you act your shoe-size?;: 4?... no
    hair color;: brown/blonde
    every change the color?;: sometimes
    whos hair do you wish you had?;: Kathleen... she's so fucking pretty.... damn her
    eye color;: green
    what color do you wish they were?;: pink
    height;: 5 foot 4
    want to be taller or shorter?;: taller
    what do you like most about your body?;: um... I dunno.
    least?;: stomach is too big, boobs are too small... its normal to think this, im female.
    would you have plastic surgry? [sorry if there are spelling errors]: yah, If I was butt ugly
    [your favorites]
    name;: Tamara
    song;: Colourful- The Verve Pipe
    band;: John Mayer
    album;: Room For Squares
    movie;: 'O'
    place;: Hawaii
    season;: Winter... but cant wait for summer!
    time of day;: night
    radio station;: none really
    genre of music;: anything
    teacher;: Mr.Milne.... mmmmm (lmao)
    class;: Med Tech
    sport;: Skiing
    drink;: peach juice
    food;: sour cream
    candy;: I love any candy... but Jelly Belly beans and Lindor choclates are awesome.
    gum;: spirament
    cartoon;: undergrads
    show;: undergrads
    tv channal;: fox
    color;: pink
    friend;: Kayce
    celebrity;: John Mayer
    website;: www.martock.com
    place to be;: martock
    [love exc..]
    your sexuality?;: straight / bicurious when im drunk, ha ha.
    do you have a 'someone';: yep
    if not, a crush;: huh?
    if you have a crush do they know;: one does
    do you want them to know;: um... k
    if you have a 'someone' - how long;: nopers!
    is it love;: um... there is no one....
    or is it lust;: about that....
    best thing about them;: gurr
    would you ever cheat;: nope!
    have you cheated before;: nope
    [enough with that - currents]
    time;: 8:48
    taste;: old pasta
    clothes;: sweater, PJ pants
    makeup;: cover up.
    jewlery;: just belly ring.
    music;: none
    food;: none
    thought;: um... Im sick...
    feeling;: sick. sad
    worry;: friends... school work
    obsession;: skiing
    noise;: dish washer
    [have you evers..]
    smoke;: not really. smokings bad
    done drugs;: yes
    gotten drunk;: yes... not tonight though....
    ran away;: no
    got in a fight;: just verbally
    kicked a guy in the nuts;: by mistake...
    bitch-slapped someone;: no
    gotten a death threated;: no
    give a death threat;: no
    been stalked;: yes
    stalked;: no
    skinnydipped;: no
    had sex;: none of your buisness, lol.
    madeout;: yes
    gave head;: again with the none of your buisness routine... lol.
    saw your parents have sex;: um... maybie?? ewww.
    stolen anything;: yes
    broken a law;: yes
    thought of suicide;: no
    attempted suicide;: no
    cried;: yep
    had an emotional breakdown;: kinda...
    killed something;: I dont think so...
    [companions - friends (most..}]
    nicest;: Joel
    funniest;: Matt
    caring;: Matt, Joel
    orginal;: Zoe
    annoying;: Ali
    fustrating;: Kayce
    stupid;: me
    smart;: I dont know
    talented;: I dont know either, lol
    out-going;: Let me think... Matt??
    prettiest;: Kayce
    gives best advice;: matt
    best friend;: Kayce
    listens to you;: Joel
    fight with the most;: Kayce
    sweetest;: Joel
    betrayed you the most;: Kayce
    going to be famous;: Matt
    going to the slammer;: Joel... ha ha ha jj
    sluttiest;: ALI??
    ditziest;: me
    wish you were closer to;: Matt
    coolest;: all of them
    saddest;: Kayce
    potty mouth;: No one really
    [deep thoughts]
    gay marriages;: for
    g. bush;: asshole.
    john carrey;: who? jim carrey?
    toilets;: they do the job... lol
    rappers;: depeneds...
    abortions;: pro choice
    green potatoe chips;: yuck
    sex before marriage;: for
    this thing;: getting boring
    suicide;: dont know, never been that sad
    drugs;: for to a point
    ghosts;: can creep the hell out of you
    love at first sight;: no
    [When was the last time you..]
    cried;: like last week
    smiled;: today... I have to at work, and people should smile everyday
    laughed;: today
    said 'i love you';: today
    bonded with your mother/father;: last night... dad was like "I love you" awww!
    gave a hug;: not for a long time
    watched tv;: last night
    listened to music;: yesterday
    faked sick;: Like last month?
    were sick;: now
    were depressed;: today... whens summer gonna come?
    were bored;: today
    bit your nail;: yesterday?
    tapped your foot;: never?
    ate an apple;: not for a while
    said something nice to someone;: today
    [who was the last person..]
    said im sorry to;: Matt probally
    you told you loved;: Mom
    hugged;: Kayce
    kissed;: Matt
    wanted to kill;: Jean... ahhh
    kicked;: I dont know
    saw;: Dee
    talked to;: Dee
    glared at;: Dee
    shopped with;: my mom and Dee
    cried with;: Mom
    made you cry;: Kayce
    you thought about;: everyone
    said your stupid to;: who knows
    do you like.. meatpuppets?;: dont know?
    black flag;: ...
    bad religion;: ...
    minor threat;: ...
    metallica;: ok
    guns' n' roses;: ok
    ac/dc;: ok
    hanson;: no
    afi;: ...
    smile empty soul;: ...
    taking back sunday;: ...
    alkaline trio;: ...
    thursday;: ...
    drowning pool;: ....
    stain'd;: ok
    aerosmith;: some songs are good
    three days grace;: yep
    all american rejects;: ok
    gc;: ok
    sticky little fingers;: ...
    green day;: nah
    blink 182;: oh yah
    the ataris;: nah
    limp bizcuit;: used to
    red13;: ...
    linkin park;: sure
    story of the year;: ...
    hoobastank;: dunno
    incubus;: sure
    [what comes to your mind..]
    joe;: ... dont get me started
    heart;: crush.... lol
    rain;: summer?
    blimp;: summer?
    rollin';: stones
    sweet;: Tarts
    november;: almost my bday!
    aol;: something somone just asked me to get!
    stickey;: buns
    porn;: ha ha ha
    beef;: mmmm
    spam;: YUCK!!
    music;: john mayer
    end;: of this quiz
    5:22 pm
    *quiz time!!*
    1)Starting Time: 5:22 pm
    2) Name: Amie
    3) Nicknames: whatever people call me behind my back, lol
    4) School: Central Kings
    5) Hair color: blondish brown with brand new blonde streaks!
    6) Favorite pink
    7) Height: Like 5'4"
    8) Siblings: Zero by blood. 6 step. a million foster
    9) Ever been so drunk you blacked Out: Yes
    10) Missed School because it was raining: dont think so...
    11) Set Any Body Part on Fire for Amusement: socks?
    12) Kept A Secret from everyone: Yes
    13) Have you ever had an imaginary friend: I always tryed... never worked
    14) Wanted To Hook up With A Friend: yes
    15) Cried During A Flick: once
    16) Ever Liked A Teacher: Mr.Miline is hot...
    \17) Ever Thought an Animated character was hot: god no
    18) Ever Prank Called Someone: Of course
    19) Deodorant: ladys speed stick- peach!
    20) Shampoo: Herbal essences
    21) Soap: Ivory
    22) Flavor: Spirament
    23) Radio station: 94.9, oh yah!! ha ha, I dont have one
    24) Kind of music: Anything really...
    25) Satin or silk: Silk all the way
    26) Cartoon Character: Cal... ha ha ha

    FRIENDS AND CRUSHES------------

    27) Have a boyfriend or girlfriend: no
    28) Love anyone, if so.... who is it: I love Kayce and Matt
    29) Loudest friend: Matt
    30) Who is the smartest: Matt
    31) Who Do You Go to For Advice: Kayce
    32) Who Do You Cry to: Kayce

    HAVE YOU EVER.......

    33) Gone to Jail: No
    34) Been sarcastic: yah
    35)Talked To Someone You Have A Crush On: yah
    36) Missed Someone: Yes
    37) Fought with your crush: Yes
    38) Fought with your parents: Yes
    39) Wished Upon A Star: yes
    40) Laughed Until You Cried: every time I laugh hard I cry, lol
    41) Watched A Sunrise/Sunset: Yes
    43) Are You Happy: Right now? no
    44) Are you talking to someone: No

    -----------DO YOU BELIEVE IN----------
    45) God/Devil: no
    46) Loving someone: yep!
    47) The Big Bang Theory: yes
    48) Heaven/Hell: no


    49) Been in a car accident: Not really
    50) What is right next to you: ha ha. A candle, lip chap, mints, money, CD, Jelly Belly beans, Movie ticket, Hair elastic... a lot.
    51) Shot a gun: no
    52) What Are Digits in You Phone #: 5,3,8,0,1,5,5.
    53) What Was the Last Thing You Ate: mmm.... subway
    54) Whom do you want to spend the rest of your life with: someone that will treat me good, and who I cant wait to come home to...
    55) Piercings: 4
    56) How Many Buddies Do You Have On Your List: 67
    \57) Favorite Color: pink
    58) Rain or Sun: sun
    59) Have You Ever Smoked Pot: yes
    60) How Do You Eat Oreo's: dip them in milk
    61) Favorite Song: Currently: anything John Mayer. lol
    63) Favorite Food: sour cream
    64) Scariest Movies: hmm... none really.
    65)Are you too Shy to Ask A Boy/Girl Out: oh yah
    66) If You Could, You would change your name to: Amie!
    68) Do You like Scary or Funny Movies: depends.
    69) Do You like Talking to People in person: Yep
    70) Lust or Love: Love

    72 Do you want your friends to do this and send it back: no, but they must all do it in their journals
    73) How much time did you spend on this quiz (so far): 10 mins
    74) Why do you bother sending chain letters: I don't
    75) Have u ever had a hickey: maybie...
    76) What's the best flavor of tic-tac: green!
    77) What's your favorite language you can't speak: spanish
    78) Dysfunctional family: you'd better believe it!
    79) Who out of the people that sent this to is most likely to respond: n/a
    80) Who is least likely to respond: N/A
    81) Favorite Sports: skiing
    82) Favorite Animals: dogs, dolphins
    83) Favorite School Subject: Med Tech
    84) Favorite Book:The Child Called It
    71) do you consider cheerleading a sport: yep
    85) Finishing Time: 5:33 PM

    Current Mood: sad
    Friday, March 19th, 2004
    10:00 pm
    Im so tired... Just got off of work, and I have to pick my mom up at 12:30.... I dont know if I can. I've worked almost everyday this week, except for yesterday, when I had to go to Martock and run a BBQ. We got a new car, I love it, It works great. One more week left of skiing. *insert sad face here* and like 3 weeks left until band tour. i dont have much money for it, but it's gonna be a blast! were going to boston, rode island and new hampshire... yay!! anyways... Im gonna go sit and wait for someone to talk to, lol. bye!!
    Monday, March 1st, 2004
    9:35 am
    *Canadian Hisory*
    I'm learning so much in canadian hisory class, ha ha. fun suff. I work after school, but I dont want to... Hey, look everyone, i've been updating a lot! arnt you proud?? lol. Chris Curry's a retard... anyways... I just wrote a canadian history test, and it made no sense. Which aborigional group intrests you? none!! lol. anyways, im off, bye!!
    Sunday, February 29th, 2004
    10:02 pm
    *Concerts are amazing*
    Oh my god... the concert last night was amazing! The Trews, 3 Days Grace and Nickelback played. The Trews were awesome, and I got to hug them all and got autographs (that was a fluke!!) The crazy dude from 3 Days Grace was so crazy, and hot in a very weird way! Oh my god, Nickelbacks performance was great, with great pyrotechnics. I was like 3 people from the front of the stage, and I was so close to the other people, you cant even explain it, lol. That was the best day of my life... I miss it! I just want to be back there!! I got to hug The Trews!! and I just saw them on TV, holy crap!! That crazy guys so awesome!! anyways, Im gonna go before I annoy all of you, I think you all get the idea of how much fun I had!! bye!!
    Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
    9:16 pm
    *U TURN*
    Well, I thought I had my future all planned out, until I realized that if I want to go to MSOP, then I can only ever work in Nova Scotia, and there isnt many jobs here. I have to go to Holland College. I dont want to go there!! Its in PEI!! I also found out that I might not be able to work at michelin, because you have to have your grade 12, and I wont have it until the end of next year. And ALSO, I was going for my first aid instructers, but you have to be 18. gurr.... that changes everything. but I found out, I can get into either school with no problem at all. Oh well, maybie in 2 years, MSOP will be nationally accredited. That would make it easy!
    Me and Matt are still great friends... which is awesome. Were getting through it... Here to the future!! lol
    Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
    10:14 pm
    *lyric time!!*
    the show is over close the story book
    there will be no encore
    and all the random hands that i have shook
    well they’re reaching for the door
    i watch their backs as they leave single file
    but you stood stubborn, cheering all the while

    i know i can be colorful
    i know i can be gray
    but i know this loser’s living fortunate
    cause i know you will love me either way

    most were being good for goodness sake
    but you wouldn’t pantomime
    you are more beautiful when you awake
    than most are in a lifetime
    through the haze that is my memory well
    you stayed for drama though you paid for a comedy

    i know i can be colorful
    i know i can be gray

    but i know this loser’s living fortunate
    cause i know you will love me either way

    look ahead as far as you can see
    we’ll live in drama but we’ll die in a comedy
    i know i can be colorful...
    Monday, February 23rd, 2004
    1:41 pm
    *i wanna go home*
    I just typed up a whole journal entry, and Ali hit the escape key, and It was all gone. So anyways, me and Matt broke up. it sucks, and im going to miss him, but it's probally for the better. i'm confident we'll still be friends. I'm sorry again Matt. Word of advice... long distance doesn't work.
    School sucks. I stayed up until 3am chatting with Matt, thinking that there was going to be no school today. But, there was, and im super tired. Oh well.... im off. bye!!
    Thursday, February 19th, 2004
    9:00 pm
    *let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!*
    Wow, what beautiful weather we're having! It's going to be great skiing on saturday and sunday. I'll have Matt and Teri to join me, its gonna be great. Nickleback's coming in a few days. I can't wait. i've never been to a concert before. That's my update. No one updates anymore... lets all start, ok? bye
    Saturday, February 14th, 2004
    9:55 pm
    *death and names*
    I've been thinking lately about death. Its so scarey! Its a simple as an organ failing, a car accident, eating the wrong thing, anything! We're all worried about graduating, and what were gonna be when we grow up, but we might not be here! You wouldn't get to see your mom, best friend, any one... every again. It's crazy. Just to think that I may never see my mom, Kayce, Matt, Joel, My dad, anyone, ever again. I might not get to tell people what I really think of them. I'm not talking about me dying, although I might, they could die also. One of my bigest fears is death. Of me, or someone I care about. anyways, thats my rant on death. I dont know where it came from or anything, but thats ok.
    Another thing, isnt it funny that when your born, your parents pick a name for you. Thats pretty much what you have to go by for your whole life. Just a simple 4 letter name is who you are. Crazy, lol. Im done.
    Wednesday, February 11th, 2004
    10:46 am
    Im here in school. In canadian history..... It sucks.... Im in a bad mood. gurrr.... Bye
    Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
    8:24 pm
    *here I am!*
    I found me! do I get a reward?! lol. My computer is broken, and only stays on for about 15 mins a day, so I wont be able to chat for a while. I hope raes was fun Joel. Anyways, I have to go before I shut down... off to halifax for the weekend. e-mail me or something.
    Friday, January 30th, 2004
    6:02 pm
    *im gonna die early*
    sour cream is great. It has got to be the greatest food out there. You can eat it by itself, or with other things. Now, im not talking about your "low fat" sour cream, im talking about thick and tangy sour cream. if you havnt had it, buy it. You can put it on spagetti, on chicken fahitas, mix it with ketchup, and youve got yourself a great dip! also tacos, which are great. try adding a spoonful to your KD, its great! Ive also met someone who shares the same love of sour cream that I do. Were going to get married. she is miss.nova scotia, and hot, lol. so yah, I couldnt think of anything to write, so there ya go. bye

    Current Mood: full
    12:02 am
    *herpie. just one*
    um... hiya. im fn tired... remind me never to take caffiene pills the night before the exam again. sure, your awake, but you cant concentrate. So I failed math. for sure. But let me rant right now. I GOT MY MEDICAL FIRST RESPONDERS!! AHHHHH!!! ha ha. Im sooo happy! It was hard to get, and not a lot of people did. I can defibriluate people. so lemme know if you ever have a heart attack, i'll be there in a jiffy. exams are done now.. which is great. I get to graduate early. thats good in some ways, and bad in others. Matts partys next weekend, should be great as long as he doesnt cancel it, lol. anyone lemme know if they wanna come. well, thats all. bye
    Thursday, January 29th, 2004
    12:21 am
    *jitter jitter*
    well, i am staying up all night studying...a good idea? probally not... but oh well. I took 2 caffiene pills, and now i cant sleep. ahh. so hungry. im staying at kayces house so that we can study together. i have never done that on a school night before... interesting...im shaky... oh well. I have med teach tomorrow, and math. wish me luck! well, i should go..l bye!
    Sunday, January 25th, 2004
    2:08 pm
    I'm Gay
    Hey everyone, my name is Amie Wright, and I'm a poohead. I like butts,and I like to sniff my own butt. Oh yeah, Matt Henstock is so damn hot it's not even funny. He turns me on and makes my love juices tingle. Oh yeah, he really is hot. Anyway, just to let you all know, I rule, but Matt rules even better, and he's the best boyfriend in the whole wide world. Anyway, goodbye. And check out Matt's website at www.matthenstock.tk
    Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
    11:15 pm
    *recovering non updater*
    K, So i'm kinda new at this whole update thing, so bare with me. I got a 87% on my math test!! yay! Exams next week... That sucks. um... Matts coming down for the weekend, should be fun. I got to go to the WWE!! It was wicked! Well,... thats about it. Sorry Kyle to hear about your "loss". Im here for ya, even though it doesnt seem it. well...... Bye!!
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