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Date:2005-01-02 09:34
Subject:im back y'all...IT WAS AWESOME
Mood: excited
Music:Shes got it all, and pplz on MSN

~OMGOSH NASHIVILLE WAS SO MUCH FUN...lets start on the way there...the bus ride hmm lol everyone around me had a cell fone right so they were all on it Angle,Hayle, and Amanda lol it was soo wrong of them they everyone buddy who did have a fone all had a ring tone concert lol that was well, special lol we then fall asleep although the people infront of me and amanda werent very nice at all...but then we FINALLY get to nashiville wow,.....it was 12 hours? or something stupid like that we went though umm Ill. and MO...it was well, okay trip then we get there like i said beforel ol and i pick up my radio and try and find THE country station lol i did and listen to it on the way ta the hotel...we get to the hotel and its HUGE lol umm we get our rooms mine,crystal,jessyca,and miranda's room number was 312...umm then we get BACK on the bus and go to the Nashcar thing...that was awesome it was in a mall right but the mall closed at 9:30..so we only had like half and hour to shop...i think if the mall people were smart since they all knew we were coming that they could have stayed open til like 10 or so so we could all shop and they make money but noooooooo lol so then amanda wasnt feeling well at all...and we sat down and waited for our turn...it took forever...then it finally came and Kyle and Chris was all convinced they were gonna beat us *me and amanda* right i mean they said stupid stuff like girls cant drive..you know and me and kyle were "raggin" on each other the entire time lol then we finally race and Chris came in last lol i came in next ta last Amanda 10th and Kyle 7th lol it was so much fun...then we go back to the hotel right and go to "sleep" lol umm then comes Thursday umm we at breakfast at the hotel and then left for the Country Music Hall of Fame that place is AWESOME!!! it was so much fun then we went to RCA Studio B and recorded the fight song and singin in the rain lol it was so much fun then we went to go to lunch it took us forever to FIND the school lol OO then at the school i got to go on the radio lol that was fun then we went out and practiced for battle of the bands and the pregame show...it was long then we got ready and left for the battle of the bands that was awesome everyone starring at us and we showin them how GOOD we was lol then came the wild horse salon...although after the battle of the bands we got to go shoping for like an hour or so and thats were i bought my parents and brother a gift and myself a hoody umm then we went line dancing that was sooo much fun..although i had a head-ache i tried not to let that get in my way lol and we learned wat we called the bootay call lol that was fun HOTTIE AND HOTTA AMANDA LOL sry dont ask oo but i forgot on the way finding the school danielle and hayle were sittin behind me and amanda and i had jumped in to the convo at the wrong time cause they had said something soo sexay and i said well kds sexay lol then they had laughed and said that they said that sexay had meant people were stupid so well, i called myself stupid lol it was soo wrong lol but then at the end the day we went home and slept lol then came Friday the 31st...we got ready to go to the game and then practiced a lil up there it started raining so we sang singin in the rain lol that was fun everybody was starring at us lol then we played that was the fasted three/four mins of my life lol then we watched the game and then went back to the hotel and got ready for the dance we had like four hours to do wat ever lol in the hotel atleast that was awesome and then came time for the dance IT WAS SOO MUCH FUN i had a blast amanda and i literally danced for the first hour or so that was awesome then we counted down til new years 05 05 lol oo i got to dance with Chris for a slow song and he spined me out lol that was fun then we came home and slept then came Saturday ...yesterday and we got on the bus bout 9 or so and left after we packed and got ready to come home...doesnt it always feel that you leave with a small amount and come back with a LOAD of stuff...or at least more then you came with..lol well we drove home...it was the LONGEST trip ive ever made lol it took forever...umm yea i came home taked ta my parents bout the trip and went ta sleep i still have to unpack lol well, i think ive talked alot already so im gonna go ill write more laters

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Date:2004-12-22 15:50
Subject:hmm wats today? lol
Mood: excited
Music:drops of jupider and shaun on msn

oo today is umm the 22 that means well, depending on my parents whether we are gonna have an early christmas or not...*cause cha-chi has to leave on the 25th but they say they are leaving later on christmas...*well neways we might have an early christmas and if thats the case then tomorrows my christmas eve....HOLY COW has this year just GONE BY omgosh wat it was a year ago that Amanda, Siena, and myself have discover the awesomeus drink SPRITE...we also had the greatest saying,.....Happy 2004~ yes yes, let me inform you in our partay since you obviously arent at one, Amanda, Siena , and I are here boozing it up with male stripper that will NOT go past the g-sting.....HAHA omgosh the times the times...wow and wat Yeah yeah, just think about the great ball .....LOL compared to ***** hes a HOTTIE hahahah that was awesome...wow, and just to think a week from saturday will be able to have just a rememerbal time...except Siena aint gonna be here....:'(well actaully she'll be here we'll be in NASHVILLE...omgosh I CANT WAIT!! wow...the bus ride:D haha amandas my partner HAH umm lets see oo my resolution this year is gonna be im gonna be im gonna go like i was when i was younger...not a care in the world...i means like im not gonna let people drag me down no more if they wanna have issues thats cool with me but im not gonna care...people can even talk bout me all they wants or even call me names pshh idc lol..im gonna have a fun high school years and im not gonna let people make me sad no more...thats my resolution....lets see if i can stick to it for a year :S lol...umm lets see OO DEBATE HOLY COW...WOW...okay lets see we had our final on monday right and i mean this final was LLLA hard...it was like the hardest test ive ever taken right super hard and i come out knowing i only answered 2 or maybe 3 questions right...okay out of 100...and then the map HOLY COW i didnt know where theses countries were pshh im not in geography im in debate lol right i came out of the class KNOWING I FAILED...well today we got the grade email thingie....I GOT A 99/100 ON THE FINAL I WAS LIKE NO WAY! HOLY COW...i think i got someone elses paper here...omgosh i was soo happy...lol now all im doing is HOPEING i got an A in health...for the semster and the last sixweek thingie...hmm if i didnt well im not gonna be too pleased..i should have an A for the semster..idk so much bout the six week thingie...hmm well lets see oo i aced my hon. english final and im pretty sure i aced my math one too..umm my german rollenspiel i aced the performance part and got a 95 out of 100 on something idr wat it was but i did good on it oo physical world i got a 93 on the final...i only missed four questions out of 59 but they were three points each so i missed 12 points out of 177 or something like that...umm soo yea wat else oo that was all of my finals lol on tuesday HOLY COW i had a final after a final after a final,....and OMGOSH I WAS SOO SICK ON TUESDAY omgosh i mean as much as perfect attentions is to me i would have missed school cause i was that sick...or at least felt like it...but i had three finals..so i couldnt umm wat else OO YES okay last year i got this NSLC thingie i was nominated to umm be invited or something right well i couldnt go cause it was expcence and i was already going to DC as the trip and all well i got a thingie in the mail that says i am invited not nominated to be invited BUT AM invited..its awesome ...although i cant go:'(...hmm well im gonna go watch the santa claus or something bbl

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Date:2004-12-12 20:02
Mood: tired
Music:Shes in Love, lots of pplz on msn

ITS AWESOME JAMES AND I WENT 4-1 AGAIN AND PLACED SECOND IN NOVIE:D:D:D:D:D:D its soo sweet oo then JC took home First in sweeps:D once again awesome...its great umm we didnt get home til like 10:30 from a "work" day from 3-10:30 im still tired lol hmm not more i can say but yea so ill write laters

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Date:2004-12-10 17:32
Mood: indescribable
Music:music on yahoo..and my mind saying ive done something wrong.

okay...wow last nite..hmm idk how to say it but that hurts...and i hope you understand wat you did really hurt...but like i said i just hope you understand wat your doing your "decesions" are effections others and i really hope you realize this and i hope you stop or idk ....well theres not much im gonna say cause yea well

neways...ive got ta be up at like 3 in the morning to go to debate at four we are goint go pratt:D...i hope we do good...idk if we are lol idk if luck will be with us anymore...but hey wat ever

im gonna go ill ttyl

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Date:2004-12-04 19:21
Mood: exhausted
Music:nothing really music on yahoo

~okay before i go on JAMES AND I WENT 4-1 AT OUR TOURNEY YAYAYAYAYAYAY!! it was awesome! and it was hilarious IVE NEVER read his case before i took it home but i never read it...i mean i knew it cause it was Landmines lol but i didnt read it all we had ta leave at like 5:45 AM and we didnt get home til about 7 PM im soo tired but the rounds we won we know we should have lost but the one we knew we should have won we lost it was sooooo wrong! okay this is wat happen.....

~okay we just got out of a round we know we should have lost the JUDGE knew we should have lost i did horribly i mean as worse as Andrew and Elis did when they forited the round cause they didnt know wat an watchamacallit a thing like PKO's means Peacekeeping operations lol well yea it was horrible so we went into our last round thinkin we went 3-1 well we were again AFF and so i thought okay i might do better who knows....well at the end of the debate not a doubt in our minds that we had lost i mean it was that great for us i mean yea the NEG..but up agruements but we shot them down lol it was AWESOME...well neways we find out that we had just won our previous round it was the AWESOMEUS i mean soo great but then we find out that we lost our last round we were like WAT?! so we eneded up with 4-1..which aint bad it was the best out of all the teams there umm which were Ali and Malie, Dustin and Fransico Me and James and theres another team i know there is i just dont know who it is hmmm OO YEA Ricardo and DeMarcus but yea we thought we were gonna umm place since we had 24 speaker points or something like that and infact we were TWO off from placing it was unbelieveable...but neways lol umm on the last ballot the jugde had SO RUDELY WROTE okay me and james were aff right and so on the neg side he wrote BOTH: good job drop the sassying during cross x....and if it wasnt that the AFF was so BADLY you guys wouldnt have gotten the vote.....I WAS LIKE OMGOSH NO HE DIDNT...I WAS SO ANGRY lol but wat was i ta do....i mean BUT WATS SO WRONG IS THEY DECIDED TO RUN TOPICALLY IN THE 2NC 30 MINS later after saying that our case is topically they decided to say OO NO u violate this word and this word and blah blah lol but yea that was my day umm so im gonna go now ill write later...

p.s o yes before i forget getting merit after first debate round good-going 4-1 at a tourney great-sing classic songs like My girl on way back PRICELESS HAHAH btw im losing my voice

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Date:2004-12-01 17:46
Mood: crushed
Music:kathy,doogie,katie on msn and my mom walking upstairs..

lets see...i told my mom theres a play i wanna try for..and shes like dont you think u have enough on ur agenda right now...i was like idk...and she goes plays take alot of time and theres alot of lines to remember and blah blah she was telling me stuff like ive never been in a play before...gosh i really wanna do this i want to be on the stage...i just didnt think all of my friends wanted to too...idk..ill go get a packet thing just to see wat its about....umm well nothing else happend today...hmm yea well im gonna go ill write later

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Date:2004-11-25 19:46
Subject:OOO QUESTION!!!!
Mood: pissed off
Music:if nobody believed in you and amandamkathy and shaun on msn

Your taking a True/False test with eleven questions. The first ten are all false. The last question asks "True or False: All of the questions on this test are false." How do you answer? HAHAH thats good...idk i thought bout that do you think you could well no that wouldnt work HAHA well thats funny

umm neways HAPPY TURKEY DAY!! i was up til midnite last nite on the computer but it was fun lol me and kathy and kyle were all like laughing our heads off it was funny lol umm lets see oo today well i stuffed myself silly and i gotted a tummy ache and then feel asleep on the couch at the beginning of the cowboy game....which by they way they won WOOT WOOT 21-7!!! lol uumm yea then i ate a lil more which wasnt a good thing i think lol umm but ive been on the computer threw out the day running back and forth....although tonite im going ta bed at like 9 lol ooo but i must tell you this story that pissed me off....okay

my moms mom*my grandma* right she called okay and we are suppose ta answer the fone *mom or dad* their busy right now can i take a message....and then yea well i did that cause my mom wasnt home....well she goes okay...umm well can i talk to her and i was like well she cant ocme to the fone right now can i take a message yes i prolly was getting a lil smartasslike but gosh it was annoying me...neways she calls back inlike 10 mins or so and ofcourse my mom STILL isnt home lol so i say "no she cant come to the fone" and she goes " is this Kd?" i go "yea" she goes "im calling from south carolina i wanna talk with my daughter!!" and i said "well she isnt her okay.." and she goes "well you didnt say that .." and i said "but i said she couldnt come to the fone" and she goes "well thats different from shes not there" and i was like *rolls eyes* okay im sry....and she goes "well do you know when shes gonna get in?" and i said "no!" and she goes "okay bye" and i said "bye"

boi that was pissing me off i mean how could she call up like that when i said she couldnt come ta the fone...that makes me mad lol gosh and now im gonna get into trouble for back talking like that...well it serves her right she shouldnt be callin up here like that i mean im her granddaughter too dont she wanna talk ta me....NOOO she wants ta get an attitude with me...GOSH WAT EVER!! lol well yea im gonna go

oo yea i remember wat i was gonna say....HOW IS IT that he never got on before but after we broke up* yea that too me and jimmy broke up.....* hes ALWAYS on now....hmmmm

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Date:2004-11-23 17:48
Subject:~hmm we were SUPPOSE ta talk...
Mood:not happy but hyper
Music:i need you and kathy on msn

umm well we were suppose ta talk ta day...didnt happen:S..idk he said he would get on msn..so idk when boi this is feeling is annoying...umm well all i can do is wait i guess...umm well HAPPY THANKSGIVING even though its not i just prolly wont talk ta pplz for a while so ill say it now...

umm well heres a HILARIOUS quote thingie:

“If there are any idiots in the room, will they please stand up,” said the sarcastic teacher. After a long silence, one freshman rose to his feet. “now then mister, why do u consider yourself and idiot?!” inquired the teacher with a sneer. “Well actually I don’t,” said the student, “but I hate to see u standing up all by urself.”

heres others ive collected

*~*How am I suppose to go though my day knowing that you wont think bout me as much as I think bout you. How am I suppose to think about my day knowing that I hardly got to saw you cause of her. How am I suppose to live my live knowing you love her…

*~*Everyone keeps asking if I'm okay...what am I supposed to say? No? and then they will ask why and then I have to explain...and then they will ask for details...and the details, well, they hurt to much to talk about so i'll just put this fake smile on my face and say everything's fine

*~*A teenager is a person who can't remember to walk the dog, but never forgets a phone number, a weight watcher who goes on a diet by giving up candy bars before breakfast. A youngster who recieved her allownace on monday, spends it on tuesday, and borrows it from her best friend on wednesday, someone who can hear his favorite song playing 3 blocks away, but not his mother calling from the next room, a whiz who can operate the latest computer without a lesson, but can't make a bed. a student who spends 12 minutes studying for history and 12 hours studying for her driver's test. a connoisseur of two kinds of music: loud and very loud. an enthusiast who has the energy to bike 4 miles, but is usually too tired to dry the dishes, a young woman who loves the cat and tolerates her brother, a romantic who never falls in love more than once a week; a budding beauty that never smiles until her braces come off, a boy who can sleep till noon on any saturday he suspects the lawn needs mowing, an original thinker who is positive his mother was never a teenager

*~*I do.. but I dont.. and I want to.. but I wont.. I am.. but Im not.. & I could.. but I just cant.. it feels right.. but its wrong.. and Ive hurt for way too long, so when u ask me if I know what I want.. I do.. but I don't.
umm yea thats some of them i cant find the others...lol moving on...

aww manda dreaming bout me was sweet...minus the fact i had a toothpick in my eye and i was scream...it was really sweet LOL JK HAH umm lets see there was something else i was gonna say umm well yea its sortof like SNOWING outside...well kindof its actually raining but its COLD lol umm lets see wat else is there | |_0\/3 {0[......HAHA dont ask yea lol well im gonna go ill write laters after i talk with umm well bye

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Date:2004-11-22 16:13
Subject:o boiz
Mood: confused
Music:ur still the one...and amanda and kyle on msn

i dont know wat i have done...i mean i think i did the right thing cause its not fair to him that im ALWAYS busy i mean thats cool to him nor ta me...idk we'll find out tomorrow wat happens....:S

if ya wish ta know just ask i might tell ya....
umm theres not much else i can say so ill write tomorrow...ttyl

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Date:2004-11-18 19:24
Subject:well im sry to say but.....
Mood: exhausted
Music:Stays im Mexico,...and msn

"im sry to say you just dont STOP loving someone...if you love them you will always love them if you do "stop" then you never really loved them.....and if that happens you should feel REALLY REALLY REALLY BADLY for tellin them one thing and meaning SOMETHING completely different thing...thats just cruel and inhumane torture....."

quoted from Michelle * a girl most ya'll if not all of ya'll wouldnt know shes a girl back in Missouri i keep in touch with.....*

but it does explain aLOT..... hmm i almost over slept this morning..lol haha

hmmm theres not much else i can say here umm my daddy came home:D:D:D...yup lol well im gonna go ill ttyl

~*~Never let a guy know how much you loved him, the more they know, the more they'll hurt you~*~

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Date:2004-11-17 19:23
Mood: exhausted
Music:Back when..and Kathy on msn

gosh this is wat i get for lack of sleep...did i to something to piss someone off...??? cause i seem to get the runt of everything...wow i got COMPLETELY embrassed infront of my debate "friends" i got umm yelled at when i got home cause of this family vaca i wanna take but i dont wanna miss school....and the one person i thought would have understand it all...well she/he would have back when...was the person who started it all....today i didnt think i would be able to cry..well wow i proved that wrong....

could anyone else lie to me PLEASE IM BEGGING.....

neways my daddy comes home tomorrow...hmm tomorrows gonna be a VERY instrestwaithnowaitnblah day....i know that right now..i have debate practice tomorrow..oo yay8-) i love debate dont get me wrong its just some people make it unbelieveably unbareable...lol hmm i have a tourney this weekend im goin with Ron not Katie..and i gots a new AFF case:):) i was soo happy! i just got to remember how to prounce it all the words i mean

hmm well im gonna go i guess theres not much else i can say....

~who ever said beautys on the inside lied...sometimes thats where the meanest bone is~

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Date:2004-11-15 15:25
Mood: rejected
Music:A party for two and Kathy on msn

OKAY that just like totally hurt!....how do i just say this....you know you've lied so y the L do you have to be acting like that...u know uve lied and u know wat bout...yet you continue to go on saying all this bologna....if you just want me to say it then say that...or say something so i know that you know....cause i cant go on...lol that sounds really cheesy but its the truth...knowing one thing but living another...hmmm not a good choice...i already feel bad enough wat ive done....*gosh i aint gonna lie i loved it....* but because wats happen now i cant believe i would do something like that and you be able to i guess you would say let go so easy? yet you say all that stuff that im suppose ta believe.....okay right got it...:'(--if i explain any more i might break into tears or explain to much so ill stop there...

~its one thing when he lies to you but its another when u lie to urself~

well on a happier note...daddy gets to come home thursday YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! umm lol theres nothing more exciting in my life right now cause COUGH COUGH had to go and fugaspbug things up...lol jk...but hes mad it horrible for me..umm oo we took a nouns quiz i did TERRIBLE...thankfully it wasnt worth a grade:D:D:D:D...umm right now ive got the house to my self til 5:30ish:D:D...umm and prolly everyday after school from here on out cause my moms working earlier...oo wait my daddys gonna be home...naw he'll have ta work til 5ish too....umm tomorrow ive got ta be at the school at 6 to work for STUCO! umm wat fun next year im gonna either drop it or im gonna become president and make it a whole lot better! until then though im stuck with conplain bout it...umm next week i plan on stayin for Debate practice all week and then go out on saturday...KATIE WE GOIN 5-0....o dang...hmm*nvm*

hmm lets see ill think of stuff later ill ttyl bUh~ByE

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Date:2004-11-14 20:03
Subject:umm today
Mood: blah
Music:idk something on the radio, cory on the ps2, and msn

let see...umm nothing much happen today i umm cleaned watched movies all weekend and umm raked leaves...yAy lol umm theres not much i can say but i was suppose to update so tada! lol umm oo yes i got to hear my mom talk to ms. tracie...she was my babysitter back in gergia...gosh i miss it there...wat would i give to go back with my friends goin back to ofcourse...*since they all moved as well :'(* gosh i learned to tie my shoe there HAHA dont ask umm and an balloon popeded in my mout.....ahhhh the memories dont say anything guys:P lol...next week lets see ahh yes debate i feel really bad for jimmy...i mean i cant do anythign with him til the second weekend in dec. i mean im like busy every weekend this weekend debate next weekend thansgiving the weekend after that debate and then the weekend after that im free umm lets see there not much..i havent heard from cha-chi but umm ive heard hes pretty good...i havent heard from my daddy either:( but he gets to come home next weekend YAY!!! i cant wait...:D:D:D well im gonna go theres not much else i can say...but ill talk ta ya later

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Date:2004-11-08 18:09
Subject:oo gosh..how do i say this
Mood: crushed
Music:the dance, and kathy on msn..

~hmmmm how do i say this without everybody knowing...hmm just how could someone do something and it hurt me so much...i mean like...you say all this stuff to me..and then you go and do something like that...that makes me think if wat you said to me was true or not...gosh...and the sad this is i CANT be mad...i cant...and thats wat throws me off so much im sooo confuse...and i dont know wat to do and if i tell pplz it was just ruin things even more.....gosh it hurts so much that i cant do anything bout all theses pplz....gosh i wish i couldjust say wat i want to but i cant...and i know i cant...man,....well new topic

lets see i had cheerleading practice today...wow man, wat gets on my nerves is how you said at the beginning of the year...gosh i wouldnever do that i cant believe you want to....and YET WHOS AT THE PRACTICE.....man...its stupid stuff like that....

man, okay its enuff of that...gosh i cant get off that topic that iw as talkin bout earlier i mean i think bout the times we had...*gosh that makes me sound like we have this great past or something when infact we only met this year*...neways i thought we were so happy i mean i thought that i could see us being the best of friends....(**** * ****)...u guys arent suppose to know wat that says....sry lol...neways i just cant believe you do go and do something like that AFTER you knew how i felt bout it...i know i shouldnt complain...but when i heard you did...idk it was just like a knife went though my heart back out and i felt no pain wat so ever...gosh that make no since to you but it was like i wanted to feel pain but yet i know i shouldnt....cause of well yea...is that wrong..is that bad...idk i just wish you would talk to me...and go back to the way things were...DANG IT I KNOW WAT HAPPEN...its all my fault like i knew it would be...dang it i know wat i did....man.....and i promised myself i wouldnt do it...i said something i shouldnt have...man...*plz dont ask cause i dont want pplz to know bout it...sry guys nothing personal...just yea*

well im gonna go cause if i continue to talk bout it i know ill share a lil to much and i dont want that to happen

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Date:2004-11-03 15:56
Subject:well lets see
Mood: sad
Music:msn, music

for the 2004-2008 president is George W. Bush....again....umm guess im not to upset unlike amanda whos histacal....umm i spelled that wrong but work with me here...let see last nite i was workin on debate stuff for like an hour and a half of nothing but copying and pasting and reading...and then twenty pplz were talkin to me...umm lets see...well i was so piGAssSPed off yesterday....i rather not say y...ive already told the pplz i want to know wat happen.......umm other than that theres not much else i can say umm tomorrow i have a health test...oo boi umm then after school about 6:25 i have band picutes and then call time at 7 for BAND BLAST ummm then friday im helpin my mom with FRG stuff ....its military stuff dont ask...umm BINGO o sry lol umm then saturday im helpin with the umm watchamacallit band stuff i forgot umm KMEA something i think try-outs ooo yea im trying out ta be a cheerleader...but wat makes me a lil mad is EVERYONE is makin a big deal about it i remember QUIET frankly when i said i thought bout trying out for the basketball cheerleader thing...pplz saying omgosh you wanna be a *** or a **** but then they are the ones that are ALSO trying out..hmm yea right..hmmm i dont think ill make it but still i wanna try out hey if i can and i meet most of the requirements y not...umm tells nothing more i guess sunday im gonna sleep oooo yea cha-chi left this mornin ta umm washington d.c. my parents are talkin bout goin up there for christmas break and then ill come back and ill be off ta nashville...im on kyles,amandas, ooo hey does anyone know if kathys on our bus? hmmm idk whos elses pplz on my bus..well i dont really have much else ta say....soo im gonna go...

p.s. this whole week has been completely off...i mean it should be a day its not...like it should be thursday not wed. it should be a white day not a blue day...thanks alot kathy its all your fault sunday nite you got my mind all messed up by sayin its gonna be a day its not....THANKS ALOT lol jk

16 more WHITE days til im out of health...just then i get ANOTHER sem. of mr. lastor....yay*rolls eyes*

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Date:2004-10-27 20:40
Subject:quote page thingie...
Mood: gloomy
Music:lifes a dance, and kyle and amanda on msn

Theses are some of the quotes i like the most

-Nights are lonely, the days are so sad, I just keep thinking about the love that we had, IТm missing you and nobody knows it but me
-Have you ever found the one person you want to be with for the rest of your life and itТs so perfect for awhile, and then everything is turned upside down in one second and you donТt even realize what happened?
-(U)I Hope You Eat Those Words And Then Choke On Them(U)--Kd-LeE
-:'((U)It hurts so much to replay our last convo....considering our last words were Good-Bye:'((U)--Kd-LeE
-Eric: I have a question that I'm going to need a yes or no answer to. How many people get into Yale each year?
Mr.Feeny: No.
-"Its weird...you know the end of something great is coming, but you want to just hold on, just for one more second just so it can hurt a little more"
-(8)I cant go on not loving you(8)-over and over
- Im going to smile like nothings wrong, talk like everythings perfect, act like its just a dream, and pretend hes not hurting me
-Your the one I kiss, your the one I hug, your the one I hold, cause your the one I luv

as you can see i could go on forever but i think ive given enough if u want another quote or a different kind give me a call....ttyl

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Date:2004-10-27 18:41
Subject:~today just sucked
Mood: pissed off
Music:kyle on msn and my music

lets see hmm well it just sucked all day lol umm health...yuck i hate that class although we hardly do anything umm math...i love math dont get me wrong...just the people in it make it suck umm then came hon. english...man im seriously gonna fall asleep in that class one day ... umm then seminar...ahh seminar now i LOVE SEMINAR...umm i went and took my german test...me and ricardo spoke really fast i didnt think i could speak that fast of german,,...but i did:D umm oo then i went ta debate i got credit for a practice thingie ummm then i came back and amanda came and she told me something that i was SUPER grateful for...with out that information stuff would have went worse...umm well that was today lets see umm monday was ummm oo band HAYS.....we got ones across:D:D:D AWESOME JOB BAND ummm then tuesday me and kyle went 2-1 ummm as a team i mean the whole team we only took home 3 wins and kyle and i took home 2 of them...ALTHOUGH i think we should have went 3-0

umm the round that was the most funniest would have had ta have been our last round against ummm idr wat they were but they were trying to say that turkey wanted to be apart of the europ. union. right...yea okay first of all not topical but ill get in to that in a min in their plan it says that they wanted to send a high mil. army guy over to this place for peacekeeping operations or something right...and they never cleared which mil. force they wanted whether it was the UN or the US and so me and kyle ran topically on them right well in my 2NC i said that they never cleared which one it was and then during cross-ex they asked this question bout their plan and i was like there i pointed to them on her plan there we do not know which it is and then she said well we are assuming that its the UN and i go off we can assume anything in debate you i give this whole speech bout it lol and then i was like wat if there was a special ed kid in here we'd have to take it word for word we can not assume anything and she goes well are you special ed and im like no and she goes well then we are assumin know ones special ed...i was like you can not assume anything in debate..and then the timer went off lol it was the funnest i had all day....;)

umm well tomorrow we have disc. days or wat ever...i SO dont wanna go to that..i already know wat i wanna be i dont need theses guys trying to change my mind lol...actually its like a grant thingie and they are SO boring...umm then after that i come back and im gonna go out ta McDonals for food with a bunch of pplz i think lol then im coming back to the school and then we are having our parade thingie i think...and then im coming home and then friday well idk wat we are doing friday durin school that is and then sat. im having a lazy day ....well actually im goin running with cha-chi umm then sunday im helping amanda tricker~treat with her sister and her sisters friends...umm well yea thats my weekend...umm im gonna go so ill ttyl

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Date:2004-10-18 19:41
Mood: happy
Music:kyle on msn, and my music

hmmm lets see...manda and i broke up lol its along story but shes got it in hers so read my friends and yea lol...ummm i cant really say wat i wanna say cause to many people read this so yea...ummm lets see i have a quiz tomorrow and i dont wanna take it lol go figure right lol ummm lets see band, i dont wanna go marching ITS COLD IN THE MORNING IF ANYBODY HASNT NOTICED lol...um lets see then i have Phyiscal world...yay*rolls eyes* umm then lets see o DEBATE!!! HAHA i have to RE-WRITE my umm watchamacallit my aff. speech...since im 1AC lol ummm i dont know wat im gonna do but its got ta be topical cause i keep losing on that....lol umm lets see wat else theres not much else i can say....ummm OO YES CHA-CHIS COMIN HOME THIS WEEKEND YAY!! and my dads leavin for two and half months...:'(....i know that sucks...but i guess its normal...but as soon as he comes back or i mean sometime in feb. hes got ta go ta iraq...WAAAAAAAAAA that SUCKS!!! umm yea but im gonna go now so ill ttyl


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Date:2004-10-17 19:43
Mood: happy
Music:msn, and my music...

my dog wants me ta play with him...but i dont think he knows its a)freezing outside...well i think it might be idk lol and b)its DARK!!! lol...ummm yesterday dude! thats so not cool...fransicos a prev. and jacob's just gosh i could write forever on wat he is.....lol...ummm dustin GIRL u bes check him....or if he touches me like he did hes gonna get hit!....and if jacob jumps on me like that again hes gonna get hit to....gosh i felt so violated yesterday it wasnt funny......umm but other than all of that fun stuff *rolls eyes* we had are debate tourney. are home one. i wasnt suppose ta debate infact i didnt want to lol but i was a fill-in for the fill-in team lol...but then i found a fill-in team for the fill-in team for the fill-in team lol...fun fun...actually it was pretty fun runnin though the schools and wat nots lol it was long though....ummm

oo then today lets see i went and played tennis...it was fun..a lil windy...but actually it wasnt cold at all..surprizingly...how do u spell that word? lol o well ya'll know wat i mean...if ya dont ask me wat did i mean in my journal and ill tell ya lol...umm i did my critique taday...gosh its so much fun...well it didnt take me 5 and a half hours ta do...well it did but thats cause i procasnated and played tennis lol...umm well thats all i can think of so im gonna go ill ttyl

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Date:2004-10-11 12:11
Mood: frustrated
Music:MsN, music

okay if thats true,....which i have no reason to believe it aint....thats just really messed up how would someone say so much smack like that when they dont even know someone...okay now thats just really wrong..and it makes me mad!!! gosh...if u still read this and idk if u do or not...words of advice GET TO KNOW SOMEONE BEFORE U TALK BOUT THEM LIKE THAT!

oo msn was messin up last nite...grr i must have tried a million times ta get signed in but it wouldnt let me.ooo great now its gonna sign me out in a min..ta fix it i guess idk this bes not take long lol umm oo last nite i didnt get ta sleep til 11:30-45...cause i was babysittin since 10 that mornin...gosh im soo tired...and cold too...

ummm well theres not much else i can say ummm well yea im gonna go....ttyl

<3LoVe HuRtS<3

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