Random Amusement - Bits ripped from monday afternoon convos   
02:31pm 20/10/2003
mood: bouncy
music: Treble Charger - American Psycho
Jelly B Thuggin: you could put it in your profile
Jelly B Thuggin: but everything has its price...
AmericanPsyco983: i could also steal your font and stuff and write whatever i want.
Jelly B Thuggin: yeah
Jelly B Thuggin: true
Jelly B Thuggin: ok
AmericanPsyco983: i could make something innocent be evil and warped.
AmericanPsyco983: lol
Jelly B Thuggin: how about this?
AmericanPsyco983: ...
Jelly B Thuggin: i think that crysta is some kind of evil robot that worships hitler as her god
AmericanPsyco983: haha
AmericanPsyco983: nice.
Jelly B Thuggin: or
Jelly B Thuggin: crysta told me that she likes to rape, kill, then eat small boys
AmericanPsyco983: is that supposed to be shocking?
Jelly B Thuggin: no

Tha CheatK20X6: but unlike you
Tha CheatK20X6: i cant get bad grades this grading period
AmericanPsyco983: well!
AmericanPsyco983: if i do...
AmericanPsyco983: im screwed.
AmericanPsyco983: cuz of history
AmericanPsyco983: stoopid ms dent.
Tha CheatK20X6: yea uhh.. you got like straight A's and a C last grading period
AmericanPsyco983: ya but now i might get a b in spanish...
Tha CheatK20X6: i NEED straight A's and a C THIS grading period
AmericanPsyco983: lol
AmericanPsyco983: and i mite have a C in history.
AmericanPsyco983: so...
AmericanPsyco983: thats not ogod.
Tha CheatK20X6: COMON
Tha CheatK20X6: i had a D in history last grading period!

bucsgrl4eva: heres a dime
AmericanPsyco983: woot.
bucsgrl4eva: go by something
AmericanPsyco983: money.
AmericanPsyco983: but.
AmericanPsyco983: everythigns too far away.
bucsgrl4eva: dont spend it all in one place

AmericanPsyco983: redneck hick uncle from them mountains of jow-ja.
Jelly B Thuggin: haha
Jelly B Thuggin: of course it has to be spelled jow-ja
AmericanPsyco983: lol of COURSE. how else?
Jelly B Thuggin: spell it like you say it
AmericanPsyco983: yup
AmericanPsyco983: *he says it
Jelly B Thuggin: unless your a sitty foke
AmericanPsyco983: lol
AmericanPsyco983: of course!
Jelly B Thuggin: uv cors?
Jelly B Thuggin: uv cors, uv cors!

wow. hard to believe you can be that amused in an hour, isn't it?

well. i was amused.

you're probably not. but you know what...i really...oh i dont wanna do this anymore im bored.

prima-donna self absorbed,
wide awake and never bored,
party binge and purge and see
results of plastic surgery;

spotted at the hottest shows,
interview on Charlie Rose,
they all want a piece of you...

and now i know how far you'd go,
to be the next freak show,
american psycho...